• Several common methods of GIT checkout instruction


    1. Switch branches Initial state: Execute command: $ git checkout testing This order does two things. One is to make the head point to the master branch, and the other is to restore the working directory to the snapshot contents pointed by the master branch. 2. Create and switch branches $ git checkout -b iss53 […]

  • The analysis of this direction in ordinary function and arrow function


    Content This of ordinary functions This of arrow function Ordinary function 1. Conclusion Let’s start with the conclusion,The direction of this of an ordinary function cannot be determined when the function is defined. Only when the function is executed can we determine who this is pointing to. In fact, this ultimately points to the object […]

  • AC automata


    brief introduction AC automata is a multi pattern string matching algorithmO(n)The time complexity is only related to the length of the search string, but not to the number of pattern strings. It is an efficient string matching algorithm. Algorithm process AC automata algorithm mainly includes preprocessing process and searching process. Pretreatment The preprocessing process is […]

  • Linked list of JavaScript data structure


    Linked list data structure To store multiple elements, arrays may be the most commonly used data structure in JS, but inserting or removing items from the beginning or middle of an array is costly because elements need to be moved.A linked list stores an ordered set of elements, but different from an array. The elements […]

  • JS object-oriented and prototype__ proto__ ,constructor


    1、 Object oriented and inheritance in Java In the following code, we define a dog class. In the class, we define a property and two methods. A constructor is used to initialize the dog’s age, and a public method say is used to print. public class Puppy{ int puppyAge; public Puppy(age){ puppyAge = age; } […]

  • For non professional class IOS development, an interview question (with answers)


    After experiencing the outbreak period in the past few years, the IOS industry has come to a relatively calm period. It is a stage of good money expelling bad money, eliminating the false and retaining the true. Only with continuous focus and dedication, can we stand out in the fierce competition and become a strong […]

  • Linked storage structure of linear list single linked list and circular linked list


    1. Definition of chain storage In order to represent the logical relationship between each data element AI and its direct successor AI + 1, for data element AI, in addition to its own information, it also needs to store an information indicating its direct successor. We call the domain where the data element information is […]

  • These C + + pit, once stepped on, overtime is certainly unavoidable!


    Some of the more obscure C + + pit, special summary to share here, for your reference. 1. String splicing results in coredump     The crux of the problem lies in the fact that line 9 can be compiled and passed because x + “-” will be converted into char *, and then it […]

  • The go pointer modifies the value of type int through the pointer


    Definition of pointer: VAR p * int get the value of pointer: * P ———————————————————————————— package main   import (     “fmt” )   func main() {       i := 0 fmt.Println (“I’s address: & I)”     p := &i fmt.Printf (“pointer type% t corresponding to I, pointer address to I% X”, P, P)     *p = 100 […]

  • Detailed explanation of [golang] defer


    characteristic Let’s go through it brieflydeferThe basic use of keywords, let us have a basic cognition 1、 Delay call func main() { defer log.Println(“EDDYCJY.”) log.Println(“end.”) } Output results: $ go run main.go 2019/05/19 21:15:02 end. 2019/05/19 21:15:02 EDDYCJY. 2、 Last in, first out func main() { for i := 0; i < 6; i++ { […]

  • Vue computing and listening properties


    Computed property computed Computational properties are useful when dealing with complex logic. We can use methods instead of computed, and the effect is the same, but computed is based on its dependency cache, and the value will be retrieved only when the dependency changes. With methods, when rendering again, the function will always be called […]

  • Read the source code and review the basics through LinkedList


    catalog preface Class signature generic paradigm Serializable and clonable Deque List and abstractlist Randomaccess interface (not implemented) variable Constructor common method Methods in list system: add(E e) Linklast (e e) method The basic form of double linked list Adding an empty linked list Adding non empty linked list add(int index, E element) node(index) linkBefore Add: […]