• When to use constraint solving instead of machine learning


    By Antoine championCompile | VKSource: toward Data Science Machine learning and deep learning have been hot topics in the industry. Brand is ahead of function, which leads to the overuse of deep learning in many AI applications. This article will provide a quick understanding of constraint solving, a powerful but underutilized approach to solving a […]

  • Nesting between Vue components


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  • Hospital information management system (his) and hospital network clock system


    Hospital information management system (his) and hospital network clock system Hospital information management system (his) and hospital network clock system Anhui Jingzhun electronic technology contact official micro ahjzsz Optimized patient treatment process The system takes “serving patients” as the center, optimizes the traditional management process and medical treatment mode of the hospital through the process […]

  • What are the core functions of medical care ERP management system?


    The development of healthcare ERP has helped improve multiple operations and increase the productivity and performance required for different processes performed in fast-paced healthcare facilities. With ERP software for healthcare, hospitals and other healthcare providers can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and labor costs, and improve communication between healthcare professionals and employees. Health care ERP […]

  • The electronic prescription circulation platform jointly built by Baidu super chain and Chongqing has won the high value case of trusted blockchain


    Recently, “blockchain high value case” was released at the 2019 trusted blockchain summit jointly sponsored by China Academy of information and communications, China Communications Standardization Association, trusted blockchain promotion plan, etc.“Chongqing Yuzhong District electronic prescription blockchain circulation platform” won the award. The platform can solve the problems of data sharing, circulation, collection and security in […]

  • Spring series order of causal reasoning: founding, collidar, mediation bias in data mining


    Let’s talk about the preface. It took more than half a month to read over and over again, intermittently, Judea Pearl’sThe Book of WHY, I feel that it is easier to understand the relatively abstract content of the first three chapters by reading the case in Chapter 4 first. The urgent need for attribution in […]

  • High end play method series of AB experiment 1-practical hte (heterogeneous treatment effects) paper GitHub collection


    One of the problems that machine learning wants to solve is’ what if ‘, which is decision guidance If I send coupons to users, will users stay? If patients take this medicine, will their blood pressure decrease? If the app adds this function, will it increase the user’s usage time? If the implementation of this […]