• Collision detection: polygon


    Introduction stayCollision Detection :LineThis paper mainly introduces the line related collision detection, and then look at the more complex polygon. The following examples are not checked for compatibility and are recommended to be viewed in the latest chrome browsers. Origin My GitHub Polygon/Point This isSample page。 Polygon and pointEach edge and point must be detected […]

  • Collision detection: Triangle


    Introduction stayCollision Detection :PolygonThis paper mainly introduces the polygon related collision detection, and then look at the situation of triangles. Triangles also belong to polygons, so polygon method is applicable to triangles. Here’s another way of thinking. The following examples are not checked for compatibility and are recommended to be viewed in the latest chrome […]

  • Use geotools to determine whether the coordinates are in the polygon


    geotools GeoToolsIt’s a useJAVAOpen source GIS tool developed. It can develop the geographic information system and related applications that meet the standards. Specific use and details can baidu. This paper mainly describes how to useGeoToolsDetermine whether the coordinates are within the polygon. POM.xml <dependency> <groupId>org.geotools</groupId> <artifactId>gt-jts-wrapper</artifactId> <version>23.2</version> </dependency> JAVA import org.geotools.geometry.jts.JTSFactoryFinder; import org.locationtech.jts.geom.GeometryFactory; import org.locationtech.jts.io.ParseException; […]

  • Lighting effect in 3D scene based on HTML5 webgl


    In order to build a 3D scene, in addition to creating a model, setting the color and map of the model, it also needs the effect of lighting to reflect the real world scene more realistically. I think this example is both beautiful and representative, so I would like to share it with you. Address […]

  • Graphic selection – Graphics modularization


    Before we talk about the modularization of graphics, let’s review the drawing we drew before. It’s a polygon. Although it’s not closed, it doesn’t matter. Next, we encapsulate the graph as a class object polyPoly object is the encapsulation of path. We can consider it from two aspects Graph: all the graphics that can be […]

  • Graphic selection – grid selection


    Mesh selection, as the name suggests, is to select a polygon after turning it into a mesh (this method is only applicable to polygons, if it is a curve, we have to segment it). In this way, grid selection is divided into two steps1. Decompose the polygon into multiple triangles.2. Judge whether the mouse point […]

  • Shape selection – polygonal meshing


    Before we talk about polygonal meshing, let’s draw a polygon with complex points.Prepare a set of vertices for counterclockwise drawing: const points=[ new Vector2(0,0), new Vector2(0,600), new Vector2(600,600), new Vector2(600,200), new Vector2(200,200), new Vector2(200,400), new Vector2(300,400), new Vector2(300,300), new Vector2(500,300), new Vector2(500,500), new Vector2(100,500), new Vector2(100,100), new Vector2(600,100), new Vector2(600,0) ]; Draw a polygon based […]

  • Scratch3.0 small program for drawing random polygons?


    In scratch 3.0, how can we program a computer to randomly draw a polygon with any number of sides in a certain range? The method is very simple, please see the details below. Software name: Scratch3.0 offline editor v3.6.0 free installation in Chinese Software size: 171MB Updated: 2020-02-21Download now 1. Open scratch 3.0, enter its […]

  • How can scratch realize random polygon drawing?


    Scratch want to make a small program, you can draw polygons by pen and motion, rotation, repeat command, how to let the computer randomly draw polygons with random number of sides for us? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software name: How to download and install scratch3.0 in Chinese? Scratch3.0 Getting Started tutorial […]

  • 7 common data annotation tools


    Sharp tools make good work. Annotation tool is the foundation of data annotation industry, and an easy-to-use annotation tool is the key to improve annotation efficiency and output high-quality annotation data. Commonly used data annotation tools are as follows: 2D box, semantic segmentation, polygon segmentation, point annotation, line annotation, video annotation, 3D cube annotation, etc. […]

  • Detailed illustration of canvas polygon (spider chart)


    Drawing spider pictures: Before we start, we need to know how canvas draws images, and the canvas element is used to draw graphics on the web. The canvas element of HTML5 uses JavaScript to draw 2D images on a Web page. On the canvas of rectangular area, each pixel is controlled. JavaScript draws 2D graphics […]

  • Android uses Path to draw polygons


    When we talk about using path to draw polygons, we will talk about the use of translat () and rotate () methods of Canvas. This blog will use this knowledge. First, we will talk about it separately and understand this. Next, we will talk about how simple it is to draw polygons by path. We […]