• Some torture pits in yii2 frame


    Gossip It’s been a year since I last wrote a blog. Before writing, always with a deep sense of guilt. Tortured by it for a long time, finally, I did it. One thing to celebrate: I started working out recently. 45 minutes of dynamic cycling and 45 minutes of swimming every day are really cool […]

  • Start the journey of segmentfault


    Today is the first day to record my pit experience. It has been Java back-end development before, but after real work, it began to contact the big data processing aspect of Flink. There have been many small pits developed by Flink before, but they have not been recorded, so now I am ready to fully […]

  • Summary of 7 pit avoidance cases using react


    catalogue 1. Bloated components 2. Change state directly 3. Props passed the value of numeric type, but passed the string, and vice versa 4. No key is used in the list component 5. Setstate is an asynchronous operation 6. Frequent use of Redux 7. Components are not named with capital letters Later words React is […]

  • Some pits in mongodb (better not to use)


    Mongodb is the most popular NoSQL document database at present. It provides some excellent features, such as automatic failover mechanism, automatic sharding, schemaless without mode. In most cases, its performance is also very good. However, mint encountered many problems in its in-depth use of mongodb. Here are a few of the pits we encountered. Special […]

  • Some “pits” encountered when slice is passed as a parameter in Go language


    Preface I believe that seeing this topic may be considered a commonplace topic. It has always been possible to understand a variety of situations by grasping a “value transfer”, but recently encountered a deeper “small hole” to share with you. First of all, let’s start with the simplest one. Look at the following code: func […]

  • Concurrent request sending HttpWebRequest pit resolution in. net core


    In framework, a large number of concurrent HttpWebRequest needs to set a maximum number of connections ServicePointManager.DefaultConnectionLimit = 200; However, it is invalid in. net core because core does not use ServicePoint Manager to manage the number of connections. In core, only HttpClient and HttpCilentFactory are used to manage the number of connections. If using […]