• Full analysis of performance optimization in IOS development


    There are many articles on the Internet that optimize the performance of IOS. After reading them, I got a lot of inspiration. Let’s summarize them here and add some of my own insights for future memories. If you happen to be able to help with the subsequent reading at a certain point, you’d better not […]

  • Yywebimage, sdwebimage and pinremote image comparison


    Yywebimage, sdwebimage and pinremote image comparison Common characteristics Download remote pictures with category API. Picture cache Picture decoding in advance Other Picture frame comparison Image post processing According to the following comparison, we can see that in terms of image post-processing, pinremote Image > yywebimage > sdwebimage YYWebImage: Post processing without tags is supported. /** […]

  • AI = > a simple comparison between Python and tersorflow 2.0


    Preface Currently, some model APIs have not been migrated to tf20. Eg: CRF, seq2seq, etcIf the TF10 is returned, there are some injuries.It’s better to go to torch.Most of the ideas of Python are similar to those of tf20. As for the installation, GPU I said earlier that tf20. I won’t repeat it here.Official file […]

  • 00. Bui development and playing Android App course outline


    This set of video teaching is an advanced course of bui. We use the bui framework to develop an android app, and use Wan Android to develop the real API exposed to us Bui development and playing Android App directory 00. Syllabus 01. Course Introduction 02. Construction of project framework 03. Use GitHub to manage […]

  • How to realize the function of click picture amplification in wechat applet


    This article mainly introduces how to realize the function of click image amplification in wechat applet. The example code is introduced in detail in this article, which has certain reference value for your study or work. You can refer to the following for your friends WXML: <view class=’imgList’> <view class=’imgList-li’ wx:for='{{imgArr}}’> <image class=’img’ src='{{item}}’ data-src='{{item}}’ […]

  • Crawler series – grabbing and crawling pictures and source code


    @[toc] 1. Learning teachers’ cloud development can add teachers’ wechat: jl1714873054 to obtain courses. 2.0 basic introduction wechat applet can add teacher wechat: jl1714873054 to get the course.3. Wechat applet advanced knowledge can be learned by adding teacher wechat: jl1714873054.4. For basic learning of C language 0, you can add the teacher’s wechat: jl1714873054 to […]

  • Manual for writage, a powerful word plug-in


    Witage user manual The markdown offline editor I have always wanted has the following function: when I copy a picture to the clipboard elsewhere, I go back to the markdown editor, just press Ctrl + V,The picture comes naturally. Specifically, create a folder under the same path of the current markdown file,The pictures are automatically […]

  • Front end data structure


    Before I started, I made a brain map of front-end engineers when I wrote the learning record on my blog At that time, I was still a new kid who didn’t even learn the data structure. Now I have not only learned the data structure of C language version (I feel that I have gained […]

  • Front end performance optimization


    Image optimization Request optimization ◎◎◎ HTTP21. Server push2. Multiplexing of requests and responses3. Binary framing layer (I don’t understand)4. Header compression A lazy loadprinciple:When scrolling out distance (scrolltop) + browser window height > target graph height from top of page, change false link to true linkReason:1. Too many pictures are loaded on the page. The […]

  • Atom edit markdown image upload


    Because I’m interested in markdown, I’ve been looking for a localized markdown editor. I’ve used vscode and cmdmarkdown successively, but also abandoned because of various problems. My requirements for the markdown editor are as follows: Support basic markdown syntax Able to upload pictures automatically The preview effect is beautiful, which is subjective. First, let’s talk […]

  • Promising, hypertextview (v3.2.1)


    Hi, developer, to see the newSuperTextViewNow! 💡 all of the above demonstrations were conducted bySuperTextViewStrong drive support. SuperTextViewThe difference is that it’s just a simple control element, but not just a control. It is flexible and changeable, with powerful embedded logic, providing you with rich and colorful but extremely simple development support. SuperTextViewSave you from […]

  • AI image basics-02


    Catalog Image coordinate system Image digitization Image coordinate system In the previous data annotation article, we talked about how to annotate, and four coordinate points will be retained after annotation, so how do these coordinate points represent the position in the picture? To represent the position of a point or figure, we need to involve […]