• Swoole v4.7.0 is officially released, Swoole official website supports running Swoole code directly


    existSwooleThe official website has increasedrun onlinebutton, you can directly run some sample code provided on the home page, of course, you can also manually output somePHPcode for testing. You can visit the homepage of Swoole official website for testing:https://www.swoole.com/ It is still in the testing stage, there areBUGYou can give feedback to the customer service […]

  • The solution to the problem that ueditor cannot upload pictures


    When uploading a picture, an upload error is displayed. The problem should be solved by doing the following: In the getFullName() function of the common/widgets/ueditor/Uploader.php file, Modify the behavior of $randNum $randNum=rand(1, 9999) . rand(1, 999);

  • Interpretation of usage and implementation principle of rule engine RulerZ


    Interpretation of usage and implementation principle of rule engine RulerZ Not much nonsense, the official address of rulerz is: https://github.com/K-Phoen/ru… Note that in this example, only ordinary arrays are used as an example for analysis 1 Introduction RulerZ is a composer dependency package implemented in php, which aims to implement a data filtering rule engine. […]

  • fastposter v2.9.2 minimalist poster generator


    fastposter v2.9.2 Programmer must-have poster generatorThe fastposter poster generator is a tool for quickly developing posters. Just upload a background image and place components (text, picture, 2D, avatar) in the corresponding position to generate a poster. Click the code to directly generate calling codes in various languages, which is convenient for rapid development.It has served […]

  • Modernized personal blog system ModStartBlog v5.4.0 login interface revision, new contact information


    System Introduction ModStart is a modular and extremely fast development framework based on Laravel. The module market has a wealth of functional applications and supports one-click quick installation in the background, allowing developers to quickly realize business function development. The system is completely open source, based on the Apache 2.0 open source protocol.FeaturesAbundant module market, […]

  • Hyperf version 2.2 released! | An enterprise-level progressive PHP coroutine framework


    foreword First of all, I would like to thank all Hyperf supporters. In the two years since its release, we have insisted on releasing a small version every week. Up to now, we have released more than 106 versions. This is the most direct way for the Hyperf team to convey the spirit of persistence […]

  • Lumen microservices generate Swagger documentation


    As a phper, when using the Lumen framework to develop microservices, the writing of API documents is always indispensable. The more popular way is to use swagger to write API documents, but unlike the Java language that natively supports annotations, php can only be maintained separately A swagger document, or add annotations in comments to […]

  • Laravel Octane 1.0 is officially released


    Introduction Laravel Octane enhances the performance of your application by serving it with a powerful application server (Swoole and RoadRunner). Octane bootstraps your application once, keeps it in memory, and then serves requests at supersonic speed. official address Install Octane can be installed via the Composer package manager: composer require laravel/octane InstallOctaneAfterwards, you can executeoctane:installArtisan […]

  • Getting started with php memcache consistent hash


    Consistent hash is easy to understand step by step:Deploy the server node and key node according to the Crc32 function.Simple sorting onto the ring. For example, four servers can be ideally distributed in four positions at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock.Then according to the crc32 value of the key, find the server node closest […]

  • Yii reversible encryption and decryption


    Generate random numbers Method: generateRandomString usage: $key = Yii::$app->security->generateRandomString(); encryption Method: encryptByPassword usage: $password_hash = Yii::$app->getSecurity()->encryptByPassword($password, $key) Parameter Description: parameter type Remark $password string password to encrypt $key string Salt set by yourself decrypt Method: decryptByPassword usage: $data = Yii::$app->getSecurity()->decryptByPassword($password_hash, $key); Parameter Description parameter type Remark $password_hash string content to decrypt $key string Salt set […]

  • MyCms self-media mall v3.6 released, compatible with Microengine application development (Laravel framework)


    MyCms is an open source and free self-media CMS + mall system based on Laravel, which helps developers realize their knowledge and skills. MyCms is released based on the Apache2.0 open source protocol,Free and commercially available, welcome to continue to pay attention to us. v3.6 update content Focus: Compatible with microengine developmentAdded: operation after background […]

  • PhpStorm configuration Xdebug debugging


    Install xdebug Go to the official website to download the corresponding version of the xdebug extension XDEBUG EXTENSION FOR PHP | DOWNLOADS How to choose the correct version Output the content of the phpinfo() function View the web page source code of the output page Copy all to this page XDEBUG EXTENSION FOR PHP | […]