• recursive algorithm


    catalog:1. Simple recursive definition2. The difference and relation between recursion and loop3. Classical application of recursion 1. Simple recursive definition What is recursion? (first define a relatively simple statement, which may not be true for the sake of understanding) Recursion: infinitely call its own function, each call will change a key variable, until the key […]

  • Multiple CSS centring schemes you don’t know!


    Author: Ahmed shadedTranslator: front end witSource: ishadeedMobile reading:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/kp… Like it and watch it again. Get used to it this paperGitHub https://github.com/qq44924588…On has included, more previous high praise article classification, also sorted out a lot of my documents, and tutorial materials. Welcome to star and perfect, you can refer to the examination site to review, I […]

  • 6、 Introduction to conflux bounty


    Bounty is the reward platform for the conflux foundation to find value for each token. Fans of conflux can obtain FC fan coin by doing contribution task, which has certain fan consensus. It is also the only way to obtain FC in conflux. 1、 Plate composition Bounty is divided into several parts: technology, brand, community, […]

  • A story makes it easy for you to understand the essence of insurance


    classification First of all, we should understand that insurance can be roughly divided into two categories according to its essence: consumer insurance and return insurance. We should keep these two types in mind, so that no matter what kind of miscellaneous risks are recommended to you by others, you will be able to make a […]

  • My personal blog site love style


    This is my first time to write an article here. You can bypass it by yourself! PortalFrom last year’s domain name registration to the deployment of the server, the website has been running for more than 270 days. From the beginning of ignorance to now, I have learned a lot Domain name application:Baidu cloud Virtual […]

  • Data structure and algorithm (implemented by golang) (8.1) basic knowledge Preface


    Basic knowledge Learn data structures and algorithms. We need to know some basic knowledge. 1、 What is algorithm Algorithm (English)algorithm)This word is broad and profound in Chinese, indicating the method of calculating accounts, or the strategy of strategizing. In computer technology, what does it mean? A computer, as its name implies, is a machine for […]

  • My personal blog website — love style


    This is my first time to write an article here. You can bypass it by yourself! PortalFrom registering domain name to deploying server last year, the website has been running for more than 270 days. I have learned a lot from my ignorance at the beginning to my independent completion of front and back coding […]

  • How to realize Hanoi tower with Python


    Using animation to realize Hanoi Tower problem: import turtle class Stack: def __init__(self): self.items = [] def isEmpty(self): return len(self.items) == 0 def push(self, item): self.items.append(item) def pop(self): return self.items.pop() def peek(self): if not self.isEmpty(): return self.items[len(self.items) – 1] def size(self): return len(self.items) Def drawpole 3(): draw the poles of Hanoi Tower t = turtle.Turtle() […]