• You don’t know that typeof string is equal to object


    Write at the beginning The more advanced the position is and the lower the level of work is, the more you need to be solid in basic knowledge. I will not do more than a dozen handwritten source code tutorials like before in the future, and will focus more on basic knowledge Tomorrow is1024, I […]

  • Exploration and visualization of shared bicycle data set


    Analysis background Analysis purpose This paper analyzes the impact of the relevant data of mobike order on the riding time, which is used as the reference and basis for business operation optimization (because there is no order amount data in the original data set, and because mobike takes the riding time as the charging standard, […]

  • HTTP’s operating room


    Visitor Time is set in the morning6Click, with the “dada” sound, the browser address bar appearshttps://blog.acohome.cnBrowser knows, it’s another morning rush. “All departments are ready!” Browser boss, at one command, all departments began to prepare. “GoHTTPService, remember the way you requestedGETAnd these request headers are taken together. ” Accompanied byEnterThe browser leader’s input to the […]

  • Application of convolution in image processing


    There is such an image, you can see that there are many noise points on the image: High frequency signal is like a mountain on the ground: It looks conspicuous. One of the ways to smooth the mountain is to cut off some soil and fill it around. In mathematical terms, it is to average […]