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  • Recommend WP for open source projects Editor.md : markdown editor plug-in under WordPress


    Open source project name: WP Editor.mdIntroduction to open source project: markdown editor plug-in under WordPressOpen source project type: individual open source project Project creation time: January 2017GitHub data: 518 star, 76 fork, GitHubAddress:https://github.com/LuRenJiasW… Self recommendation of project leader: @The world of passerby A:WP Editor.md The first version, released in 2017, is a rare markdown editor […]

  • Flutter Weekly Issue 66


    Journalism Flutter quarterly survey results sharing course Thinking and design of integrated task arrangement of fluent + FAAS Explain how to generate code through annotation in dart Is GitHub right? Flutter team shares how to manage large open source projects plug-in unit flutter-bubble-tab-indicator A Flutter library to add bubble tab indicator to TabBar spreadsheet-decoder Spreadsheet […]

  • GitHub: a selection of chrome plug-ins


    GitHub: a selection of chrome plug-ins 1.Git History Browser Extension History panel 2.Octotree Quick navigation on the left and switching directories and files 3.Sourcegraph Go to definition 4.OctoLinker Jump to file link 5.Enhanced GitHub Provide download and other navigation Let’s like the children’s shoes you got-_ /

  • WOx stock plug-in developed with Python


    Let’s use a picture to show the effect,   WOx is a launcher under the windows platform, it provides an input box, users can input content in the input box, trigger a variety of functions. The common functions include searching files (integrating everything), searching web pages, translating, executing system commands, etc. Similar to Alfred in […]

  • Tip: organize markdown documents with gitbook


    If you like to write documents with markdown, how can you put them together? This article shares a way to organize markdown documents with gitbook. Let’s get to know it. Markdown is a lightweight markup language. People only need to write a document in plain text, and add a dot mark to it, then it […]

  • Flutter Weekly Issue 61


    plug-in unit sup A Flutter widget which displays an image, a title, and a subtitle for errors, empty states, or just fancy custom messages. pub-rules simple yet powerful and feature-rich validation library for both dart and flutter. flutter-libphonenumber Leverages libphonenumber to allow for asynchronous and synchronous formatting of phone numbers in Flutter apps. Includes a […]

  • Use of vs code development tools


    preface To improve the development efficiency of programmers, we must have a good development tool. At present, the best front-end development tools mainly include vs code, sublime text, atom, webstorm, Notepad + +. Vs code is a very powerful code editor. Although it has been out for a short time, its usage frequency and popularity […]

  • Mybatis series (21) – related concepts – PageHelper


    Step 1: introduction to PageHelper Step 2: run first, see the effect, and then learn Step 3: imitation and troubleshooting Step 4: jar package Step 5: set the data to 100 Step 6: configure the plug-in Step 7: Category.xml Step 8: paging query Step 9: get the total number Step 1: introduction to PageHelper PageHelper […]

  • How many steps will it take to adapt Cordova project to iPhone x + IOS 11.4? Three steps


    Recently, the new app was asked by customers to fit iPhone x, which made me feel embarrassed. Because I can’t use iPhone X and my poor girl hasn’t used iPhone x, what can I doCheck it outAfter surfing the Internet for a long time, I found that it only takes three steps to fit the […]

  • 2. Install visual studio plug-in visual assist


    In the previous article, we have installed visual studio 2015. First of all, we have to install a visual assist plug-in. The plug-in supports automatic code prompt. After using it, you will find that it is really delicious.   The visual assist plug-in for visual studio 2015 has been in a strange hole before. No […]

  • [transfer] Introduction to spring boot (4) – multi module Maven project


    Please refer to: introduction to spring boot (4) – multi module Maven project This article introduces a spring boot project with multiple modules. The parent module is used for the basic Maven configuration container, and the child module is the actual spring boot project, and inherits Maven attributes from the parent module. 1. Spring boot […]

  • Nuxt


    Server rendering Server knowledge: koa node.jsSSR principle:*Render the same components as server-side HTML strings, send them directly to the browser, and finally send these static tags to the browser“Live” is a fully interactive application on the client. *Response scenario: Need better SEO Faster content arrival time (screen rendering time) is required, especially for slow network […]