• C # design pattern


    Definition and classification of design patterns definition Design pattern: design pattern is a kind of summary of code design experience, and it is also a technology of documenting the solutions of design problems in software system. Using design patterns can reuse code, make it easier for others to understand and improve the reliability of code. […]

  • Webpack 4L 5L


    transfer 1. Webpack 5 requires at least Node.js 10.13.0 (LTS)。 2. Upgrade webpack 4 to the latest available version 3. Upgrade webpack cli to the latest available version (when used) 4. Upgrade all used plugins and loaders to the latest available version Plugins and loaders that have been adapted to webpack 5 must be used. […]

  • JavaScript graphic example: plane mosaic pattern


    Mosaic with one or several plane figures of the same shape and size, and lay them together without any gap or overlap, is called plane mosaic of these figures. 1. A planar mosaic pattern realized by a polygon We can use regular triangle, square or regular hexagon to realize plane mosaic. (1) Tile with a […]

  • List is not in group by clause and contains nonaggre


    Causes of the problem: MySQL 5.7.5 and above functions rely on the detection function. If only is enabled_ FULL_ GROUP_ By SQL mode (by default), MySQL will reject queries that select lists, having conditions, or order by lists, refer to non collection columns that are neither named nor functionally dependent on them in the group […]

  • Factories in design patterns


    Factories in design patterns Intro There are several factory patterns in design patterns. Let’s talk about the usage and examples of these factory patterns. Factory patterns include simple factory, abstract factory and factory method, which are all creative patterns,The so-called creation pattern means that these design patterns are used to create objects. Simple factory First […]

  • Abstract factory code examples of PHP design patterns (3)


    objective The advantage over the simple factory pattern is that you can create an object by subclassing it in different ways. For a simple example, this abstract class might just be an interface. This pattern is a “real” design pattern because it realizes the “dependency inversion” of “d” in the s.o.l.i.d principle. This means that […]

  • Knowledge points for web front end development engineers


    As the front-end development engineers need to master the knowledge points, here only put the directory, the relevant knowledge points will have the corresponding article detailed description, is improving Network related TCP protocol Three handshakes and four waves The difference between TCP and UDP Differences between http1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 Certificate verification and secret […]

  • The solution of native PAGE compatible with IE9


    preface Recently, I received a client’s native page. Customers require that the page must be compatible with IE9 and above browsers, and that the compatible mode of 360 browser can be accessed normally. 360 browser can force the speed mode through code, which is easier to solve. However, to be compatible with IE9, many CSS3 […]

  • 1474 problems have been solved. What are the usability improvements of Flink 1.11?


    On July 7,Flink 1.11.0 is officially releasedAs one of the release managers in this version, I would like to share with you my experience and the interpretation of some representative features. Before entering the in-depth interpretation, let’s have a brief understanding of the general process of community publishing to help you better understand and participate […]

  • HTML and HTML5 key points and interview questions


    HTML&&HTML51. Semantic wordsThe new tags of HTML5, such as header, footer, section and so on, are semanticBenefits: 1. It can make the computer read your content more intuitively and process the message efficiently, which is also good for the search engine 2. It’s also good for teamwork, and other team members can understand the meaning […]

  • Nine generation methods of distributed ID


    Why use distributed ID? Before talking about the specific implementation of distributed ID, let’s briefly analyze why distributed ID is used? What characteristics should distributed ID meet? What is a distributed ID? Take MySQL database as an example When the amount of business data is small, single database and single table can fully support the […]

  • MySQL learning notes (15): SQL mode


    This article is updated on June 29, 2019, using MySQL 5.7 and operating system deepin 15.4. Unlike other databases, MySQL can run in different SQL modes. [email protected]@sql_modeView or set the current SQL mode. Here are some common SQL modes: ANSI: make the syntax and behavior more consistent with standard SQL. It is a non strict […]