• How to add or delete phrases in MacOS Big Sur system?


    How do I delete the phrases on bigsur? How to delete unnecessary phrases from bigsur? Now let’s take a look at the tips for deleting infrequent phrases in MAC osbigsur. If there is a phrase on the Mac, click apple. Click on the apple menuSystem Preferences, as follows. clickSystem preference keyboard, as follows. clickKeyboard built-in […]

  • Starting with the encoder decoder model, this paper explores the solution of context offset


    Summary:In this paper, we show class, an end-to-end context ASR model composed of all neural networks, which fuses context information by mapping all context phrases. In the experimental evaluation, we found that the proposed clas model exceeded the standard shallow fusion bias method. This article is shared from Huawei cloud community《How to solve the context […]

  • Based on the full-text retrieval features of gaussdb (DWS), let’s have a look?


    abstract: full text retrieval is a widely used feature in the Internet scene, which can be used in search engine, website search, e-commerce search and other scenes. Gaussdb (DWS) also supports full-text retrieval function, which is based on gin index. Let’s introduce the full-text retrieval function of gaussdb (DWS) in detail. The function of full-text […]

  • The phpMyAdmin configuration file now requires a phrase password solution


    The new version of phpMyAdmin enhances security and requires a phrase password to be set in the configuration file. Otherwise, after entering, there will be “the profile needs a phrase password now.” Red exclamation. resolvent: 1. Set phpMyAdmin / libraries/ config.default.php Medium $cfg[‘blowfish_ Secret ‘] =’; change to $CFG [‘blowfish ‘_ Secret ‘] =’123456’; (Note: […]

  • Timestamp in [. Net] [C #] C ා


    UNIX timestamp, or UNIX time or POSIX time, is a kind of time representation, which is defined asGreenwich mean timeThe total number of seconds since 0:00:00, January 1, 1970 (8:00:00, Beijing time, January 1, 1970). 1tick in C ා is 100 nanoseconds (NS) 1 second (s) = 1000 ms 1 millisecond (MS) = 1000 microseconds […]

  • Exploration and practice of NER technology in meituan search


    1. Background Named entity recognition (NER), also known as “proper name recognition”, refers to the identification of entities with specific meaning in the text, mainly including person name, place name, organization name, proper name, etc. Ner is an important basic tool in information extraction, question answering system, syntactic analysis, machine translation, metadata annotation for semantic […]

  • An introduction to natural language processing 12. Dependency parsing — extracting user comments


    The notes are reproduced in GitHub project:https://github.com/NLP-LOVE/Introduction-NLP 12. Dependency parsing Grammatical analysisSyntactic parsing is an important task in natural language processing. Its goal is to analyze the syntactic structure of a sentence and express it as an easily understood structure (usually a tree structure). At the same time, syntax analysis is a more advanced and […]

  • Extracting business keywords from requirement documents


    background To be an automatic tool which can locate the system fault, we need to use it in the development processReptilesGet the bug description of the company’s test platform, as well as the crawler for code fault analysis on sonar. Through the obtained data, the system fault can be located, analyzed and classified. Because it […]

  • Copy and paste from the clipboard using electron


    Copy and paste from the clipboard using electron The application examples of this series of articles have been published in GitHub: electron API demos zh_ Cn. You can clone or download it to view. Welcome to star clipboardThe module provides methods to perform copy and paste operations This module also has a method to copy […]