• Mongodb learning notes II – Mongoose


    Mongodb learning notes 2 Mongoose Introduction to Mongoose We all passed beforeshellTo complete various operations on the database. Most of the time in development, we need to complete the operation on the database through programs andMongooseIt is a module that allows us to operate mongodb through node Mongoose is an object document model(ODM)Library, which further […]

  • C# design pattern — simple factory pattern, factory pattern, abstract factory pattern


    1. Foreword In the last article, we wrote the design pattern principles, which can help us write high-quality code when developing programs (pull the hair without touching the whole body). In this series, we still take notes to review various design patterns. Let’s take a look at simple factory patterns, factory patterns and abstract factory […]

  • Design pattern – abstract factory pattern


    Abstract factories can beFactory method modelCome up and understand   Factory method modelYesSimple factoryFurther optimization of First, if or case statements inside the simple factory pattern do not meet the open closed principle Therefore, the simple factory mode is further optimized, and the factory method mode appears. The factory method pattern abstracts and instantiates factories […]

  • AgileConfig-1.5. 5 Publishing – supports JSON editing mode


    This update adds two new editing modes: JSON editing mode and text editing mode. In particular, JSON editing mode is a function we are looking forward to. Because everyone is used to Appsettings JSON configuration editing mode, so I naturally like JSON view. With JSON editing mode, you can directly edit the original Appsettings JSON […]

  • IOS – runloop details


    Runloop overview What is runloop? Why runloop? Generally speaking, a thread can only execute one task and exit after execution. If we need a mechanism so that the thread can handle events at any time without exiting, we use runloop. So, what is runloop? Runloop is also called run loop. It is a do while […]

  • (Reprint) learning notes of common design patterns


    This article is my notes for watching blog articles. It is only for my learning records. Please see the detailed articleshere, if there is infringement, please contact me to delete Create pattern Simple factory Select different parameters to generate different products. Switch () can be used for parameter selection public class FoodFactory { public static […]

  • C# design pattern – prototype pattern


    1. Foreword Sometimes there is such a problem, cell division. Generally speaking, a cell is a class. When we split, we can only come out one by one. Do we feel crazy when the number is quite large. Eh, it’s necessary for you to understand the prototype pattern at this time. 2. Definition When the […]

  • From the front-end perspective, see how you are tracked in browser stealth mode


    This paper introduces the browser stealth mode from the perspective of popular science and technology. The context of the full text is as follows. Readers can choose the corresponding chapters according to their interests. Understanding privacy patterns What does privacy mode hide   most modern web browsers have increasedPrivate browsing modeTo browse the web in […]

  • Fluter application debugging


    Fluent construction mode At present, fluent provides three operation modes: debug, release and profile. Among them, debug mode is mainly used in the process of software writing, release mode is mainly used in the process of application release, and profile mode is mainly used in application performance analysis. Each mode has its own special use […]

  • C# design pattern — generator pattern (builder pattern), adapter pattern


    1. Generator mode We know that the factory pattern can return one of several different subclasses according to the passed to the construction method. Suppose we need not only an algorithm for calculation, but also different interfaces according to the data displayed, We know how to use the builder pattern. The builder pattern separates the […]

  • Windows memory management – paging


    0x01 PAE paging mode is not enabled If the PG bit of CR0 register is 1, it means that after the paging mode is turned on, some addresses are virtual addresses, which can be accessed after being converted to physical addresses When PS = 0   When PS = 1           […]

  • Still using postman? Use apipost to send HTTP requests such as API interface post and put


    This article briefly introduces how to use the API post debugging interface to send HTTP requests. API interface function layout API request parameters Header parameter You can set or import header parameters, and cookies can also be set in the header Query parameters Query supports the construction of URL parameters and restful path parameters (such […]