• 10million TPMC for 16 servers! Challenging distributed database performance limits


    Recently, Apache shardingsphere community and opengauss community cooperated again,The distributed solution of Apache shardingsphere + opengauss has broken through the performance bottleneck of a single machine. In more than one hour of testing with 16 servers, it has obtained an average result of more than 10million TPMC. Shardingsphere + opengauss, reaching 10million TPMC In this […]

  • Daily one question (13) brief introduction to binder mechanism


    In Linux, in order to avoid the interference of one process to other processes, processes are independent of each other. In fact, a process is also divided into user space and kernel space. The isolation here is divided into two parts, inter process isolation and intra process isolation.Since there is isolation between processes, there is […]

  • Share some suggestions on SQL performance optimization


    With the increase of business volume and logic complexity, workcenter has new requirements on the performance and time-consuming of the interface. Of course, the most effective way to improve the interface performance is to optimize the database operation logic and SQL statements. This article shares some experiences and suggestions on database performance optimization Database structure […]

  • Goosefs helps big data services improve computing power several times


    preface Goosefs is a distributed caching scheme launched by Tencent cloud. It mainly provides a near-end data acceleration layer based on object storage cos services for data Lake business scenarios that need caching acceleration. Goosefs is designed and developed based on the open source big data cache scheme alluxio. Compared with the open source solution, […]

  • Play with container storage QoS


    A development trend and technical challenge of IT architecture is how to run more and more applications on a flexible and scalable unified platform. At the same time, it is necessary to improve the efficiency of management and operation. The mode in which many applications run in the same resource pool is very different from […]

  • Diagnosis and optimization of mongodb performance problems


    Currently, mongodb can be generally divided into two architectures in the industry: master-slave replica set and partitioned replica set cluster. Because the partitioned replica set contains the functions of the master-slave replica set, the partitioned replica set will be taken as an example to illustrate. With the growth of data volume and the increase of […]

  • Front end weekly issue 19


    Front end weekly publishes weekly front-end technology related major events, articles and tutorials, version updates of some frameworks, and code and tools. It is published regularly every week. You are welcome to pay attention to it and reprint it.<span style=”color:red;”> If the external chain cannot be accessed, follow the official accountFront end weekly view, there […]

  • Research on Clickhouse’s storage and settlement separation architecture


    background Clickhouse, as an open source OLAP engine, has been widely used in the big data ecosystem because of its excellent performance. Unlike Hadoop ecological components, which usually rely on HDFS as the underlying data storage, Clickhouse uses a local disk to manage its own data. SSD is officially recommended as the storage medium to […]

  • Spring boot microservice performance drops by 90%! Use Arthas to locate root cause


    By wangruixian, head of R & D Engineer of Education Infrastructure Departmentsource|Alibaba cloud native official account background After receiving the development feedback from the company’s business department, the UAT (pre production) environment interface performance pressure test failed to meet the standard after the application was upgraded to the company’s internal framework.Pre upgrade pressure test report: […]

  • An article tells you how to choose GIS storage?


    Geographic Information System (GIS), also known as “geoscience information system” or “resource and environment information system”, is based on geospatial data and adopts geographic model analysis method to timely provide a variety of spatial and dynamic geographic information. With the support of computer hardware and software systems, GIS collects the relevant geographic distribution data in […]

  • Talk about the difference between t-io and netty


    introductionThe difference between t-io and netty is a question that has been asked a lot. Here, as the author of t-io, I list some differencesThe biggest advantage of t-ioAPI design is easy to understand. Try to avoid introducing self created concepts to minimize learning costsIt has taken over the binding and automatic unbinding of a […]

  • Tool | how to perform TPC-C test on MySQL?


    Author: Ding Yuan, radondb test director Responsible for the quality performance test and iterative verification of radondb cloud database and container database. Have in-depth research on cloud database and container database performance and high availability solutions. background According to the report on the significance of China’s self-developed database reaching the top of TPC-C [1] released […]