• Mac & Linux preview pictures on the command line


    This article is included in my blog at https://kirio.vip/2019/11/18/ Preface Preview picture in view in [MAC / Linux] command line Install pip install imgcat Usage shell imgcat ZPepx5YtlY3a6nG3waau0Kk4YqWEK.jpg code Show

  • CSS fonts (such as font awesome) cannot be displayed correctly after using subdomain names


    Symptom In the case of normal display, JS, CSS and picture files are changed to subdomain for access, which is convenient for CDN acceleration. After switching, everything is normal, but the pictures of font awesome are not displayed correctly. All the frames are displayed Reason Because of the browser’s security rules, although it is a […]

  • Flex layout tutorial: Syntax


    Content quoted from teacher Ruan Yifeng’s blog Picture content address (https://www.readingblog.cn/bl

  • Atom writes markdown and downloads atom plug-ins locally


    If you’ve used sublime, you’ll love it ATtom 。 There are many similarities between the two operation skills and plug-ins, but they are written in different languages. Atom introduction In the field of web development, the update of editor is very fast. The last editor that makes the web development field a sensation is sublime […]

  • Size the markdown image!


    For markdown articles, the processing of images is very simple. But when it’s converted to HTML,<img />Size without picture. So what’s the problem? When the browser does not load the image data, the browser does not know its sizeSo, the default size is 0 unless you passstyleSize setLater, when the image is loaded and the […]

  • ES6 image switching effect


    Design sketch demo.html Document <span style=”background-color: #f5f5f5; color: #000000;”> F5f5f5; color: × 000000; “> front end < / span > < span style =” background color: × f5f5; color: × 000000; “>”</span><span style=”background-color: #f5f5f5; color: #000000;”>, </span><span style=”background-color: #f5f5f5; color: #000000;”>”</span><span style=”background-color: #f5f5f5; color: #000000;”>jquery</span><span style=”background-color: #f5f5f5; color: #000000;”>”</span><span style=”background-color: #f5f5f5; color: #000000;”>, </span><span style=”background-color: […]

  • How do computer pictures use drawing tools to make desktop icons?


    To make desktop icons, we can use drawing tools to make them in the world. Let’s take a look at the tutorial of making desktop icons from computer pictures. 1. First of all, weRight clickA picture used to make an icon. ChoiceOpen modeUseDrawing with computerOpen. 2. Click thefile, mouse overSave asChooseBMP pictures。 3、Select Save LocationIt’s […]

  • Read the assets module of zepto source code


    assetsThe module is to solve the problem that Safari mobile version crashes when loading too many pictures. Because I haven’t dealt with such a scenario, the code in this part won’t be explained too much. To illustrate this problem, I translated the article how to work around the mobile Safari image resource limit as an […]

  • Wechat applet generating Poster Canvas text wrapping


    Sharing in wechat applets, the official website only provides the ability to share to friends and group chat, not the API to share to the circle of friends. Therefore, the common way to share the applet to the circle of friends is to generate a dynamic poster with canvas, paste a picture of the applet […]

  • Vue uses clipper.js to capture pictures and compress them


    1. This compression method is to obtain the image and then compress it after intercepting it ` <template> <div class=”cropper-page”> <slot> < button @ Click = “Upload” > upload picture < / button > </slot> <div id=”demo”> <! — mask layer — > <div class=”container” v-show=”panel”> <div class=”cropper-box”> <img id=”image” :src=”url”> </div> <div class=”bottom-btn-box”> < […]

  • Vue realizes network picture waterfall flow + pull-down refresh + pull-up load more


    1、 Thought analysis and effect drawing Use Vue to achieve a waterfall flow effect, load network pictures, and have more function effects of pull-down refresh and pull-up load. Then aiming at the realization of these effects, the following ideas are put forward: According to the order of loading data, label display effect is added successively; […]

  • Vue + apicloud + clipper.js completes uploading + clipping + compressing pictures


    Go straight to the code, many of them have comments Idea: use apiclound to pull up the camera and album first, then get the picture, according to the width(targetWidthThis parameter) is used to compress and use clipper.js to cut the compressed image.Finally, get the server that the cut image is uploaded, get the address returned […]