• Detailed explanation of background position percentage principle


    Today, when I help others tune the code, I see a style: background-position: 50% 0; background-size: 100% auto; For background size: 100% auto, it means that the width of the background picture is element width * 100%, and the height is scaled proportionally. Details can be found atcss3 background。 For background position, it is natural […]

  • Simple dynamic effect of stroke dashuffset in SVG


    Property introductionstroke-dashoffsetThe stroke dashoffset property specifies the distance from the dash pattern to the beginning of the pathIf a < percentage > value is used, this value represents a percentage of the current viewport.The value can be negativeLet’s see the effect first <button class=”menu__item” style=”–bgColorItem: #f54888;”> <svg class=”icon” viewBox=”0 0 24 24″> <path d=”M6.7,4.8h10.7c0.3,0,0.6,0.2,0.7,0.5l2.8,7.3c0,0.1,0,0.2,0,0.3v5.6c0,0.4-0.4,0.8-0.8,0.8H3.8 C3.4,19.3,3,19,3,18.5v-5.6c0-0.1,0-0.2,0.1-0.3L6,5.3C6.1,5,6.4,4.8,6.7,4.8z”/> […]

  • Implementation of golang progress bar function


    Recently, I’m working on a requirement. The function is very simple. It’s to develop a lightweight client to pass the content in a specified file through theTCPSend to the server. Because the file is very large, it may reach the order of 100g, so the processing will be relatively slow. In order to provide users […]

  • Flexible and general progress bar management component in JavaScript


    Talk nonsense firstThis article comes from some achievements in the process of making cars behind closed doors. I will be happy if I take it from myself, change it at will, use it at will, and benefit others. Main topic When dealing with drawings, there are many steps, and the total amount of work is […]

  • css – width / height


    This paper mainly extracts and summarizes the specific details of the role of width / height in Section 3.2 of CSS world. More information can be found in CSS world. 1、 Hidden width: Auto In general, if we don’t set width, the default value is auto. According to different elements, it shows the following characteristics: […]

  • Linux learning notes process management


    Process management top Top tool is a common viewing tool, which can view the changes of some key information of our system in real time We see the first row of top, content explain top Represents the name of the current program 21:37:35 Represents the time of the current system up 141 days,17:23 Indicates how […]

  • After adding y to ant design Vue table, the table header and table body are misplaced


      After adding the Y scroll bar, the table will be misplaced. You need to add the width percentage to all columns. If there is a special column like radio selection, you need to give 2% to it in the table column, and the sum of the rest columns is 98%.     Then a […]

  • SQL Server database queries the number of records in the table by percentage


    When querying SQL Server database, can you find out the number of records by percentage? The answer is yes. In this paper, we introduce this method. The code to realize this function is as follows: create procedure pro_topPercent ( @Ipercent [int] = 0 — not returned by default ) as begin select top (@ipercent ) […]

  • Who is the position under body relative to?


    The answer on the Internet is that,positionWill be set relative to its outer layer firstpositionNot forstaticTo locate. But I think the answer is rather vague.positionIn fact, there are two kinds of positioning: one is that the parent element has set positioning, the other is that the parent element has not set positioning. Next, let’s look […]

  • How to set the MacOS Big Sur battery percentage display?


    On Apple’s new Big Sur, the status bar doesn’t show the battery. How to set the percentage of the battery that doesn’t show? Today, let’s take a look at the skills of Big Sur to let the battery display the percentage. For details, please see the introduction below. 1、【Dock and menu bar】Click them, as shown. […]

  • The way of Android | Tangram dynamic page (4) vlayout principle


    This series of articles mainly introduces the experience and principle of using the open source Tangram framework of tmall teamTangramThe bottom layer is based on vlayout, so it will be explained briefly. This series will be introduced according to the following outline: Demand background Introduction to Tangram and vlayout Use of Tangram Vlayout principle Tangram […]

  • Talk about the top command in detail


    The Linux top command is used to display the dynamic process in real time. Permission: all users. grammar top [option] option: -D seconds: Specifies that the top command is updated every few seconds. The default is 3 seconds; -b: Use batch mode output. In general, it is used with the “- n” option to redirect […]