• PHP is commonly known as waf webshell and the simplest way to detect it


    preface Webshell before killing the ️ left a hole in the new way of thinking, did not find a way to find all the specific variables, then find a print by learning all quantity method, and learned again under PHP Webshell bypass the WAF method, in order to verify this method is reasonable. If there […]

  • Nginx Tips: Php Uploading Progress Bar – 0000


    This article is a reminder to install Nginx+PHP under Linux and test the file upload progress module. Runtime Environment Operating system: Ubuntu 13.10 64bit (VMWare, hosted by Windows 7 Ultimate)CPU: 1 x 2 core(i5)Mem: 3048MHD: 100G Install Nginx Before installing Nginx, you need to know how to run Terminal in Unity. The following commands are […]

  • Definition and usage of dependency injection in classic PHP design patterns


    This article illustrates the definition and use of dependency injection in classic PHP design patterns. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The essence of dependency injection is to take a classImpossible to replaceandReplaceable partsIt is separated and used through injection to achieve decoupling. A database connection class: class Mysql{ private $host; private […]

  • Live software source development price gap as much as ten times


    When many entrepreneurs want to find an outsourcing service provider to do the development of APP and small programs, they often meet the same development needs. Some of them report 50,000 yuan, some 150,000 yuan, some 5,000 yuan, and some hundreds of thousands of yuan. I don’t know why.Many clients who ask us to do […]

  • Install fileinfo extensions to PHP7.0 on CentOs


    Because the construction of the project is in a preliminary stage, it is inevitable that a series of problems occurred due to the immaturity of the environment. In the procedure of file operation, an error of lack of expansion was reported, which has been solved Have a look at the instructions given official, http://php.net/manual/zh/book… Solving […]

  • Swoole 4.4: support CURL co-program


    in4.4In the previous version,SwooleNever supportedCURLCo-program, not available in codecurl. Due to thecurlUsing thelibcurlLibrary implementation, not directlyhookIt’ssocket,4.4Version USESSwoole\Coroutine\Http\ClientThe simulation is donecurltheAPI, and replaced at the bottomcurl_initFunctions such asC Handler。 prompt CURL HookIs still in the experimental stage, please do not use directly in the production environment File upload is temporarily not supported.CURL Multi Still dependentcurl, please […]

  • Docker deployment Laravel application – basic application


    Versions. This article USES the basic mirror of PHP:php:7.3-apache Laravel version of this article is as follows:laravel:5.8.* 1. Prepare our Laravel application # run the mix command to package js, CSS, img files, and omit this step if you don’t use mix npm install npm run production Install the dependencies in composer. Lock composer install […]

  • PHP interface example, API SMS channel


    kewailInterface SMS platform provides complete status query,Support status interface SMS API to push detailed online interface documents,Check it at any time, update the standard HTTP interface constantly,Multiple language examples are provided Support for multiple return formats JSON/XML// Works well with php5.3and php5.6.namespace KewailSms;class SmsSenderUtil {functiongetRandom() {return rand(100000, 999999);}functioncalculateSig($secretkey, $random, $curTime, $phoneNumbers){$phoneNumbersString = $phoneNumbers[0];for ($i = […]

  • Nginx tips: PHP uploading progress bar – 0001


    The official progress support of PHP is not applicable to nginx + PHP via fastcgi. For related articles, please refer to using session to track the upload progress. The last warning of this article indicates that nginx will handle the upload by itself, while PHP can only get one final result and cannot track the […]

  • The difference between self and static in PHP object-oriented programming


    This paper introduces the difference between self and static in PHP object-oriented programming. To share with you for your reference, as follows: 1. Suppose we have a car class, which has two methods:model()andgetModel()。 class Car{ public function model(){ //Here we use the keyword self self::getModel(); } protected function getModel(){ echo ‘I am car’; } } […]

  • PHP — touch your hand, and teach you a command line tool 1 that will automatically complete


    Preface When using symfony, some keywords will be prompted automatically when using the command line. introduce With the popularity of laravel, symfony and other frameworks, command-line tools are becoming more and more popular, but many times there are too many commands to remember all the parameters at all, or the input of parameters is too […]

  • 2019 write up


    Preface Liver a day, finally hit the third, record.It’s really a good dish~~~~ Reverse baby_reverse The encryption function is as follows int __fastcall encode(const char *a1, __int64 a2) { char v3[32]; // [rsp+10h] [rbp-70h] char v4[32]; // [rsp+30h] [rbp-50h] char v5[36]; // [rsp+50h] [rbp-30h] int v6; // [rsp+74h] [rbp-Ch] int v7; // [rsp+78h] [rbp-8h] int […]