• Swift: audiotoolbox development C program local player


    IOS local player, using avaudioplayer is very simple, Take the audio resource file path, create avaudioplayer, thenprepareToPlay, you canplayYes Using audiotoolbox to develop C program local player, the routine is also very simple Playback is divided into three steps: 1. Get the audio file and create an audio output queue Given a local resource path […]

  • Another idea of wav player is to buffer avaudiopcmbuffer


    This article continues to discuss those things about audiotoolbox and wav player Play the routine in three steps: Read the data first and restore the sampling data from the file For audio resource files, use audio file services, and audio file stream services This step, the next two blogs, are focused on, From the wav […]

  • Installing flash/shockwave player under Linux


    Now, more and more flash works are applied to websitesDesignMedium. However, many browsers used in the Linux platform do not have flash/shockwave player plug-ins due to older versions or other reasons, so they cannot enjoy wonderful flash works, which has become a great pity for Linux enthusiasts. However, Linux enthusiasts can now download the dedicated […]

  • HTML5 custom player core code


    Web page HTML Copy code The code is as follows: <body style=”background-color:#8EEE5EE;”> <section> <video width=”640″ height=”360″> <source src=”videos/Introduction.mp4″> </video> <nav> <div> <button type=”button”>Play</button> </div> <div> <div></div> </div> <div style=”clear:both”></div> </nav> </section> </body> CSS Style Copy code The code is as follows: body{ text-align:center; } header,section,footer,aside,nav,article,hgroup{ display:block; } #skin{ width:700px; margin:10px auto; padding:5px; background:red; border:4px solid […]

  • [Mini-Mechanisms#1] State-Driven Camera Motion


    == Intro == use case: Suppose a room for chess and card games. After entering the room, the player is in a standing perspective. After clicking the seat, the player is seated, the perspective is switched, and the game starts Mechanism: State-Driven Camera Motion       == Problems == [1] Locate UI Place the […]

  • How can Apple view the version number of flash player for Mac


    How to check the version number of flash player in MAC system? When you watch a movie on the web, you suddenly find that your Flash player can’t be used, or you want to check the version number of flash player on your Mac. What should you do? Do you have to look in the […]

  • Android video player plug-in – mxvideo


    MXVideo introduce Android open source player based on dumpling player and kotlin, out of the box. Welcome to issue and pull requestProject address:MXVideo Small screen Full screen live broadcast Functional characteristics Any player kernel (including open source ijk, Google exo, Alibaba cloud, etc.) For single case playback, only one program can be played at the […]

  • Using QuickTime player to realize screen video graphic tutorial in MAC system


    I believe many people don’t know that the built-in QuickTime player of the MAC system also has the function of on-screen video recording. Seriously, I didn’t know before (MARS). I just saw it on macstories todayThis article, I found this function, and it is very powerful under lion. In fact, QuickTime player has the function […]

  • 21000 star! An open source, free and powerful video player library


    The following article comes from the attacking coder, author Cui Qingcai Recently, I was developing a front-end project, which uses the function of playing video, so I checked what front-end video player library can be used. Today, let’s share it with you. The name of this library is plyr. As the name suggests, it is […]

  • Take you to realize audio and video playback with avplayer


    Project overview The following items are based on the actual application of AVPlayer, which can achieve the full play effect of audio playing, vertical and vertical screen video switching, and tiktok vertical screen.Project address:AVPlayerAudioVideoIf articles and projects are helpful to you, please give a star ⭐ Hello, your star ⭐ It is the driving force […]

  • IOS technology sharing source code (just enter the pit of IOS? Don’t be afraid, come here and learn with me.)


    IOS technology sharing (APP icon production, apple purchase, payment, imitation WeChat friends circle, imitation WeChat image viewer, add post case, anti Sina @ people, imitation Alipay password box, imitation hair ring, tag, JS interactive +wk, loading web pages, adaptive cell height, TableView embedded player, anti Caton, custom watch box, select address, select time, select color, […]

  • [Ubuntu] DLNA platform construction (build your own video and audio platform in your home and bedroom)


    0. Build your own audio-visual learning platform in your home and bedroom I downloaded a lot of public classes and ESL podcast audio at home and abroad and slept in the mobile hard disk. Recently, I made a small tablet, so I almost thought of building a NAS on the bedroom soft routing Ubuntu system. […]