• Analysis on the use and implementation principle of array container of super detailed STL


    To explain, I use gcc7 1.0 compiler, standard library source code is also this version. This article describes the use and principle of array in STL. Reading guide Array is actually an array of fixed size. The element type and size are specified when declaring. The prototype is as follows: template<typename _Tp, std::size_t _Nm> struct […]

  • Three ways to change the direction of this


    Call, apply and bind are the methods to change the direction of this. Common ground: the first parameter is the pointer to change this. If the first parameter is null / undefined, this points to window by default Call (countless parameters) First parameter: change this pointSecond parameter: argumentThis function will be executed automatically after use […]

  • Look at animation algorithms: doublylinkedlist


    brief introduction Today, let’s learn a more complex LinkedList: doublylinkedlist. Compared with LinkedList, the node in doublylinkedlist not only points to the next node, but also has a node before prev. So it is called doublylinkedlist. Doublylinkedlist is a two-way linked list. We can traverse the list forward or backward. Today, let’s learn the basic […]

  • C + + dynamic memory allocation


    The following essay is about C + + dynamic memory allocation. Dynamic memory request operator new new Type nameT(initialization parameter list) Function:During the execution of the procedure, the application is used for storageTThe memory space of the type object, and the initial value is assigned according to the initial value list. Result value:success:TPointer to the newly allocated […]

  • Five PHP functions per day (2)


    Above articleFive PHP functions per dayIt has exploded and can’t be updated. Ha ha Big guys can leave a message about the topic of function practice. Find a little practice every day. Ha ha 2019/03/10 —————————-Review 02-13 (point me)—————————- So far, the review has been completed 2019/03/08 —————————-Review 02-11 (point me)—————————- —————————-Review 02-12 (point I)—————————- […]

  • Java polymorphic parent class reference points to subclass object (upward transformation)


    For example, I have a parent class animal , and a subclass cat , cat class inherits animal, which is the subclass inherits the parent class Animal a = new cat() what does that mean? This is to create a parent class reference to a child class object. What are the benefits of doing so? […]

  • The specific execution process of new operation


    1) Create an empty object2) Put this empty objectprotoPrototype pointing to constructor3) Assign this empty object to this4) Execute the code in the constructor. Note that this points to the new object, this N = 9999 is equivalent to B.N = 9999; Case: var A={n:4399}; var B=function () { this.n=9999; }; var C=function(){ var n=8888 […]

  • Observe the function call stack, scope chain and closure in the chrome developer tool


    In front-end development, there is a very important skill calledbreakpoint debugging 。 In the developer tools of chrome, through breakpoint debugging, we can easily observe the execution process of JavaScript step by step, and intuitively perceive the changes of key information such as function call stack, scope chain, variable object, closure, this and so on. […]

  • Three types of IOS block


    There are three types of blocks: __ NSGlobalBlock __ (_nsconcreteglobalblock) (global memory area) __ NSStackBlock __ (_nsconcretestackblock) (stack memory) __ NSMallocBlock __ (_nsconcretemallocblock) (heap memory) The three types of block occur in MRC and arc environments respectively MRC environment: __ Nsglobalblock: the external auto variable is not accessed. If the external static or global variable […]

  • 04 – [long talk about algorithm] linked list — realize unordered list


    Quicksand book:https://book.bornforthi.com/zh/column/jysf/Linkedlisttoimplementanunorderedlist/ AI yuechuang blog:https://www.aiyc.top/2009.html Hello, I’m Jiuyuan. Since last week, we have officially introduced the data structure and explained the array. Now let’s summarize and review the knowledge of arrays. What is an array? Is a data structure composed of a collection of elements of the same type, which allocates a continuous piece of […]

  • I found Huadian: Vue stipulates to use ordinary function definition method, why react wants me to use arrow function!


    The original is in my official account. I can check my latest article at the first time. Hello, everyone, I am every year! If we have used react and Vue, we should find a problem: Vue tells us that we should not define methods and life cycles with arrow functions; In the class component of […]

  • OSPF external routing type and forwarding address of HCNP Routing & Switching


    Previously, we learned about OSPF’s class 4 and class 5 LSAS. For review, please refer tohttps://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/15222969.html; Today, let’s talk about external routing types and forwarding address; We know that in OSPF, ASBR mainly transmits the corresponding routing information to OSPF routers in other regions by sending five types of LSAS; If the corresponding OSPF router […]