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  • Container image service and IDE plug-in realize one key deployment, continuous integration and delivery


    Container technology provides a standardized delivery method. It packages application code and code environment dependency together to become an environment independent delivery, which can be used at any stage of the software life cycle, completely changing the traditional software delivery method. It can even be said that after the container technology, the key operation and […]

  • Update the plug-in version of the package.json file


    Sometimes when we are developing projects, some plug-in versions introduced in the package.json file need to be updated. A very convenient plug-in: NPM check updates 1. Installation: npm install -g npm-check-updates 2. Use: Check the latest version of dependencies in package.json: ncu Update dependencies to the new version: ncu -u Update all to the latest […]

  • Take you to the legendary Emacs


    By comparing with vscode, this paper briefly introduces the basic functions, features and some plug-ins of Emacs. Emacs in this paper refers to GNU Emacs, hereinafter referred to as Emacs. Basic concepts Emacs is a text editor, like vscode. It can be used to write code, markdown, and any other plain text; Each file opened […]

  • Vscode plug-in development (I)


    Why plug-ins Every time I change my computer, or vscode fails, I need to download it again I xx: < font color = Red > install all kinds of plug-ins once, write all kinds of global code segments once < / font > There’s also a theme. It’s uncomfortable to use anyone’s, so I just […]

  • Eeui, the most perfect framework of weex ecology, is here


    Eeui for weex, the most perfect framework for weex~~~ Now it has joined the official cooperation project of weex https://weex.apache.org/zh/tools/eeui.html A high quality cross platform development native (Android / IOS application) framework based on vue.jsA set of code, both ends of the native applicationGitHub:https://github.com/kuaifan/eeui By the way, in addition to the components of eeui, you […]

  • Vscode plug-in development (2) package.json details


    { //The name of the plug-in should be all lowercase, no spaces “name”: “vscode-plugin-demo”, //The friendly display name of the plug-in, which is used to display in the application market and supports Chinese “DisplayName”: “vscode plug in demo”, // description “Description”: “vscode plug in demo collection”, //Keywords for applying market search “keywords”: [“vscode”, “plugin”, “demo”], […]

  • Vscode plug in development (3) theme


    Let’s go back to the book and say that after the installation of the basic environment, we are going to play our own theme 1. Create a theme project $ yo code SelectionNew Color Theme Next, complete the project creation according to the selection in the figure Open the project as shown in the figure […]

  • ES6 code is no longer packaged as Es5


    Recently, because of business needs, I finally got rid of itIE, fully engagedchromeEmbrace, do not need to consider all kinds of compatibility issues. Vue transformation Used by the main projectvueThe pain is in the codeasync/awaitAfter being compiled, the stack is too complex to catch up with. I’m sorrychromeYeses6The support of.Broken read for a while, these […]

  • How to develop UHF reader in Google chome browser


    Google Chrome doesn’t support OCX, so it can’t connect UHF reader and writer through OCX. It can only use RFID reader and writer cloud service plug-in to connect and operate UHF reader and writer yw-602h through JavaScript language. RFID reader cloud service plug-in supports not only Chrome browser, but also Firefox, ie, Safari, opera and […]

  • Subtracting k8s API: challenges and practices of Alibaba cloud native application management


    This article is organized and shared by the community on November 21. As early as 2011, Alibaba started to apply containerization internally. At that time, it first built containers based on LxC technology, then gradually switched to docker and developed a large-scale scheduling system. By 2018, our team began to promote “lightweight containerization” relying on […]

  • Xiaobai’s growing diary: step by step, write a plug-in of carousel chart


    Recently, I read an article about interview “review my three failed interview experiences”. The author fell on the broadcasting chart three times. Sorry, so I also write a round robin chart.This time, it’s written in jQuery. Recently, I’ve been studying the writing method of jQuery plug-ins, so I’ve written in jQuery. Moreover, I found that […]

  • Construction of Vue cli project


    0829 self summary Construction of Vue cli project I. environmental installation Install node Download the installation package on the official website and install it in fool mode: https://nodejs.org/zh-cn/ #It’s better to modify the path by default Install cnpm npm install -g cnpm –registry=https://registry.npm.taobao.org #This thing is mainly used to change the source, otherwise it will […]