• Software and plug-ins


    Software & plug-ins 1. Front end development 1.vscode Relatively “light” (free, no need to crack) 2.webstrom Compared with vscode, it is “heavy” (charged, need to be cracked) 2. Back end development Idea (need to be cracked) 3. Database DataGrid needs to be cracked. See the picture for the supported libraries 4. Reinstall the system software […]

  • Safe dog file upload bypass


    Website security dog (WAF) file upload is restricted to the vulnerability protection sub module under the website protection module   The file types appearing in the above list will be blocked by WAF when uploading, but not all file types are added with detection rules by default, such as picture files (. JPG). Because it […]

  • Found a problem that postman automatically generates interface calling code


    Postman is an interface testing and verification tool often used by programmers. Click the button below in postman to see the implementation code in different programming languages corresponding to the interface call in code snippet. For example, automatically generate the corresponding jQuery Code: However, I found that these automatically generated codes can not be directly […]

  • The web page table or div layer is expanded in the web page


    When we design web pages, we will always encounter some unpleasant things. The most common thing is to find that the displayed pages are opened after adding content in the background, resulting in extremely unsightly web pages. In the past, we basically designed forms. Naturally, there are many solutions for forms on the Internet. Now […]

  • Glide lifecycle management


    Glide lifecycle management 1. Glide features Easy to use High configurability and high adaptability Support common image formats (jpg, PNG, GIF, webp) Support multiple data sources (network, local, resources, assets, etc.) Efficient caching strategy (memory and disk image caching are supported, and rgb_565 is adopted as the default bitmap format, with small memory) Lifecycle integration […]

  • Share a business card design website based on node


    My current job is UI design, but I also like to understand and learn front-end technology in my work. This is a small website and a personal project developed after I started learning node last year. This project is done while learning. It also has half a year intermittently. During this period, new functions are […]

  • Java image compression tool class (specify compression size)


    Reprint:Java image compression tool class (specify compression size) – a post-90s program ape – blog Garden (cnblogs. Com) 1: Import dependency first <!– Thumbnail image processing — > <dependency> <groupId>net.coobird</groupId> <artifactId>thumbnailator</artifactId> <version>0.4.8</version> </dependency> 2: Create tool class — > picutils import net.coobird.thumbnailator.Thumbnails; import org.slf4j.Logger; import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory; import java.io.ByteArrayInputStream; import java.io.ByteArrayOutputStream; /** * @PROJECT_NAME: water_chivalry * […]

  • Hyperlink icon specification: improve the readability of articles


    1. What is the hyperlink icon specificationThe hyperlink icon specification is modified and adjusted according to the icon textlinks with CSS. The main thing is to reduce the number of requests to integrate some images into a common image server. Through this set of CSS framework, add Icon identification to the type of linked file. […]

  • Daily Note 1: intercept the text content in the rich text editor


    Series articles: Daily Note 1: intercept the text content in the rich text editor Daily Note 2: get pictures in rich text editor Daily Note 3: upload Base64 pictures to local /** *@ param $STR content *@ param $len length *@ param string $suffix * @return string|string[] */ public function cut_str($str, $len, $suffix = “…”) […]

  • JS time control date multi selection


    In the process of development, time is always inevitable. Here I share my commonly used JS time control and a solution to a problem layDate Official document address: https://www.layui.com/laydate/ Picture: Case code: Using laydate standalone //Execute a laydate instance laydate.render({ Elem: ‘#test1’ // specify the element }); Almost all common needs can be found here, […]

  • Android studio image compression tool imgcompressplugin


    https://gitee.com/Li_Shuaihua/ImgCompressPlugin/#/Li_Shuaihua/ImgCompressPlugin/blob/master/README-zh-rCN.mdTinypng is integrated in the project. 500 free keys can be used in turn, which is very convenientHowiver, I’ve found that I always report errors recently Caused by: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: PKIX path building failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target Seeing the official website, after 2016, it is no longer maintained […]

  • HTML web page picture tag


    Insert picture marker < img >The colorful web pages we see today are all due to the role of images. When you think about the past, all the web pages in the network are plain text, which is very boring. You know the importance of images in web design. Images can be inserted into HTML […]