• Recommend an easy to use video player component


    background The designer wants to make a landing page, which has a video player, so he searched in the afternoon, wasting a lot of time, and finally found a suitable one. Hope to meet similar needs in the future, after reading this articleMake an impression and avoid the pit。 text To find a suitable player, […]

  • Dandelion · jelly technology weekly Vol.25 · webpack 5 is officially released, have you abandoned it


    Dandelion · jelly technical weekly Vol.25 Two years later, webpack 5 was officially released. It not only cleans up a lot of redundant functions, but also brings us a lot of new capabilities, whether it’s persistent cache enabled by default, or anti-virus protection, or what one of its authors called JS architecture reformerModule Federation. Although […]

  • player.exe What does process mean player process query


    Process file: player or player.exeProcess name: webmassiva playerProcess category: processes with security risksEnglish Description: player.exe is an audio application from webmassiva called Softsynth player. This is a non-essential process. Disabling or enabling this is down to user preference Chinese reference:player.exe Is ebmassiva Softsynth player related programs.Producer: webmassiva.comOf: webmassiva playerSystem process: noBackground program: noNetwork related: NoCommon […]

  • H5 – play function


    Using HTML + JS + CSS to realize the simple function of a player In the process of page development, we will meet the demand of playing video in the page. Usually we use mature video playback plug-ins to deal with it For example: video.js . However, for our personal growth, we also need to […]

  • Uniapp love to play small gray video player usage process


    General use process of native plug-ins: Purchase a plug-in and select the project that the plug-in is bound to. Find the project in hbuilderx, check the module in app native plug-in configuration of manifest, if you need to fill in parameters, please refer to the plug-in author’s document to add. Develop the code according to […]

  • Summary of C # using ffmpeg


    The last article mentioned that ffmpeg solves the video and voice problems in the project, and said that C # and ffmpeg have to mention two class libraries. 1、Xabe.FFmpeg A simple look at the source code and demo, found based on ffmpeg.exe The command line parameters of. 2、FFmpeg.AutoGen Translate C language API and type into […]

  • SQL basic note 3 normal form key


    SQL basic note 3 normal form key What is paradigm? Ha, I can design and use it, but I can’t say it. Then the concept of less clear as a whole   What is & classification Normal form (NF) is a kind of specification. When designing a database model, it has different levels of specification […]

  • Piziheng embedded: Design of rt-mp4player based on NXP i.mxrt1060


    Hello everyone, I’m a ruffian Heng. I’m a serious technical ruffian. Today, ruffian Heng introduces to youReference design of MP4 player based on i.mxrt1062。 i. Mxrt1062 is the middle end model of NXP I. mxrt four digit series. It has balanced peripheral matching, supplemented by the burst performance of 600MHz main frequency. In order to […]

  • (JSP / HTML) embedded player on Web page


    This is actually very simple, as long as you add the above code to the HTML, it is OK, provided that your computer has installed a player, such as realplay. Copy codeThe code is as follows: < embedded SRC = “C] / MP3 / 10.19/heart painting. Mp3” width = “480” height = “100” 02. Loop […]

  • New video function in HTML5 — video attribute


    Differences of video display in different browsers Basic video formats supported by video: MP4 / WebM / OGV video   If you want to display a black image in Chrome browser, you need to add controls   SRC — video link Controls — Video controllers   Chrome: all three formats are supported Firefox: all three […]

  • HTML5 video popular plug in video.js


    Video.js It is a general JS library embedded with video player on Web page, Video.js Automatically detect the browser’s support for HTML5. If HTML5 is not supported, flash player will be used automatically. (to support ie low version, please download version 5.4.3) Click to enter the official website   Download address: http://www.jq22.com/jquery-info404 CDN can also […]

  • Player full platform solution – Windows / Android / IOS / Mac


    With the rapid development of mobile terminal and electronic products, it is very necessary to support full platform playing of video if you want to engage in video field, especially considering the integrity of product system and long-term development. However, a new player from development to testing, and then to a comprehensive and stable market, […]