• Taro custom modal dialog component


    Based on Taro’s multi terminal practice, taropop: custom mode box, dialog box, MSG message box, toast prompt Taro custom pop-up box supports compiling to multi terminal H5 / Applet / reactnative, and can also customize pop-up type / pop-up style, multi button event / style, auto close, mask layer, pop-up display location and custom content […]

  • #”Pluggable” component design, understand the mysteries of component development


    From oneConfirmComponent start, write a pluggable component step by step. Deal with a normal payment process (such as Alipay’s purchase fund). Click the buy button If the risk level does not match: click the confirm box After the user confirms the risk: pop up the payment method selection pop-up window (dialog) After selecting the payment […]

  • The actual project of flitter will teach you how to use flitter to create a fake wechat app page!


    flutter_wechat Source address:https://github.com/ding-zou/f… A kind of A flutter app which clones wechat! This is an app based on flitter that imitates the wechat style. It is still in the process of improvement. Welcome to comment It contains all the basic components of the fluent, and is suitable for learning the fluent in this project. Page […]

  • The way of electron learning for a UI Designer (3) — Notepad UI optimized version


    Preface A small notepad, in addition to the basic functions, if you need to do better in the user experience, many small details need to be considered, such as automatically saving form information before closing, saving skin settings, and shortcut key functions. Design sketch Main optimization direction Simulation main menu (with shortcut key) Skin peeler […]

  • The way for a UI designer to learn from electron (2) — Notepad app


    Recently, I have been exploring electron. There are some applications made by Daniel using electron Vue on the Internet. However, since I am not a scientific class developer, I am always in a fog when I study. Finally, I return to the original electron development and gradually expand the knowledge of other stacks. OK, next […]

  • Analysis of rolling penetration at mobile end


    Rolling penetration is a very common problem in the development of mobile terminal, which produces strange interaction behavior and affects the user experience. At the same time, it makes our products look less “professional”. Although many products choose to tolerate this kind of behavior, as engineers who pursue the ultimate, they should understand why and […]

  • The hole of IOS window


    EMM. I really want to ask where there are so many pop ups from TM. A successful pop-up window, a failed pop-up window, a personal image pop-up window, and a pop-up window with any button. The code of pop-up window in a page is 10000 times more than the code of the heap page. If […]

  • Vue component: add scaling function to bootstrap modal


    demand Bootstrap should also be one of the most popular front-end infrastructure. Because of its architectural advantages, it is less intrusive and can be integrated into other projects in various ways. Among all the products of our factory, there is a place for its application. Two days ago, the boss complained that modal was too […]

  • An example of message box of Python pop-up prompt warning box


    Need to install pywin32 module, PIP install pywin32 ##pip install pywin32 import win32api,win32con ##Alert OK message box Win32API. MessageBox (0, “this is a test reminder OK message box”, “reminder”, win32con. Mb_ok) ##Information box or not Win32API. MessageBox (0, “this is a test message box”, “reminder”, win32con. Mb_yesno) ##Description information box Win32API. MessageBox (0, “this is […]

  • Vue — one shot box


    The core code isgetCookie()Part, control the display and hide of the pop-up box in thecreated()Medium. <template> < div V-IF = “isshow” > < div class = “pop_container” > < img @ Click = “nopopup” > < div class = “popup_text” > Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. At, atque ea eveniet laudantium magni, […]

  • The treelist implementation of devixpress adds a custom right-click menu to the node and implements the function of deleting the node


    scene WinForm control – devexpress18 download installation registration and use in vs: https://blog.csdn.net/BADAO_LIUMANG_QIZHI/article/details/100061243 How to set the data source in treelist of devexpress? Start with the instance: https://blog.csdn.net/BADAO_LIUMANG_QIZHI/article/details/102548490 After realizing the tree structure, we need to pop up the window when we right-click on the tree node, and delete the current node after pop-up confirmation. […]

  • Vue – simple implementation of a command window component


    Preface In daily work, pop-up is a very common component, but it is used much by others. In free time, you can simply implement a pop-up by yourself Knowledge points involved: extend, $mount, $el Usage: this.$Confirm({ Title: ‘custom title’ }).then(res=>{ console.log(res) }) directory structure   index.vue: component layout, style, interaction logic index.js: mounting components, exposure […]