• Optimization of support vector machine (linear model) for machine learning


    Move the middle line parallel to both sides until it passes through one or several training sample points.We record the hyperplane as(W, b)。definition:1. Training data and labels (x_1, y_1) (x_2, y_2)… (x_n, y_n), whereX_iIs a vector, y_ I = + 1 or – 12. A training set is linearly separable Training set: {(x_i, y_i)}_ {i […]

  • Unityshader uses plane to turn over books


    This example shares the specific code of unityshader using plane to realize the book flipping effect for your reference. The specific contents are as follows I saw a shadr on the Internet that can realize the rotation effect, so I used it to realize a Book flipping effect. The solution is to display and hide […]

  • Weekly canvas animation – angle rebound


    Point canvas animation code file every week In the previous section, we introduced the advanced coordinate rotation method. We only need to know the position of the object. By setting the angular velocity of each frame, we can use the formula newX = x*cos – y*sin; newY = y*cos + x*sin; You can calculate the […]

  • Exploratory guide to service grid platform


    The transition to microservice faces a series of challenges. If we think that the architecture, design and development of microservices are very complex, so are the deployment and management of them. Developers need to ensure that cross service communication is secure. They also need to implement distributed tracing to tell how long each call takes. […]

  • Character coding (1)


    Recently, when I was reading a book, I suddenly got entangled in Unicode related character coding. I looked up some information and wrote this article. By the way, I took notes, hoping to help some people. If there is something wrong or incorrect in the article, please correct it. Unicode encoding Unicode is a symbol […]

  • Differences between service grid and API gateway


    In the microservice architecture, applications replace the rigidity and stability of call stack with the flexibility and chaos of network. Unrelated to the call stack, such as delay, interrupt retries, security and traceability have become the focus of service invocation. Service grid helps developers get away from these problems and focus on developing business solutions. […]

  • JavaScript graphic example: plane mosaic pattern


    Mosaic with one or several plane figures of the same shape and size, and lay them together without any gap or overlap, is called plane mosaic of these figures. 1. A planar mosaic pattern realized by a polygon We can use regular triangle, square or regular hexagon to realize plane mosaic. (1) Tile with a […]

  • Application of kubernetes multi cluster in open source project kubesphere


    Kubernetes multi cluster scenarios With the popularity of containers and the maturity of kubernetes, it is quite common for enterprises to run multiple kubernetes clusters. To sum up, the use scenarios of multiple clusters are mainly as follows. Multi cluster scenarios High availability The business load can be distributed on multiple clusters, and a global […]

  • Array of algorithms — the maximum number of points in a common line


    The maximum number of points on a line difficultydifficulty Given a two-dimensional plane, there are n points on the plane, find the maximum number of points on the same line. Example 1:Input: [[1,1],[2,2],[3,3]]Output: 3Explanation: Example 2:Input: [[1,1],[3,2],[5,3],[4,1],[2,3],[1,4]]Output: 4Explanation: thinking First, you need to make sure that two points are on a straight line – that […]

  • 22SiMn2TiB code


    22SiMn2TiB armor steel, code 616. It is a kind of martensite heat-resistant high-strength special steel. It has excellent gun resistance, strong destructive impact resistance, uniform and stable performance, good shape and surface quality. It has high comprehensive mechanical properties at high temperature. It is used to manufacture high temperature structural parts and protective devices. It […]

  • Apache rocketmq’s service mesh open source journey


    Author Ling Chu, Alibaba Development Engineer Reading guide: since the end of 19, the 4-month code review (pull request) of network filter supporting Apache rocketmq was officially incorporated into the CNCF enviy official Community (rocketmq proxy filter official document) this month, making rocketmq the second middleware product to successfully enter the official service mesh community […]

  • Lighting rendering — simulating lighting effect with canvas


    illumination We can see objects because light shines on them and then reflects back into our eyes. There are many influencing factors: the position of the observer, the position of the light source, the color of the light, the color of the surface of the object, the material and the roughness, etc. In the future, […]