• Consensus problem


    This paper describes the concept, algorithm and application of distributed consensus. It involves raft, Paxos (basic, multi, fast), zk, etcd, chubby. And thinking. Concern and consensus on how zk, etcd, chubby interfaces can be applied to service discovery, distributed locks, etc. are omitted. Consensus: One or more nodes make a proposal and the algorithm chooses […]

  • Distributed System: Past and Present Life of CAP Theory


    CAP theory is an important theory in distributed system design. Although it provides a very useful basis for system design, it also brings many misunderstandings. This article will start with the background of CAP’s birth, then explain the theory, and finally analyze some new understandings of CAP in the current context, clarify some misunderstandings of […]

  • Zoo Keeper Learning Notes


    Introduction to ZooKeeper ZooKeeper (wiki, home, github) is an open source distributed coordination service for distributed applications. By exposing simple primitives, distributed applications can build higher-level services, such as synchronization, configuration management and group membership management. The design is easy to program and develop, and the data model uses the well-known file system directory tree […]