• How to make widgets on iPhone


    Learn how to make customizable widgets and widgets from third-party applications. You can do this on any iPhone with IOS 14 or later. How to make widgets on iPhone To make a widget, first download a third-party application, such as widget Smith, from the app store. On the home screen, click and hold until you […]

  • C ා timestamp conversion


    Timestamp conversion Sometimes when we get the front-end data, there will be time problems in the data given to you. What is passed to you is a timestamp, and we need to deal with this timestamp for example    strStamp=Regex.Matches(strStamp,@”(?<=\()((?\()|(?\))|[^()]+)*(?(gp)(?!))”).Cast().Select(t => t.Value).ToArray()[0].ToString(); //At this time, we can see whether the value of strstamp is an […]

  • VMware installs centos7 series final


    Note: this installation example uses alicloud’s image source and minimal installation 1. To Alibaba cloud: https://mirrors.aliyun.com/ce…Download the image of the last version of CentOS 7 series. 2. After the download is completed, put it in a folder on the hard disk for backup 3. Open the VMware file and create a new virtual machine. Select […]

  • Explain how mybatis plus does not return a primary key when using insert


    The project is built using springboot. At first, mybatis was used, and then it was upgraded to mybatis plus. According to the introduction of MP’s official website, using MP’s insert method, MP will write the primary key back to the corresponding attribute of the instance for the database table that is added automatically. But in […]

  • Icon implementation of SAP ui5 web component


    Example: on the react application developed by my SAP ui5 web component, this plus icon is displayed: The plus sign icon is introduced into the react component Here, assign the Add button to the icon property of shellbaritem: The runtime effect is as follows: Let’s go back to what we imported in the code add.js […]

  • The Method of Removing the Plus after the Linux Kernel Version Number


    When many people compile Linux Kernel, the version number in the generated RPM package is inexplicably marked with a plus sign, which may be due to the modification of the file in Linux. git. So how to remove the plus after the Linux Kernel version number? Below is a small number for you to remove […]

  • CSS implementation of the “plus sign” effect of the example code


    Achieve the plus sign effect of the following figure: To achieve this effect, only one div element is needed. CSS needs to be used for before and after, as well as border features. Set up a div note first <div class=”add”></div> Set another border: .add { border: 1px solid; width: 100px; height: 100px; color: #ccc; […]