• Opencv get image properties


    shape Shape can obtain the shape of the image and return tuples containing the number of rows, columns and channels.Grayscale: returns the number of rows and columnsColor: returns the number of rows, columns, and channelseg: import cv2 import cv2 Number of pixels Size can get the number of pixels of the imageGrayscale: Return: number of […]

  • Mean filtering


    Mean filtering The pixel value of any point is the average of the surrounding n x N pixel valuesExample: new pixel value of red dot = sum of pixels in blue background area divided by 25New pixel values for red dots=((197 + 25 +106 +156 +159)+(149 + 40 + 107 + 5 + 71) + […]

  • Solve the problem of fuzzy canvas drawing


    Canvas painting often finds that he is fuzzy. There are two main ways to solve this problem. Change the pixels rendered by canvas Situation: the line drawn with 1 pixel looks blurred, as if it is wider.Solution var ctx = canvas.getContext(‘2d’); ctx.translate(0.5, 0.5); Principle: we all know that the smallest unit of the screen is […]

  • Microsoft MVP featured windows cool special effects, which will be read after reading


    Are you used to seeing the same rectangular windows on windows? Want to do some different special effects, but you can only play within your own window? This article will take you to make a realistic sunshine special effect, which can really illuminate other windows and pictures on your desktop, and bring a different special […]

  • Online web page / website screenshot / screenshot / snapshot API interface


    Tool address:https://www.screenshotmaster….Document address:https://www.screenshotmaster…. Introduction: Web screenshots masters use real chrome browsers to capture perfect screenshots of pixels. Our core services are hosted on Alibaba cloud and Tencent cloud, and the API is naturally distributed and highly available. startYou can use get or post to send a web page screenshot request to the following entry. https://api.screenshotmaster….exampleIf […]

  • Android smart refresh framework smartrefreshlayout


    Android smart refresh framework smartrefreshlayout Smartrefreshlayout is a “smart” or “smart” drop-down refresh layout. Because of its “intelligence”, it supports not only all views, but also multi-layer nested view structures. It inherits from ViewGroup instead of FrameLayout or LinearLayout, which improves performance.Add dependencyImplementation ‘com. Scwang. Smart: refresh layout kernel: 2.0.3’ / / the core must […]

  • Enhancement of gray image with numpy, open CV


    By kavya mustyCompile FlinSource | medium We often scan paper to convert them into images. We have a variety of tools to enhance these images online, make them brighter, and eliminate shadows in these images. What if we can remove the shadow manually? We can load any image into our code as a grayscale image […]

  • Front end interview CSS series – mobile terminal 1px pixel problem


    Basic concepts Device pixel English device pixels, abbreviated asDPSometimes called “physical pixels”.Device pixel is a unit that we describe electronic products and other physical objects; For example, we say that the camera is 3000W pixels, the mobile phone is 100 million pixels, and the TV is 4K.When we describe the screen resolution of electronic equipment […]

  • Android scratch effect – proterduffxfermode


    Android scratch effect – proterduffxfermode Let’s see the effect This scenario mainly simulates the winning effect of scratch music in some of our apps, which is mainly realized by using the proterduffxfermode class of Android. proterDuffXfermode When drawing with canvas in Android, you can use porterduffxfermode to mix the pixels of the drawn graphics with […]

  • NVIDIA | an AI image technology for reconstructing photos


    Brief comment: maybe it can be called “rub music” ~ I suggest you take a look at the video examples~ A few days ago, NVIDIA researchers introduced a new depth learning method, which can reconstruct the image content of missing pixels. This method is called “image inpainting”, which can remove unwanted content in image editing […]

  • Responsive solutions


    1. Media query and REM Use media query to set the font size of HTML, and additionally use REM to set the font size. VW, VH set the element width and height, and the conversion of REM is PX / font size. <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″> <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” […]

  • flutter_ Get screen information


    1. The information on the screen can only be placed under the build method, and it needs to be in the home part of materialapp. For specific error reports, you can click in to see the source code introduction var dome = MediaQuery.of(context).size; Print (‘total screen width ${domain. Width} ‘); Print (‘total screen height ${dome. […]