• ES6 promise: patterns and antipatterns


    ES6 promise: patterns and anti patternsBy Bob Brennan When nodejs was first used a few years ago, I was troubled by what is now known as “callback hell.”. Fortunately, it’s 2017 now, nodejs has adopted a lot of the latest features of JavaScript, and has supported promise since v4. While promise can make code simpler […]

  • Command mode of design pattern


    Command mode command Intro The command mode encapsulates a request into an object, so that it can be parameterized with different requests, queue or log requests, and support revocable operations. Command mode is to encapsulate the command, the caller initiates the command request, and the receiver executes the request. When we call, the timing of […]

  • AC automata


    brief introduction AC automata is a multi pattern string matching algorithmO(n)The time complexity is only related to the length of the search string, but not to the number of pattern strings. It is an efficient string matching algorithm. Algorithm process AC automata algorithm mainly includes preprocessing process and searching process. Pretreatment The preprocessing process is […]

  • Push or pull message queue, how do rocketmq and Kafka do?


    In every era, people who can learn will not be treated badly Hello, I’m yes. Today, let’s talk about the push-pull mode of message queuing, which is also a hot topic in the interview. For example, if you write rocketmq in your resume, you will basically ask whether rocketmq is in push mode or pull […]

  • Do you collect the latest Android interview sites organized by Ali architects?


    catalog: Network: layered model, TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS Algorithm: data structure, common algorithm Java Foundation: StringBuilder, generic erasure, exception, IO, container Java synchronization: volatile, wait, synchronized, reentrant lock, optimistic lock, deadlock Java design patterns: six principles, 23 design patterns, dynamic proxy Java virtual machine: memory model, memory structure, GC, four references, classloader Android Basics: activity, […]

  • Flink on yarn: deployment and startup of Flink cluster


    Deployment of Flink cluster There are three deployment modes of Flink, which are local, standalone cluster and Yan cluster. Here we mainly talk about how to configure the Yan cluster. Before configuring Flink on yarn, you must ensure that both HDFS and yarn are turned onFor Hadoop cluster deployment and start-up, container memory resource allocation […]

  • The intermediary model of design pattern


    Mediator model Intro Mediator pattern, a mediation object is used to encapsulate a series of object interactions.Mediators make the objects do not need to explicitly refer to each other, so that they are loosely coupled and can change their interactions independently. The mediation pattern defines a single (mediation) object to encapsulate the interaction between a […]

  • Embedded system: QE bit: a common factor that causes serial nor flash to download / start normally under i.mxrt


    Hello, everyone. I’m a ruffian. I’m a real technical ruffian. What ruffian Heng introduced to you today isQE bit: a common factor that causes serial nor flash to download / start normally under i.mxrt。 i. It has been more than two years since the launch of mxrt Series MCU, and more and more customer products […]

  • For non professional class IOS development, an interview question (with answers)


    After experiencing the outbreak period in the past few years, the IOS industry has come to a relatively calm period. It is a stage of good money expelling bad money, eliminating the false and retaining the true. Only with continuous focus and dedication, can we stand out in the fierce competition and become a strong […]

  • The long road of react


    Learning react is not an easy thing, and it seems that the introduction is not so simple. But I think it’s all worth it.This is my experience in learning react, I hope to help you! React can use two styles, one is normal CSS, the other is the style defined in react.Common CSS style, which […]

  • Strategy pattern of design pattern


    Strategy Intro Strategy: it defines the algorithm family and encapsulates them separately, so that they can be replaced with each other. This mode makes the changes of algorithm not affect the algorithm usedContext。 Policy pattern is a method to define a series of algorithms. From the concept, all these algorithms are the same work, but […]

  • Top of Linux system performance monitoring command series


    hello everyone! This is Sean! I haven’t updated the article for a long time. I’m busy recently. Next, I’ll share a series of Linux system performance monitoring commands, which I usually use. I think it’s very practical. I hope it can help you in your work. Top (display or manage programs in execution) When it […]