• Ent ORM note 2 – Schema usage (Part 1)


    In the last note about using ent ORM quickly, we started using it againentc init UserCreate a schema. The schema in ENT ORM is actually a database model. In the schema, we can define the field information of the table in the database through fields; Define the relationship information between tables through edges; Define the […]

  • Ent ORM note 4 — code generation


    In the previous articles, we may often use the command entc. The tool entc brings many functions to. This article mainly arranges the code generation in ENT orm In the previous example, there is a lack of knowledge, that is, if we want to see the detailed native SQL statements during the execution of ORM, […]

  • Learning the secondary development of week1 in B station


    2021 Mar 22nd Day1 get ready: Revit2016VS2012+.NET4.5c# documentation(https://docs.microsoft.com/en… revit2016SDK(http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/…Plug in: add in manager — directly modify the plug-in code without restartRevitlookup — look at API objects Revitapi Development ForumReferences: foundation of secondary development of Tongji 2015 Edition Q&A:Q1: SDK vs APIAPI: communication, abstraction, standard (API format, such as rest: representational state transfer presentation layer state […]

  • Java beginners must see! Java encapsulation and inheritance of the case, you learn Java is very helpful!


    1、 Code and effect drawing 1. Package Case: Requirement DescriptionUsing encapsulation to realize penguin‘s correct input health value and intimacy of electronic pet systemEnsure the validity of health value (0-100), otherwise take the default value of 60Otherwise, the value of intimacy is taken as 100-60The code is as follows (example) package work1; package work1; package […]

  • Using decode elegant row to column transformation in Oracle


    Using in OracledecodeElegant row to column Recently, I finally met the application scenario of row to column conversion in my work. I took notes for myself to view and help people in need. In other relational databases, it is recommended to usecase when then endThis kind of bloated and complicated writing method has recently seen […]