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  • The use of vagrant in Windows


    The use of vagrant in Windows Download and install VirtualBox:www.virtualbox.org/ Download and install vagrant:www.vagrantup.com/ Download the box you need to use: Add box Add a Debian box as follows E:\ubuntu\vagrant-box-ngixn-php-fpm-mysql-redis-nodejs>vagrant box add debian p ackage.box ==> box: Adding box ‘debian’ (v0) for provider: box: Downloading: file://E:/ubuntu/vagrant-box-ngixn-php-fpm-mysql-redis-nod ejs/package.box box: Progress: 100% (Rate: 11.0M/s, Estimated time remaining: […]

  • Docker to install redis (start with specified configuration file)


    1. Get redis image docker pull redis 2. View local image docker images Get it from the official websiteredis.confProfile (this is the latest version of the profile) Historical version redis profile list Note that if you start according to the configuration file, the version of the configuration file must be exactly the same as the […]

  • Introduction to. Net core in docker


    Tips: This article has been added to the reading list of series articles. You can click to see more related articles. catalog preface start Environmental preparation Basic concepts of docker Docker basic command Docker command practice Build docker image Dockerfile bulid & run preface Docker is an open source application container engine, it is very […]

  • Minikube installation


    demand Install kubernetes – minikube local environment Preparation conditions A VPS (used in this articleAlicloud Hong Kong-CentOS 7.7) – it’s been a long time since using domestic servers. First, don’t waste your time here. Go to the servers in Hong Kong directly A local computer that can SSH to VPS (xshell is recommended) Installation procedure […]

  • Introduction and simple use of docker


    preface:  Docker is an open source application container engine, which allows developers to package their applications and dependencies into a portable image, and then publish them to any popular Linux or windows machine. In recent years, docker has developed in full swing in China, especially in Internet companies. Docker is widely used, which greatly improves […]

  • [video tutorial] docker port mapping and directory sharing to run PHP


    After we install the environment in the container, we need to access the port in the container on the port of the host, and then we need to do port mapping. In the development of code, frequent code modification is required, so the code directory on the host should be shared in the container, so […]

  • Docker installation redis5.0.3


    1、 Pull official 5.0.3 image [[email protected] ~]# docker pull redis:5.0.3 Download complete [[email protected] ~]# docker pull redis:5.0.3 5.0.3: Pulling from library/redis f7e2b70d04ae: Pull complete 421427137c28: Pull complete 4af7ef63ef0f: Pull complete b858087b3517: Pull complete 2aaf1944f5eb: Pull complete 8270b5c7b90d: Pull complete Digest: sha256:4be7fdb131e76a6c6231e820c60b8b12938cf1ff3d437da4871b9b2440f4e385 Status: Downloaded newer image for redis:5.0.3 2、 Create mount directory 1. Create mount folder […]

  • [video tutorial] use docker to install redis


    Directly use docker to pull the redis image, and carry out port mapping and file directory sharing, so that it can be accessed directly on the port of the host. In fact, it is also a redis server service installed in a simplified Ubuntu container. Modify docker to 163 image sourceAdd the following parameters to […]

  • Solve the problem of port access to docker container under Windows 10 (port mapping)


    Solve the problem of port access to docker container under Windows 10 (port mapping) Installed docker and docker-compose in Windows 10 system server And try to run Nginx service in it, mapping is also done well. Question: In the host’s browser, opening localhost: port cannot access the corresponding Web service. Problem Analysis Reason: Docker runs […]