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  • Docker (III): docker deploys nginx and Tomcat


    Life is boundless, learning is boundless 1、 Docker installation nginx #1. Search nginx [[email protected] home]# docker search nginx NAME DESCRIPTION STARS nginx Official build of Nginx. 14539 jwilder/nginx-proxy Automated Nginx reverse proxy for docker con… 1981 richarvey/nginx-php-fpm Container running Nginx + PHP-FPM capable of… 809 jc21/nginx-proxy-manager Docker container for managing Nginx proxy ho… 158 linuxserver/nginx […]

  • Installation of anaconda and jupyter notebook for Ubuntu


    1、 Install Anaconda Download Anaconda of the corresponding version of Python 3 installed in Ubuntu from the official website. This installation is Python 3.5. Find Anaconda version of Anaconda 4.2.0 from the Internet. The following is the installation process: Download various versions on the official website:https://repo.anaconda.com/archive/ 1. Enter download path cd Downlads/ 2. Install Anaconda […]

  • LNMP: win10 building ubuntu18.04 subsystem and building LNMP


    Open developer mode System settings – > update and security – > for developers – > select developer mode Enable Linux subsystem components System settings – > applications – > programs and functions on the right – > start or turn off windows functions – > check the windows subsystem applicable to Linux.After setting, restart […]

  • Redis learning notes (XII) copy (I)


    I’m lazy. I’m too busy at night. I haven’t finished the content of the whole replication function. Let’s talk about the simple application of the replication function first. In redis, users can execute the slaveof command or set the slaveof option to let one server replicate another server. We call the replicated server the master, […]

  • Kafkaoffsetmonitor monitoring configuration steps


    This article mainly introduces the configuration steps of Kafka offset monitor 1、 Download the jar package of kafkaoffsetmonitor. You can search for kafkaoffsetmonitor in GitHub. First, you can download the compiled package. KafkaOffsetMonitor-assembly-0.2.1.jar wget https://github.com/quantifind/KafkaOffsetMonitor/releases/download/v0.2.1/KafkaOffsetMonitor-assembly-0.2.1.jar 2、 Create a new Kafka monitor folder under Kafka bin, drop the jar package kafkaoffsetmonitor-assembly-0.2.1.jar, and create a new script […]

  • Fluent — Engine compilation


    Wall climbing Ensure terminal agent traffic Use git config — global http.proxy “localhost: Port” to set the proxy. Port is the port number, which is different according to different VPN. I use LARTERN here, and the port is 50321. Execute git config — global http.proxy “localhost: 50321” The specific port number is determined according to […]

  • Vue 4.0 and above modify the default 8080 port number


    The detailed process is shown in:Vue 4.0 and above modify the default 8080 port numberModifying the default port number in vue4.0 is greatly different from previous versions. The modification method is as follows: Find the corresponding file to modify the portThe directory is:Project folder / node_ modules/@vue/cli-service/lib/options.js• 2. Open the options.js file, drag the bottom, […]

  • Solution to occupied port number (super detailed)


    Problem description java.net.BindException: Address already in use: JVM_Bind Web server failed to start. Port 8899 was already in use. Encountering the above similar problems means that your port number is already in use. We commonly call this problem as port number occupied. Solution win+ROpen the windows computer running window and enter in the text input […]

  • Use verdaccio to build NPM privatization warehouse from 0 to 1 on Linux server


    There is a server from the back end. There is nothing on it. I want to build an NPM privatization warehouse to put some public components of the company’s projects and the SDK of the project. I want to make the library into a library and introduce it into the project for use. Let’s do […]

  • App automation, why does appium use uiautomator2?


    1. What is uiautomator2 Maybe a lot of people are right   UiAutomator2   and   UiAutomator   Silly can’t tell UiAutomator   It is a UI automation test tool developed by Google and running on Android devices. It is based on Java language. There is a limitation to using it, that is, it must […]

  • Java error resolution record (pit record)


    You aren‘t using a compiler supported by lombok, so lombok will not work and has been disabled.Preferences | Build, Execution, Deployment | CompilerstayUser-local build process VM options (overrides Shared options):Add later-Djps.track.ap.dependencies=false @Slf4j cannot find logPreferences | Build, Execution, Deployment | Compiler | Annotation ProcessorsTickEnable annotation processingRestart idea Pom.xml is not availablePreferences | Build, Execution, Deployment […]