• SQLite transaction model, performance optimization tips, common misunderstandings


    0, Preface This article mainly introduces the transaction model of sqlite, and some performance optimization tips based on the transaction model, including transaction encapsulation, WAL+ read-write separation, sub-database and sub-table, page size optimization, etc. It also summarizes some common problems and misunderstandings based on the current situation of the use of sqlite in mobile Taobao, […]

  • Tornado does authentication service performance practice


    1. Torado implements authentication service Use python’s third-party jwt as an authentication service to produce token code: def create_token(self, userId, product, level): payload = { “product”: product, “level”: level, “exp”: int(time.time()) + 86400 * 7, “username”: userId, } token = jwt.encode(payload, SECRETKEY, algorithm=’HS256′) return token The mongodb version is 3.6, and pymongo is used for […]

  • WebApi performance optimization


    [toc] 1. WebApi tuning What is WebApi Tuning When the browser side requests the WebApi server to read and write data, it takes time, and the time consumption is shortened, which is called WebApi tuning. As shown in the figure: PurposeImprove the performance of WebApi. 2. WebApi application scenarios Scenes Front-end and back-end separate projects. […]

  • postgresql profiling


    Scenes Analyze the performance data of postgresql BE and adapt to scenarios compiled with GCC. principle With the help of the gprof tool, when gcc compiles, add the -pg option, then gcc will automatically add the performance test code to the target code. During the execution of the program, the performance test code will record […]