• Python function definition and parameter explanation


    Function definition First, we create a function that outputs Fibonacci series within a specified range. #!/usr/bin/env python #coding=utf-8 ”’ Created on September 4, 2016 2:37:31 PM @author: Flowsnow @file: D:/Workspaces/eclipse/HelloPython/main/FibonacciSeries.py @Function: define a function to output a fibrachian sequence within a given range ”’ def Fibonacci(n): #print “success” a=0 b=1 while a<n: print a, a,b=b,a+b […]

  • A summary of the usage of Python yield and yield from


    Usage Summary of Python yield and yield from Yield effect: 1 Note:The next () method of generator is next () in Python 2, but not in Python 3__next__()[there are two underscores before and after next] Turn a function into a generator, and the function with yield is no longer an ordinary function. That is: a […]