• Native JS can copy pictures to the clipboard based on Base64 data, paste pictures, and simulate the browser copy function.


    Native JS can copy pictures to the clipboard based on Base64 data, paste pictures, and simulate the browser copy function. preface:The layout of the first post is slightly ugly. Forgive me. Before, we had a demand, that is, the front end took a screenshot through canvas, and then click a button to copy the captured […]

  • How to quickly copy and paste file names for Mac


    In our daily work, we often need to use the file name, so how can we quickly copy and paste the file name? Now Xiaobian will teach you some practical tips. Operating skills: Select a file or folder, press command-c, and create a new folder with command-shift-n. at this time, the folder name “unnamed folder” […]

  • Offline installation of Vue (failed to uninstall Vue, violent installation)


    Since the lower version of Vue was installed before and the higher version was installed later, it was found that the old version could not be uninstalled. There may be other methods on the Internet, but they are too troublesome. Simply copy other people’s higher version of Vue files directly. The key is to paste […]

  • VIM editor common commands


    Turn pages command effect Ctrl + f The screen moves down one page Ctrl + b Move up one page Ctrl + d Move half page down Ctrl + u Move half page up G Move to last page of document gg Move to the first line of the document Insert and replace command effect […]

  • Sublime is a summary of shortcuts that you don’t use very much


    ctrl+shift+dCopy the cursor to the current line and paste to the next line ctrl+lSelect current row ctrl+jCombine multiple rows into one row ctrl+shift+kDelete this row

  • Copy and paste in Vue


    First, you need to return the URL address in the background: $specialTopicUrl = url(‘v2/marketing/specialTopic/goodsList’, $item->id) Button: < El button size = “mini” type = “info” @ Click = “copyspecialtopicurl (scope. Row)” > copy activity link < / El button > method: copySpecialTopicUrl (row) { var oInput = document.createElement(‘input’); // Create a hidden input (important!) oInput.value […]

  • Gitlab password free


    Gitlab secret free operation`[[email protected] app]$ ssh-keygenGenerating public/private rsa key pair.Enter file in which to save the key (/home/work/.ssh/id_rsa): Created directory ‘/home/work/.ssh’.Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase): Enter same passphrase again: Your identification has been saved in /home/work/.ssh/id_rsa.Your public key has been saved in /home/work/.ssh/id_rsa.pub.The key fingerprint is:SHA256:ifl4pKCYmeNDymzX8mORRmhGX6ycuTBLHRpL15rNLyI [email protected] key’s randomart image is:+—[RSA 2048]—-+| o || […]

  • Typora drawing bed plug-in – paste pictures and automatically upload them to station B


    typora-plugin-bilibili BiliBili picture upload, typora plug-in, realize picture paste, upload to BiliBili, and replace the link Project address (star) typora-plugin-bilibili use obtainnodejsPath for Macwhich node $ which node /Users/xxx/.nvm/versions/node/v14.16.0/bin/node replaceupload.shMediumnoderoute obtainindex.jsAbsolute path to, replacingupload.shMediumindexjsPathroute Get sessdata and replaceindex.jspass the civil examinations16OKCookie Log in BiliBili → F12 open console → application → cookies → sessdata npm […]

  • Vscode set Vue code snippet


    1、 How to set? Open user clip Select or createvue.jsoncode snippet Just paste the following code snippet { “Print to console”: { “prefix”: “vue”, “body”: [ “<template>”, ” <div>\n”, ” </div>”, “</template>\n”, “<script>”, “export default {“, ” props: {\n”, ” },”, ” data() {“, ” return {\n”, ” };”, ” },”, ” computed: {\n”, ” […]

  • VIM register: from shallow to deep


    Original link:Vim registers: The basics and beyond VIM register is the kind of thing that you may not feel needed until you learn. After you learn it, the register becomes an indispensable and difficult thing to abandon in the workflow. Nevertheless, many people have used VIM for many years, but they still don’t know how […]

  • Use of Objective-C and swift third party libraries


    Note 1: This article was written in September 2016, (swift 3.0, Xcode 8) different versions may be different, just for reference.Note 2: the best way to summarize is to use cocoapods. Please refer to the previous article for those not used. OC third party framework takes afnetworking 3.1.0 as an example.Take alamofire 4.0.0 as an […]

  • Avay plug in of Emacs


    When using Emacs, I used to divide it into “four parts” How? It’s usually done firstC-x 3Separate the left and right windows, and then use them in each windowC-x 2Separate the upper and lower windows – this is not my clerical error. In Emacs terminology, the area used to display a buffer is called a […]