• Preliminary Practice of Quality System Construction of Honeycomb Large Transportation Business


    Quality is one of the key factors that determine the success of products and the sustainable development of enterprises. How to do a good job in the construction of quality system is a relatively large topic, covering a wide range, and there is no fixed measurement standard. When you open an Internet company recruitment website […]

  • Laravel’s Resolution Based on redis Queue


    Last-Modified: May 10, 2019, 15:04:22 Reference link Knowledge that Laravel Queue has to understand Laravel Queue Document Redis Chinese Documents The environment of this article Laravel 5.5 Queue Redis Why use queues The purpose of using queues is generally: Asynchronous execution Error Retry Explain: Asynchronous executionPart of code execution is time-consuming. In order to improve […]

  • Application of Swoole WebSocket


    Summary This is the third article on Swoole learning: the application of Swoole WebSocket. Part 2: Application of Swoole Task Chapter 1: Application of Swoole Timer What is WebSocket? WebSocket is a protocol for full-duplex communication over a single TCP connection. WebSocket makes data exchange between client and server simpler and allows server to push […]

  • An example of a simple method for calculating weights in PHP [suitable for lottery applications]


    In this paper, an example is given to illustrate the simple method of calculating weight in php. Share for your reference, as follows: // Simple Weight Calculator $data222=array( 0=> array (‘id’=> 1,’name’=>’first prize’,’weight’=>’3′), 1=> array (‘id’=> 2,’name’=>’second prize’,’weight’=>’1′), 2=> array (‘id’=> 3,’name’=>’third prize’,’weight’=>’5′), 3=> array (‘id’=> 3,’name’=>’third prize’,’weight’=>’1′), ); // The higher the weight value, […]

  • Huawei Hongmeng based on the development of swordfish OS I also know a swordfish ladder


    It is known that more and more information about Huawei Hongmeng Operating System has been received recently, and the details are more and more abundant. However, a news from foreign media indicates that Huawei Hongmeng operating system does not start from scratch. According to a Russian media, Huawei Hongmeng’s operating system is developed on the […]

  • Distributed File Storage FastDFS


    I. Brief Introduction of Concepts FastDFSDeveloped by Yu Qing, senior architect of Taobao Development Platform Department, it is a lightweight, high-performance open source.distributed file systemDistributed File System, which is developed in pure C language, includes file storage, file synchronization, file access (upload, download), load balancing, online expansion, and storage of the same content only one […]

  • Notes for Windows 7 to use docker


    Installed is Docker toolbox, not Docker Desktop Docker Toolbox is implemented by creating virtual Box virtual machines, whose virtual disks default toC: Users User name dockerNext, if you don’t have much space left on your system disk, you’ll make mistakes later. You can use virtual media management in virtualBox to move to other disks After […]

  • Cache Source Parsing of Laravel


    Last-Modified: 10 May 2019 14:17:34 Preface Laravel supports multiple caching systems and provides a unified API interface. (Laravel 5.5) Storage drivers supported by default include the following: File (default) apc Array (array, test) Database (relational database) memcached redis The default cache configuration file is inconfig/cache.php Reference link: https://learnku.com/docs/lara… https://www.jianshu.com/p/46a… Use Direct use of Facade provided […]

  • Sublime manual plug-in installation


    It’s time to install the sublime text development tool recently. Installing package control always prompts that a request is not connected because the address you visit needs to be turned over. Baidu’s articles are mostly the same, which can solve this relatively few articles for easy search. Record it here. I don’t show you how […]

  • PHP Converts Upload Word File to PDF [Based on COM Component]


    This paper illustrates the method of converting PHP to upload word file into PDF. Share for your reference, as follows: In the past, I used office component to convert uploaded file word into HTML file at the same time. This time, I want to convert word file into PDF format. There are many methods on […]

  • Using SWOOLE to implement process daemon (2)


    In the last article, “Using swoole to implement the daemon of processes (1)”, we initially implemented a Daemon class that can automatically restart child processes.But one obvious disadvantage of this Daemon class is that it only supports the daemon of a single subprocess. Supporting multiple scripts In practice, there are usually multiple child processes that […]

  • PHPWord Manual in Chinese


    correct The problem of Chinese support needs to be corrected if scrambling code is found before use. To solve the encoding problem, PHPword will transform the input text into utf8_encode. If you use GBK, GB2312 or utf8 encoding, there will be chaos. If you use utf8 encoding, look for utf8_encode transcoding in all methods in […]