• CSS pixel and mobile terminal different screen adaptation problem


    Pay close attention to “learning front end seriously” Join us to study together and make progress every day This article starts with WeChat official account. pixel resolving power What we usually call the display resolution is actually the resolution set on the desktop, not the physical resolution of the display. But now LCD has become […]

  • Hand in hand to teach you how to pick up a girl


    Ha ha ha ha!!! When I said that when I was writing this article, my sister had caught up with me, ha ha ha!!! In fact, it was written a year ago. My sister has been chasing it for a long time. At that time, I used it to express myself. Without saying a word, […]

  • Take you to use Python to make four games with piggy page.


    The text and pictures of this article are from the Internet, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial use. The copyright belongs to the original author. If you have any questions, please contact us in time The following article comes from Tencent cloud Author: Python advanced (want to learn Python? Python […]

  • Simple implementation of solid background image matting in canvas


    Recently, in the process of studying HTML5 canvas, I found that canvas opened up a new way for the front-end image processing. Canvas can do many things, even something similar to Photoshop. I used to do similar work in a software company. Let’s take a look at the software I developed before This is the […]

  • Fashion dataset training


    Download dataset There are 70000 28 * 28 pixel gray images and labels in the fashion dataset, covering ten categories: T-shirt, pants, pullover, dress, coat, sandals, shirt, sports shoes, bag and boot. 60000 of them were used for training and 10000 for testing.   import tensorflow as tf from tensorflow import keras from matplotlib import […]

  • Training of cifar10 dataset


    Download dataset The cifar10 dataset contains 60000 32 * 32 pixel color images and tags, covering ten categories: aircraft, automobile, bird, cat, deer, dog, frog, horse, boat and truck. Fifty thousand of them were for training and ten thousand for testing.   import tensorflow as tf from tensorflow import keras from matplotlib import pyplot as […]

  • Basic knowledge of canvas


    1、 Basic knowledge of canvas: 1. Basic knowledge Code examples var canvas = document.getElementById (‘canvas’) // gets the canvas element context = canvas.getContext (‘2d ‘); // get the drawing environment, indicating 2D //1. Basic knowledge context.fillStyle=’rgb(0,255,0)’; context.fillRect(0,0,200,200); 2. Lines context.lineWidth =5; // line width context.beginPath(); context.moveTo(40,40); context.lineTo(340,40); context.closePath(); context.stroke (); // draw outline 3. Round […]

  • Pyqt5 drawing board


    Pyqt5 drawing board Main technology PyQt5 qtDesigner openCV major function painting paint brush Paint bucket straight line rectangle ellipse eraser Image processing Rotate and flip Brightness, saturation, contrast and tone adjustment Graying Binarization Reverse phase relief edge detection vague sharpening Detailed code GitHub warehouse Problems encountered in the implementation process Using qtdesigner on pychar Configure […]

  • JavaScript animation example: particle text


    1. Implementation principle of particle text The implementation principle of particle text is: using two canvass, one is the user can not see canvas1, which is used to draw text; the other is the user can see canvas2, which is used to generate particles according to the text data drawn in canvas1. First, in canvas1, […]

  • Canvas – play with every pixel – filter


    Please refer to my GitHub blog > > for the original text preface Contact canvas should be in the last half year to do product plan, think for a long time, but at that time every day tired like a dog, weekend also have classes. The summary of experience is basically recorded in the notebook, […]

  • 56. QT – Seamless scrolling of subtitles


    1. Description Recently, we want to implement a scrollbar subtitle, but the series of articles we found use the timer qtimer to intercept and display the text at a fixed time. In this way, the scrolling is actually intermittent, because it is actually implemented by character displacement, but it is convenient to implement Therefore, only […]

  • Image image flipping by canvas (two ways)


    Image flipping by canvas 1. Flip through canvas method Var img = new image(); // this is the DOM object of img tag img.src = ‘./sy.png’; img.onload = function () { //This method is executed after the image is loaded ctx.drawImage(img, posx, posy, 210, 80); }; play.addEventListener(‘click’, function () { ctx.clearRect (0, 0, canvas.width , […]