• How can MAC convert chm format file to PDF file for use


    In the network, CHM file is a very common file format, users often deal with it, but it is puzzling that MAC system can not support chm format. This brings some troubles to many users. In order to be easy to read in MAC system, it is a good choice to convert CHM file into […]

  • Implementation of adding digital signature to Java pdf


    After the digital signature of the document, people other than the author can not modify it. Therefore, adding digital signature to PDF document can ensure its security and authenticity. At the same time, according to the difference of added content, digital signature can be divided into text digital signature, picture digital signature, picture and text […]

  • Go processing PDF implementation code


    In our work, we often encounter some problems in PDF file processing. There are 1000 processing methods for a thousand kinds of PDF files. Every time we try our best to fight these PDF files to the end. I am also a gopher, so this article will list every PDF processing scenario I have experienced […]

  • Pure client and pure server implementation of HTML to PDF


    demand Users fill in the form and click Save to download the PDF document directly. Solutions Server generation thinking In 17 years, Google browser developed the chrome headless feature, and at the same time launched the puppeter. It can be understood as a browser without interface but can complete the function characteristics of the server. […]

  • How to display PDF, word, xls and PPT in HTML


    1. Pdf file online preview 1. HTML5 new tag < embed > definition and usage The < embedded > tag defines the embedded content. The tag is self closing. That is to say, if the browser does not support PDF embedding, the content of the tag will not be visible. example < embedded SRC = […]

  • VBS applet code of PDF


    Dim ls_File Set objArgs = WScript.Arguments ‘command line parameters if objArgs.Count<1 then     return end if Ls_ File = obvargs (0) ‘the first parameter is usually the file namels_new = left(ls_File, len(ls_File) -4 )+”.pdf” Set pptApp = CreateObject(” PowerPoint.Application “) ‘declaration calling functionpptApp.Visible =True ‘when using PowerPoint, you must have this sentence, otherwise you will make […]

  • Using itext5 to export PDF form documents in Java


    Recently, I got a requirement, which needs to export PDF documents. There are many ways to realize it on the market. After testing and research, I decided to use itext5 to realize it. If I don’t say much, I’ll do what I say. 1. Dependent import <!– https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/com.itextpdf/itextpdf –> <dependency> <groupId>com.itextpdf</groupId> <artifactId>itextpdf</artifactId> <version></version> </dependency> <!– […]

  • How to generate word document, excel document and PDF document by JSP


    In this paper, JSP is used to generate word document, excel document and PDF document. To share with you for your reference, as follows: In the Web OA system, the official document management seems to be indispensable. Sometimes it needs to query some data from the database and output it in a certain format, and […]

  • Steps to quickly build PDF documents in asp.net core share page 1 of 2


    For example, we need to use PDF to develop some simple reports in asp.net core, which is not difficult, but we will still rush to search for some materials. Congratulations, this post will help you, and we will not waste some precious time. In this article, we will use dinktodfs to process our PDF documents […]

  • Copy placeholder text (one sentence introduction)


    I was so lazy that I didn’t want to type, so I wanted to copy the words in the placeholder. After thinking about several ways, I couldn’t do it. Then I converted them to PDF directly. This may be brought by 360 security browser, just use this (I tried a Foxit reader pdf printer, but […]

  • How to make WordPress media library recognize. PDF files


    Let the media library support PDF classificationThis code from tutsplus can help us achieve the effect shown in the figure above, and put the code into functions.php of the topic Copy code The code is as follows: function modify_post_mime_types( $post_mime_types ) { //Select the MIME type and use: ‘application / PDF’//Then expand the array to […]

  • How to convert PDF file to markdown format


    Baidu searches according to the keyword of PDF to makrdown, and most of the results are conversed, that is, markdown text to PDF format. But there are few solutions for PDF to markdown. Just because I have this requirement in my work, I have implemented a solution myself. The following figure is a PDF file […]