• Redhat 7.6 & RAC 12.2:CLSRSC-400


    Exception description 1. Environment description System: RedHat 7.6 RAC: 2. Problem descriptionWhen we install grid silently, run root.sh During script, the following exception will be reported 3. Abnormal output2020/04/18 05:01:17 CLSRSC-594: Executing installation step 14 of 19: ‘InstallACFS’.  CRS-2791: Starting shutdown of Oracle High Availability Services-managed resources on ‘node1’  CRS-2673: Attempting to stop ‘ora.mdnsd’ on […]

  • IntelliJ idea 2019.3.3 patch failure


    Preface Today I plan to abandon MyEclipse, which has been used for a long time, and use idea insteadSo I went to the official website to download the latest version, because the personal use and limited ability to download is the flagship version, so I can only go to the Internet to find the tutorials […]

  • Microsoft releases update kb4517210 to solve the compatibility problem of win10 v1903


    Microsoft has released the routine update for win10 system a few days ago. Now Microsoft starts a new round of update. Windows 10 kb4517210 is being deployed to some PCs through windows update, and is automatically installed on PCs that have not been upgraded to the update in May 2019. At the same time, the […]

  • Analysis of the compilation and installation of Greenplum with Orca optimizer


    Orca is an open-source optimizer of Postgres and Greenplum. Compared with the built-in optimizer of Greenplum and Postgres, Orca has a very good performance improvement in complex queries, partition tables and other occasions. Here’s how to make Greenplum enable Orca optimizer, and how to run Greenplum’s test case installcheck world. Setting up the development environment […]

  • Oracle single instance patching


      Oracle instance hitPSU,OJVM PSUPatch quick reference Write before: ·         1. The operation of each patch by oracel is sometimes different, so no matter how familiar you are, you should read the attachedreadme。 ·         2. Oracle will update the latestPSU, the latest in this article refers to the current latest (i.eIssued by 0719PSU)。 ·         […]

  • Win10 1903 cumulative update 18362.418 update patch kb4517389 (with patch download + update content attached)


    Today, Microsoft released a routine update to all win10 systems. The cumulative update patch for win10 1903 version code kb4517389 shared by this site will be upgraded to win10 18362.418 after the upgrade. From the update time, this update is a stable version update. This update fixes several security issues. This article brings cumulative updates […]

  • Win10 1903 cumulative update 18362.387 update patch kb4517211 (with patch download + update content)


    At the end of September, Microsoft released kb4517211, an optional cumulative update for windows 10, which contains fixes for audio problems and other problems, but it seems that the update is not the smooth experience users want. Microsoft today pushed a cumulative update patch code named kb4517211 to users of win10 1903. After the update, […]

  • The use of robust framework


    Robust is a set of hot update scheme developed by meituan. It is a new framework developed based on the principle of instant run. Compared with tinker, this way of changing the loading order of dexelements can only be restarted and take effect. Robust realizes the real-time effect of code modification (hot plug). Let’s talk […]

  • [ipatch] upgrade from Oracle database 19.3 to Oracle database 19.6


    1.Background introduction Since Oracle database 19C will be the version that Oracle supports for a long time, it is also recommended that you choose 19C. The latest 20c will be a new release sequence. The current version is 20.1, and the life cycle of this version will be relatively short, so you can wait and […]

  • Git merge multiple submissions


    When merging branches, you want to merge multiple commits into one, and then cherry pick to the main branch. Merge branch The development branch may commit multiple times for development, but when publishing or PR, we only want to see one commit. At this time, we need togit rebaseThen merge. #Head ~ 3 means that […]

  • Win10 patch kb4522355 collapse part of “start” menu: and installation is easy to fail


    Windows 10’s “start” menu problem surfaced as early as September, and more users began to report the problem after installing the patch update released in October. Initially, Microsoft marked the issues as “resolved” and said it would monitor user feedback. “We will continue to monitor to ensure that users get a high quality experience when […]