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  • Deploying MySQL + Tomcat with docker compose


    Container layout template file establishdocker-compose.ymltemplate file $ sudo mkdir docker-compose.yml The contents of the document are as follows version: ‘3.1’ services: tomcat: restart: always image: tomcat container_name: tomcat ports: – 8080:8080 volumes: – /usr/local/docker/tomcat/webapps:/usr/local/tomcat/webapps environment: TZ: Asia/Shanghai mysql: restart: always image: mysql:5.7.22 container_name: mysql ports: – 3306:3306 environment: TZ: Asia/Shanghai MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: 123456 command: –character-set-server=utf8mb4 –collation-server=utf8mb4_general_ci […]

  • Docker compose and common commands in Linux


    Introduction to docker compose Docker compose is one of the official choreography projects of docker, which is responsible for the rapid choreography of docker container cluster The positioning of compose: defining and running applications with multiple dockers and containers In daily work, we often encounter the situation that multiple containers cooperate with each other to […]

  • Using docker compose to build registry image management platform and use configuration


    Introduction to docker registry Docker hub is an image warehouse officially provided by docker to manage public images. We can pull the images we want from it or push our own images. But sometimes, when you can’t access the Internet or don’t want to push your own image to the public network, the docker registry […]

  • Nginx implements reverse proxy and load balancing configuration


    demand Nginx as a load balancing server, user requests first arrive at nginx, and then nginx distributes the requests to Tomcat server according to the load configuration Tomcat server 1: Tomcat server 2: Tomcat server 3: Nginx proxy server: What is reverse proxy Reverse proxy can prevent malicious attacks from external network to internal network […]