• How can I find you with WinDbg?


    1: Background 1. Tell a story The day before yesterday, a friend on Wx threw me a dump to help me identify whether some sensitive information is encrypted in memory. Now data security is very important. Not only the information in the database needs to be encrypted, but also the data needs to be stored […]

  • The difference between HTTP and HTTPS


    After we enter a web address and press enter, the browser will automatically add a prefix of HTTP (s): to it. So what’s the difference between the two? HTTP HTTP full name hypertext transfer protocol, that is hypertext transfer protocol, browser and server communication is generally through the HTTP protocol. Features of HTTP website:When users […]

  • Cryptosystem


    Generally, a cryptosystem can have the following parts: Message space m (also known as plaintext space): the set of all possible plaintext M; Ciphertext space C: the set of all possible ciphertext C; Key space K: the set of all possible key K, in which each key K is composed of encryption key K and […]

  • Is it safe to encrypt before signing? After reading this article, you will understand!


    Absrtact: a rule is mentioned in many security specifications and articles: it is not safe to encrypt before signing, so we should sign before encrypting. What is the principle behind this rule? Is it not safe to encrypt before signing? This article answers for you one by one. Signature before encryption means to sign the […]

  • The attack of cryptosystem


    The methods of cryptanalyzers to decipher or attack passwords are mainly qiongju attack, statistical analysis and mathematical analysis. exhaustive attack Exhaustive attack is also called brute force attack. This attack is to traverse all possible keys to the intercepted ciphertext until an understandable transformation from ciphertext to plaintext is obtained; Or encrypt all possible plaintexts […]

  • Classification of cryptosystem


    According to the number of keys used by the cryptographic algorithm According to whether the key used by the encryption algorithm and the decryption algorithm is the same, or whether the decryption key can be derived from the encryption / decryption key simply, the cryptosystem can be divided into symmetric cipher, also known as single […]

  • The role of JDBC type in mybatis


    background See colleagues using JDBC type in code, I am very confused. knowledge This is for the security of the program. In some special cases, when the passed in parameter name is empty, the program will not have problems. When the name is empty, mybatis does not know what JDBC type to convert to. In […]

  • Statistical analysis of classical cryptography


    In the security analysis of ciphers, it is generally assumed that the cryptanalysis knows the cryptosystem, which is kerckhoffs hypothesis. Once the password system is established, it will be used for a long time, so it is very difficult to maintain its confidentiality. The key can be changed frequently, and the secret can be embedded […]

  • Permutation cipher


    Permutation cipher is also called transposition cipher. This kind of cipher changes the relative position of the elements of the plaintext message, but the value or content form of the plaintext message element itself remains unchanged; In the previous alternative cipher, it can be considered that the order of plaintext symbols is maintained, but they […]

  • Alternate password


    Substitution is a method of replacing a letter in plaintext with other letters, numbers or symbols. Substitution cipher is to set up a substitution table first. When encrypting, the plaintext that needs to be encrypted is replaced by corresponding characters by looking up the table. After plaintext characters are replaced one by one, a meaningless […]

  • Thorough understanding of windows authentication 1


    Thorough understanding of windows authentication 1、 Windows local authentication 1. Where is my password? Path: C:: (windows, system32, config, SAM) When we log in to the system, the system will automatically read the “password” in the SAM file and compare it with the “password” we entered. If it is the same, it proves that the […]

  • Block cipher and mode


    What is block cipher and mode We have talked about DES and AES algorithm, they can only encrypt a fixed length of plaintext each time, such a cryptographic algorithm is called block cipher. If we need to encrypt longer plaintext, we need to iterate the block cipher. The iterative method of block cipher is called […]