• Redis hybrid storage best practice guide


    Redis hybrid storage instance is a cloud database product independently developed by Alibaba cloud, which is compatible with redis protocol and features. The hybrid storage instance breaks through the limitation that all redis data must be stored in memory, uses disk to store full data, and caches hot data to memory, so as to achieve […]

  • Tips for chrome performance tuning


    In the development of large-scale web applications or complex interactive websites, it is inevitable to encounter some page performance bottlenecks. This article describes how to use Chrome’s performance panel to analyze website performance bottlenecks, which should be helpful. Note that in order to reduce the noise caused by some chrome plug-ins in performance evaluation, it […]

  • Php8 confirms that JIT is supported, and with swote, it will fly quickly


    Since the birth of PHP in 1994, PHP language has experienced many improvements, among which performance is one of the main criteria that developers consider when evaluating new versions.   Let’s not mention the previous version for the time being. Let’s talk about the current version of php7.3. We all know that when PHP 7 […]

  • 700 million requests per second, how can Alibaba’s new generation database support?


    Reading guide of Ali Mei:Lindorm is an important part of big data storage and processing in cloud operating system Feitian. Lindorm is a distributed NoSQL database developed based on HBase and oriented to the field of big data. It integrates large-scale, high-throughput, fast, flexible and real-time hybrid capabilities. It provides the world’s leading hybrid storage […]

  • Hybrid or native: the best is the right one


    This paper is reprinted from Zhongcheng translationTranslator: Wen LinLink: http://www.zcfy.cc/article/861Original text: http://www.telerik.com/blogs/hybrid-or-native-mobile-app-use-the-right-tool-for-the-job Translator’s note: the hybrid & native mentioned in this paper may be slightly different from what we usually understand. The native part of this article mainly talks about native script, which may be controversial in the eyes of some developers. As for native […]

  • MO_ Or integrating Druid with spring boot


    1、 Druid? 1.1 what is Druid Druid is a very good database connection pool at present. In terms of function, performance and scalability, Druid surpasses other database connection pools, including DBCP, c3p0, bonecp, Proxool and JBoss datasource Druid supports all JDBC compatible databases, including Oracle, mysql, Derby, PostgreSQL, SQL server, H2, etc., and Druid has […]

  • Large scale feature engineering of recommendation system and llvm based optimization of fedb spark


    Today, I’d like to share with you the practices of the fourth paradigm in large-scale feature engineering of recommendation system and llvm based optimization of spark, including the following four topics. Introduction to feature engineering of large scale recommendation system Sparksql and fesql architecture design Performance optimization of spark based on llvm Summary and optimization […]

  • Four PHP techniques to improve script performance


    Usually, I write code using plain regular PHP functions to solve the problem. But for some of these problems, I came across alternative solutions that specifically improved performance. In this article, I’d like to introduce some alternatives. This is useful if you are looking for possibilities to reduce execution time in production. Let’s see which […]

  • Performance test comparison of Tomcat 7 and resin


    Recently, when testing the performance, I just compared Tomcat resin with LoadRunnerSet the JVM to 1G memory, set the maximum number of connections to 1000, and run 1000 concurrent for 5 minutes 1000 concurrent test Tomcat Bio 1000 concurrent test Tomcat NiO resin The current test results show that the performance comparison of Tomcat 7 […]

  • Some new insights into PHP framework, rapid development of that thing


    As soon as the PHP framework is mentioned, there will be introductions, rankings and comparisons of larravel, Yii, CodeIgniter, Zend, ThinkPHP, etc. Especially in China, laravel and ThinkPHP have a great controversy. Laravel will always be the top of the list. TP performance will be many times higher than larravel, and some analytic graphs will […]

  • Remember once that Apache code caused a production problem


    introduction Two dogs: Er Pang, wake up and look at the alarm e-mail just now. The time taken for saving the user interface you wrote last time (ER Pang’s rough road to parameter verification) has greatly increased. Please find out the reason.Two fatOK, look right away. I’m full of inner drama (I’m complaining. I’m dreaming […]

  • Mick: God exists in details (interview with Turing)


    This article is for learning and communication purposes only, not for commercial purposes. For non-commercial reprints, please indicate the translator and source, and keep the original link of this article: http://www.ituring.com.cn/art… Interviewee: Mick,Working in a system development company in Japan, is a performance engineer. The professional field is the design and performance optimization of large-scale […]