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  • 22 common open source projects for IOS development


    Share 22 popular open source projects related to IOS development on GitHub. It includes development aids, asynchronous programming library, JSON parsing, mobile database, image and video processing, network request, UI framework, components, algorithm, data structure, etc. Accio uses the IOS / tvos / watchos / MacOS dependency management tool written by swift. In the current […]

  • 11、 Configure log4j2 and package it into a zip file


    preface In fact, we have already configured the log, but recently, I always feel that the log format is not comfortable. Every package is a jar file, and the lib is contained in the jar. Every time we make a small change, we need to replace the jar file again. The jar file is relatively […]

  • Wireshark EtherCAT parsing plug-in development log


    This log is mainly to record the learning process of Wireshark plug-in development, so as to check it later, and provide a reference for friends who do not know about Wireshark plug-in development like me. Recently, I have been learning the EtherCAT protocol, but the EtherCAT plug-in in Wireshark does not parse the registers of […]

  • Development of form plug-in of Kingdee cloud and starry sky


    preface: Learn Kingdee software in the process of learning things, make a summary, convenient for future reference! New development solution, debugging and value monitoring \1. Create a new solution. Name space: the naming requires accurate expression and no ambiguity \2. Breakpoint debugging. \3. Value monitoring. FCustomerID this.View.Model.GetValue(“FCustomerID”) The assignment and value of getValue and setValue […]

  • Click the button to achieve automatic copy function to solve the problem of IOS incompatibility


    preface Yesterday, I received a request to implement a promotion page. One of the functions is to click the button to automatically copy the text. It looks so easy. To my surprise, this automatic copying function took me several hours. The next step is my pit filling process. The process is hard and the result […]

  • How to use vscode to automatically refresh small programs


    I’ve never been a headline party, the title is always so plain. It is too laggy to update WeChat developer tools, but it is still stuck. It doesn’t mean it runs slowly, but it doesn’t feel smooth enough. I used to move from sublime to atom, then went to vscode and never moved again. The […]

  • Centos7 installs docker and Jenkins


    Install docker in centos7 and Jenkins under docker Change Yum source to alicloud 1. Download WGet yum install wget -y 2. Create directory mkdir -p /etc/yum.repos.d 3. Download alicloud Yum source configuration wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo http://mirrors.aliyun.com/repo/Centos-7.repo 4. Update cache yum clean all yum makecache Install docker 1. Installation preconditions Docker requires the Linux kernel to […]

  • Vue dataac plug-in release


    Many friends and I have known each other since the data acquisition plug-in Today I would like to recommend its Vue upgraded version [Vue dataac] Compared with the old plug-ins, the new plug-in configuration items are more abundant, with a total of 40 configuration items, providing sufficient flexibility, and almost every function can be configured. […]

  • Webpack learning notes: advanced usage of Step2


    Several basic usages Clean up the built directory You can do this by adding a clear directory command before executing the build commandAs in package.json The build command is changed to “scripts”: { build: rm -rf ./dist && webpack } More commonly used is through the webpack plug-in implementation const { CleanWebpackPlugin } = require(‘clean-webpack-plugin’) […]

  • Playing with vscode


    Official website vscode Shortcut key F1 / Ctrl + Shift + P: Command Panel CTRL + U: go back to the previous cursor position Press Shift + mouse: select multiple lines of text successively Shift key with direction key / home / end: select multiple lines of text continuously CTRL + Shift + K: delete […]

  • [transfer]: Lua based cross platform building tool: xmake v2.0.2 release!


    Update content This release mainly fixes some bugs and compatibility issues.. improvement Modify the action handling of installation and uninstall Update project template Enhancement function detection Bugs repair #7: Fixed the wrong target name after creating a project with a template: ‘[targetname]’ #9: Fixed clang does not support c + + 11 Fix API scope […]

  • How to install Jenkins with docker


    The content of this article is very simple. It describes how to quickly deploy a Jenkins instance on the docker to avoid multiple mining pits and waste unnecessary practice time. The experimental environment is as follows Operating system: CentOS 7.5Docker Version:18.09.6 Download Image Open the terminal and enter the docker search command to search the […]