• Introduction to Python office 7: xlwt


    Steps to write xlwt to excel Create Workbook Create worksheet Populate sheet contents Save file 1 import xlwt 2 3 # create Workbook 4 wb=xlwt.Workbook() 5 # create worksheet 6 ws=wb.add_sheet(“CNY”) 7 # fill data (merge cells) 8 ws.write_ Merge (0,1,0,5, “2019 currency exchange table”) 9 # write currency data 10 data=((1,1,1,1,1,1),(2,2,2,2,2,2)) 11 12 for […]

  • Developing a third-party plug-in for Vue with typescript (1)


    Write a Vue specific plug-in based on the micro front-end Qiankun The purpose of this project is to write a Vue specific plug-in based on Qiankun, a micro front-end framework, to facilitate its use in Vue projects. At first, I wanted to write in JS. But now we are developing a third-party class library, so […]

  • Fluent news client – 01 demand analysis, using blue lake annotation tool, project directory construction


    Station B video https://www.bilibili.com/vide… Objectives of this section requirement analysis Use the blue lake platform as a dimensioning tool Building the flutter project 1. Requirements description 1.1 style sheet colour assembly Icon 1.2 sorting page + component list page name Number of components Welcome page 3 Landing page 3 home page 6 Search page 4 […]

  • Go one library a day, colly


    brief introduction collyIt is a powerful crawler framework written in go language. It provides a concise API, has strong performance, can automatically process Cookies & sessions, and provides a flexible extension mechanism. First, let’s introducecollyBasic concepts of. Then introduce it through several casescollyUsage and characteristics of:Pull GitHub treading, pull Baidu novel hot list, and download […]

  • Parsing Android project loading fillet image and slideapp loading network image


      Demonstration effect      Core code Ordinary picture GlideApp.with(this) .load(“https://www.baidu.com/img/bd_logo.png”) .into(mImageView);  Circular picture GlideApp.with(this) .load(“https://www.baidu.com/img/bd_logo.png”) .circleCrop() .into(mImageView); Fillet picture GlideApp.with(this) .load(“https://www.baidu.com/img/bd_logo.png”) .transform(new RoundedCorners((int) TypedValue.applyDimension(TypedValue.COMPLEX_UNIT_DIP, 20, getResources().getDisplayMetrics()))) .into(mImageView);   Reference dependency    build.gradle //Picture loading frame: https://github.com/bumptech/glide //Official documents: https://muyangmin.github.io/glide-docs-cn/ implementation ‘com.github.bumptech.glide:glide:4.12.0’ annotationProcessor ‘com.github.bumptech.glide:compiler:4.12.0’ ⭐ Since the above loaded pictures are network pictures, the network request […]

  • Front end screenshot implementation


    preface Demand background: Goal: turn the page content into pictures and share them Persistence: no server-side storage is required Client capability: independent of client capability Use pupeteer to do screenshot service advantage: The front end is easy to use, just call the interface The sharing page can be separated from the content of the page […]

  • Using react hooks to realize graphite like picture preview plug-in (giant detail)


    preface In recent work, we need to make a picture preview plug-in. After referring to the picture preview of many products (nuggets, Zhihu, Jianshu, graphite, etc.), we finally feel that the graphite is more in line with our product needs. Originally, I thought I could find relevant plug-ins in the community, but the idea was […]

  • On the “JS Crawler” from online blog to PDF e-book


    Recently, I was reading the source code analysis blog written by a big man. It’s not very interesting to watch it on the mobile phone during commuting, but there is no network card on the tablet, so I wanted to make an offline PDF version to facilitate learning and reading during commuting time. So here […]

  • Online picture to Base64 tool


    Online picture to Base64 tool Online picture to Base64 tool This tool supports converting pictures to Base64 encoding or restoring Base64 encoding to picture files, which is convenient and fast. The data is only calculated and processed on the client and will not be uploaded to the network server. Please rest assured. At present, this […]

  • Solution: disable the symbol with the mouse. The red disable symbol is not displayed


    Usually, cursor: no drop or cursor: not allowed is used. I checked a lot of information and said that it will automatically give the disabled symbol set as the red border. Later, I did my own experiments and found that all the disabled icons are gray and white, including JD: What should I do if […]

  • Creative game programming lesson 2 keyboard controls the movement of birds


    demonstration: Video presentation get ready: 1. Follow Dali’s log, download the editor or directly use the online editor 2. Download pictures 3. Start 3.1 load pictures and create canvas function preload() { img = loadImage(‘bird.png’); } function setup() {createCanvas(400,400);// Create a 400 * 400 canvas }3.2 create background and draw bird picturesvar x=0,y=0;// Bird coordinates […]

  • Talk about how to extract the theme color of the picture from the background of Netease cloud music


    Netease cloud Netease cloud music must be a familiar app. After all, everyone will be late at nightthe NetEase’s cloud musicI’m kidding. I found an interesting special effect when listening to songs on Netease cloud recently: When switching songs, the background color will be replaced according to the current cover. As a senior cut figure, […]