• Immune prognosis model of gastric cancer


    Today I bring you an old routine article. In fact, the article analysis methods are common methods, but why can it get more than 6 points? Let’s find out~ Title: Construction and validation of immune prognosis model of TP53 related gastric cancer Research background At present, studies have shown that TP53 mutation can predict the […]

  • R-language logistic regression model was used to predict the risk of coronary heart disease


    Original link:http://tecdat.cn/?p=22410  The purpose of this paper is to complete a logistic regression analysis. Make you have a basic concept of analytical steps and thinking process. library(tidyverse) library(broom) These data are from an ongoing cardiovascular study of town residents. The aim is to predict whether a patient has a risk of coronary heart disease in […]

  • Where are you? Net program generates dump (main)?


    One (via smart)/ h2> How can I transfer to youprocdumpDepreciation pressCPU key highAnd?Internal storageIn case of emergency, what kind of diagnostic procedures are available for these patientsIfAnd?Click OK to exit/ Code >/ p> If the detailed procedure is as follows: 1. If the specified procedure is as follows, it is possible that the procedure is […]

  • R language pairing test analysis case


    original texthttp://tecdat.cn/?p=3424 What is testing right? Form of inspection pair  (x1,x2)There are two situations: Perform two measurements on the same entity. For example, a clinical study evaluating the efficacy of new insulin will measure blood glucose levels twice for each patient:Before (x1) after medication (x2)。 Measure different entities. However, entities are matched according to their […]

  • Control 7? Vue2, eue3 power cable code and other power supply items? Indignation


    What’s up у Well, I don’t know? For example, the patient does not have the right to stay in the hospital, and the patient does not have the right to stay in the hospital х GAH~ 1. Do you need a power cord code? The object of the object of the object can be used […]

  • Micro observation of physical origin | how to ensure data credibility in blockchain medicine under epidemic situation?


    With the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, all the people’s plans were broken, and 500 million of the world of ice and snow was 2020. Haidilao’s monthly revenue loss is more than 1.5 billion yuan, and Wanda Plaza is expected to lose more than 10 billion yuan… Catering industry, tourism industry, retail industry, etc. are […]

  • Using GaN based oversampling technique to improve the model accuracy of unbalanced covid-19 mortality prediction


    Author thilakadiboinaCompile FlinSource: analyticsvidhya introduce This paper introduces the use of generative adversarial networks (GAN), which is a technique of oversampling real covid-19 data to predict mortality. This story gives us a better understanding of how data preparation steps, such as dealing with unbalanced data, can improve model performance. The data and core model in […]

  • Grunt obfuscation code reports XML domparser error


    The project works normally in the browser, but there is an error in grunt confusion.The introduction says that ie does not support domparser objects. Used in IE Document.loadXML XML parsing of ().So it was changed to Document.loadXML How to solve this problem.It is suspected that grunt does not support domparser method _Widget.xml = (function($) { […]

  • When to use constraint solving instead of machine learning


    By Antoine championCompile | VKSource: toward Data Science Machine learning and deep learning have been hot topics in the industry. Brand is ahead of function, which leads to the overuse of deep learning in many AI applications. This article will provide a quick understanding of constraint solving, a powerful but underutilized approach to solving a […]

  • Nesting between Vue components


    html>               Document              button {             width: 60px;             height: 30px;             font-size: 16px         }                  .content {             width: 200px;             height: 100px;             border: 1px solid green;             margin-top: 5px;         }                                                                      My patients                                                       Electronic medical record                                                                                                      

  • Hospital information management system (his) and hospital network clock system


    Hospital information management system (his) and hospital network clock system Hospital information management system (his) and hospital network clock system Anhui Jingzhun electronic technology contact official micro ahjzsz Optimized patient treatment process The system takes “serving patients” as the center, optimizes the traditional management process and medical treatment mode of the hospital through the process […]

  • What are the core functions of medical care ERP management system?


    The development of healthcare ERP has helped improve multiple operations and increase the productivity and performance required for different processes performed in fast-paced healthcare facilities. With ERP software for healthcare, hospitals and other healthcare providers can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and labor costs, and improve communication between healthcare professionals and employees. Health care ERP […]