• Ruby on rails realizes payment on Ping + + platform


    Create an order table from the local database. It is recommended to include the following fields. Refer to the official API( https://pingxx.com/document/api#api -c-new): order_no:required ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 The merchant order number, which adapts to the requirements of each channel for this parameter, must be unique in the […]

  • .net access to Alipay’s payment interface


    H5 mobile phone website access Alipay‘s payment interface, recommended to use Alipay to provide rapid development of SDK. I use SDK development Reference namespace using Aop.Api; using Aop.Api.Request; using Aop.Api.Response; using Aop.Api.Util; Some constants need to be defined on the first page static string serverUrl = “https://openapi.alipaydev.com/gateway.do”; static string app_ id = “**”; // Developer’s […]

  • PHP applet payment function full version [based on ThinkPHP]


    This article describes the PHP applet payment function. To share with you for your reference, as follows: Environment: tp3.2 + app wechat payment function opening Step1:  Download PHP payment SDK (download address) and put it under library \ vendor, named wxpay modify WxPay.Config.php Appid appsecret key mchid in Step2:Applet JS code: var url = getApp().globalData.httpServer […]

  • PHP wechat payment function example


    The example of this article describes the PHP wechat payment function. To share with you for your reference, as follows: Wechat development SDK: PHP is used in this article_ sdk_ v3.0.9 : https://pay.weixin.qq.com/wiki/doc/api/jsapi.php?chapter=11_1 import(“wxpay.lib.AppPay#Config”, EXTEND_PATH, “.php”); import(“wxpay.lib.WxPay#Api”, EXTEND_PATH, “.php”); //$this->weixinpay(); $config = new \AppPayConfig(); //Order No $appId = $config->GetAppId(); $key = $config->GetKey(); $money = 0.01 […]

  • Example of Alipay payment function implemented by PHP


    This article describes the Alipay payment function implemented by PHP. To share with you for your reference, as follows: When making Alipay payment interface for app, collect the contents as follows: Interface: import(‘alipay.AopClient’, EXTEND_PATH); import(‘alipay.request.AlipayTradeAppPayRequest’, EXTEND_PATH); $aop = new \AopClient(); $aop->gatewayUrl = “https://openapi.alipay.com/gateway.do”; $aop->appId = Config::get(‘alipay.app_id’); $aop->rsaPrivateKey = Config::get(‘alipay.rsa_private_key’); $aop->format = “json”; $aop->charset = “UTF-8”; […]

  • IOS Alipay, WeChat and UnionPay pay integrated package calls (next)


    1、 More and more apps are adding third-party functions. The app may have different pages but call the same payment method. For example, the interface is as follows: These two pages will use third party payment: (WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay) if you call directly all the interface of the third party’s interface on every page, obviously […]

  • IOS Alipay, WeChat and UnionPay pay for integrated package calls (Part one)


    I. integration of Alipay payment Alipay integrated official tutorial https://docs.open.alipay.com/204/105295/ Alipay integrates official demo https://docs.open.alipay.com/54/104509/ 1. Import SDK and add dependency Library Start the IDE (such as Xcode), copy the following files from the compressed files in the IOS package to the project folder, and import them into the project project. AlipaySDK.bundle AlipaySDK.framework In the […]

  • Ruby on Rails Payment in Ping+Platform


    The local database creates the order table. It is recommended to include the following fields, referring to the official API (https://pingxx.com/document/api#api-c-new): order_no:required The order number of the merchant must be unique in the merchant system to meet the requirements of each channel for this parameter. Alipay: 1-64 bits, Wx: 1-32 bits, Bfb: 1-20 bits, Upacp: […]

  • The Solution of the Problem of Unpaid Development of Wechat Public Signal


    Prerequisite: Because of the company’s business, part of the core code can not be displayed, here is just to talk about how to solve the problem of payment of Wechat Public Number. Question: The payment of Wechat Public Number Platform failed. Page: The general page is the picture below.(“Public Number Payment” – “Scene Introduction” from […]

  • How to Use BIP70 Payment Protocol API for Bitcoin


    Payment agreements are terms used to refer to the agreements specified in BIP70, 71, 72 and 73. Payment protocols aim to add additional functionality to bitcoin by replacing ubiquitous bitcoin addresses with small files that can encode more complex parameters. It specifies payment requests, payment and payment formats that flow directly between the sender and […]