• App hot update


    It is very important to develop apps and update iterations. Although there is an application market to update, in fact, when a new version needs to be urgently released, the update of the application market needs review time. Taking apple as an example, it is generally released the day before, and the results will be […]

  • Micro front end – Qiankun example


    1、 What is a micro front end The micro front end is to split different functions into multiple sub applications according to different dimensions. These sub applications are loaded through the main application. The core of the micro front-end lies in disassembly. After disassembly, it will be closed! 2、 Why use micro front end 1. […]

  • Micro front end: Construction of Qiankun project


    What is a micro front end Micro front end is a technical means and method strategy for multiple teams to jointly build modern web applications by publishing functions independently. Micro front end project construction process This paper mainly recordsqiankunAndvue-templateCombine to realize the process of microservice framework. Reference documents refer toqiankun-TMVC、qiankun、element-ui、vue-element-admin 1. Heaven and earthQiankun is […]

  • 2021 annual summary of front end of Tianjin small plant


    preface As of April, I have been working in this company for a whole year. Many times I want to write an article to make a summary and record the growth of this year.   work Necessary technical breadth Broad enough knowledge can help enterprises make correct decisions to improve efficiency and reduce cost. I […]

  • Micro front end and Vue + Qiankun implementation cases


    Micro front end architecture Micro front end features 1、 What is a micro front end Techniques, strategies and recipes for building a modern web app with multiple teams that can ship features independently. — Micro Frontends Micro front end is a technical means and method strategy for multiple teams to jointly build modern web applications […]

  • Preliminary study on single spa of micro front end framework


    preface A recent company adopted the micro front-end framework of single spa, so I taught myself this framework. Although single spa is a micro front-end frameworkChinese documents, but it is scattered and obscure. So I want to write a blog to flatten the learning curve in my spare time. What is a micro front end? […]

  • Maybe this is the micro front-end solution you want


    preface Micro front endIt is a hot front-end word at present. Teams with a small scale will do technical exploration. As a team unwilling to lag behind, we also do it. Maybe you’ve seen itSingle-Spa,qiankunThese mature solutions in the industry are very powerful: JS sandbox isolation, multi stack support, sub application parallelism and sub application […]

  • Practice of Qiankun from building to deployment of micro front end


    Recently, I was responsible for a new projectqiankunWrite an article to share some problems and thoughts in the actual combat. Example code: https://github.com/fengxianqi/qiankun-example 。 Online demo: http://qiankun.fengxianqi.com/ Separate access to online sub applications: subapp/sub-vue subapp/sub-react Why use Qiankun A functional requirement of the project is to embed an existing tool within the company, which is […]