• The solution to the 502 problem reported by php-fpm


    After building the lnmp environment, a 502 error occurred during the test. When I saw this problem, I immediately thought that php-fpm was not up, but I usedps -ef | grep php-fpmI intercepted the process of php-fpm and found that there is. At this time, I checked the error log of nginx and found that […]

  • Start, restart, stop script sharing of Nginx and PHP-FPM


    Nginx and PHP on the server are compiled and installed from source code. Unlike ubuntu, which has its own service startup script, it does not support nginx like the previous one (start|restart|stop|reload). living comfortably without anybody's help. The following scripts should work under RHEL, Fedora, CentOS. 1. Nginx startup script /etc/init.d/nginx copy codecode show as […]

  • PHP FPM boot auto start shell script


    There are various versions of PHP FPM startup automatic startup scripts on the Internet. In fact, the source directory has generated automatic scripts after you compile. Use it without any modification. cp {php-5.3.x-source-dir}/sapi/fpm/init.d.php-fpm /etc/init.d/php-fpm PHP FPM startup automatic startup script is as follows: #! /bin/sh ### BEGIN INIT INFO # Provides: php-fpm # Required-Start: $remote_fs […]

  • How to solve the problem that PHP FPM cannot be started


    1. Download a 64 bit “zendguardloader. So” again. 2. Put it under “/ usr / local / Zend /”. 3. Re execute “lamp PHP FPM start”. Repair steps Use the file command to view the current zendguardloader So file information, you can see that the current so file is a 32-bit file. [email protected]:/usr/local/zend$ file ZendGuardLoader.so […]

  • Detailed explanation of program execution interruption caused by PHP FPM restart


    Background and preliminary investigation There was an alarm when checking the order business. There was an order that was not found in our Mongo library The business interface / 3 / XX / vgift / send calls the gift system sendpresent interface to complete the gift delivery, and then writes Mongo, but no Mongo exception […]

  • Resolve the problem that too many php-fpm processes in CentOS 7 result in large consumption of server memory resources


    Preface: Recent server memory usage has been high, and after checking, it is found that it may be related to the number of php-fpm processes. This article documented my process of optimizing php-fpm configuration files and added some knowledge about php-fpm. What is php-fpm: Php-fpm, FastCGI process manager, is used to control the memory and […]

  • Memcached restart cannot cache


    Question: After restarting the memcached process, memcached’s storage and reading exceptions cannot be stored or read Analysis: This starts with the process relationship between memcached and php. When PHP first runs the program, it connects the memcached service. After that, there is a process associated with PHP and memcached in the background process. That is […]

  • What’s the difference between fastcgi and CGI


    Preface Nowadays, CGI is basically unused, insecure and extremely low performance, more and more use of Web built-in extensions, fast CGI. For example, Microsoft iis’s ISAPI, apache’s PHP module and nginx‘s php–cgi. CGI, built-in modules, and fast CGI are the three best performances that belong to fast_cgi with the fastest speed, but require additional processes. […]

  • Summary of Communication Mechanism between PHP-FPM and Nginx


    Introduction to PHP-FPM CGI Protocol and FastCGI Protocol The code files of each dynamic language (PHP, Python, etc.) need to be recognized by the server through the corresponding parser, and the CGI protocol is used to enable the interpreter and the server to communicate with each other. The parsing of PHP files on the server […]

  • Deep Understanding of SAPI


    I. SAPI comparison 1. SAPI Server application programming interface is the interface between server and programming language. For example, the Linux command line executes a piece of PHP code. In fact, the Linux shell passes in a set of parameters through the PHP SAPI, and the Zend engine returns to the shell after execution. At […]