• FRP designated visitors: safely exposing intranet services


    In the previous tutorial, TCP mode is used to penetrate the FRP intranet. However, TCP mode directly maps the port to the public IP, which is easy to be scanned and exploded, and there are still some risks. We can use the STCP mode provided by FRP to avoid public exposure of ports, require visitors […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (69): NSLOOKUP


    Recommended reading:Learn a Linux command every day (68): lsof Command introduction NSLOOKUP (name server lookup) is a tool for querying DNS information of domain names. NSLOOKUP has two working modes: interactive mode and non interactive mode. [[email protected] ~]# nslookup -bash: nslookup: command not found [[email protected] ~]# yum install -y bind-utils Grammatical format nslookup [-option] [name | -] [server] Option description -query=TYPE       # Set query type -timeout=NUMBER   # Set the timeout for […]

  • These vs Code shortcuts are so easy to use that I can’t help recording these 34 GIF pictures


    I have written three articles before, and I have gained a very good amount of reading and forwarding Do you really know how to use vs Code’s Ctrl, shift and ALT? Efficient and easy to use shortcut keys: multi cursor, jump reference, etc VIM operation in vs Code | no need to modify VSC default […]

  • Springboot learning summary 01


    The startup process of springboot 1) The loading class based on configuration loads the class, and the bottom layer loads the class from disk to cache through io2) Find the annotation defined in spring to describe the bean, and create a map at the bottom. The name of the bean is used as the key, […]

  • How to quickly develop an IOT app control smart bulb (Android version) based on SDK


    For today’s working people, when you are with bleary eyes, carrying a heavy computer bag, climbing the long stairs, back to the rental house, as soon as you open the door, it’s dark, suddenly a moment of loneliness swept by, but you still need to use your hands along the cold wall, to feel for […]

  • Redhat6, Rsync + inotify real time backup


    Rsync is a tool for file synchronization and data transmission in Linux system, It has four application modes: 1. Local mode 2. Remote shell mode 3. Rsync list mode 4. Server mode Here we build the server mode, which is based on the C / S mode. We need Rsync to enable a daemons in […]

  • New features of php7 (1)


    1. Scalar type declaration a) There are two modes of scalar type declaration: mandatory (default) and strict. You can now use the following type parameters (whether in mandatory or strict mode): string, int, float, and bool. They extend other types introduced in PHP 5: class name, interface, array and callback types. <?php // Coercive mode […]

  • [Mr. Zhao Qiang] using WLST tool of Weblogic


    1、 What is Weblogic WLST? Weblogic scripting tool (WLST) is a command-line scripting interface, which is used by system administrators and operators to monitor and manage WebLogic Server instances and domains. WLST provides the following functions: New WLS domain Check and update WLS domain Configure deployment applications Gets the statistics of the runtime server 2、 […]

  • Flash back of MySQL


    MySQL DBAs or developers sometimes delete or update data by mistake. If it is an online environment and has a great impact, they need to be able to roll back quickly. The traditional recovery method is to use the backup instance, and then use the binlog after removing the wrong SQL to recover the data. […]

  • Sorting out the problems of go coding in vscode


    introduction Using vscode for go program development, we will certainly encounter some problems, some of which are ide configuration problems, some of which are inconsistent versions of download packages. This paper mainly reviews and sorts out the problems encountered in the development process. Preparation, must see Before correcting the problem, make sure you download the […]

  • Detection and optimization of flutter application performance


    summary The delivery of software project is a complex and long process, any small mistake may lead to the failure of the delivery process. In the process of software development, in addition to bugs in code logic and visual abnormalities, another kind of common problems in mobile applications are performance problems, such as unsmooth sliding […]

  • Talk about my understanding of mutex of go


    at presentGOHas been updated to1.14Version ofIf most of us go to see it directlymutexIn fact, it’s difficult to understand why it’s written as it is now. Especially, there are too many logic judgments in locking, and all kinds of bit operations are confused. In fact, as long as we master its original design idea, the […]