• Vscode set Vue code snippet


    1、 How to set? Open user clip Select or createvue.jsoncode snippet Just paste the following code snippet { “Print to console”: { “prefix”: “vue”, “body”: [ “<template>”, ” <div>\n”, ” </div>”, “</template>\n”, “<script>”, “export default {“, ” props: {\n”, ” },”, ” data() {“, ” return {\n”, ” };”, ” },”, ” computed: {\n”, ” […]

  • VIM register: from shallow to deep


    Original link:Vim registers: The basics and beyond VIM register is the kind of thing that you may not feel needed until you learn. After you learn it, the register becomes an indispensable and difficult thing to abandon in the workflow. Nevertheless, many people have used VIM for many years, but they still don’t know how […]

  • Use of Objective-C and swift third party libraries


    Note 1: This article was written in September 2016, (swift 3.0, Xcode 8) different versions may be different, just for reference.Note 2: the best way to summarize is to use cocoapods. Please refer to the previous article for those not used. OC third party framework takes afnetworking 3.1.0 as an example.Take alamofire 4.0.0 as an […]

  • Avay plug in of Emacs


    When using Emacs, I used to divide it into “four parts” How? It’s usually done firstC-x 3Separate the left and right windows, and then use them in each windowC-x 2Separate the upper and lower windows – this is not my clerical error. In Emacs terminology, the area used to display a buffer is called a […]

  • VIM register: from simple to deep


    Link to the original text:Vim registers: The basics and beyond VIM register is the kind of things that you may not need until you learn. After you learn it, registers become indispensable and hard to discard in workflow. However, there are still many people who have been using VIM for many years and don’t know […]

  • Ueditor Baidu rich text table column width adjustment function optimization


    I believe that in most of the company’s internal office systems, the function of rich text editor will be used. At present, there are many popular rich text editors, but few of them are friendly to the table function and operation experience of rich text, and even some simple rich text editors do not provide […]

  • Translation: practical Python Programming 01_ 01_ Python


    Contents | next section (1.2 first program) 1.1 Python What is Python? Python is an interpretive high-level language, usually classified as “scripting language” and considered similar to Perl, TCL or ruby. Python’s syntax is largely inspired by the C programming language.Python was founded by Guido van Rossum in 1990. It is named after Python to […]

  • The lower version of Xcode does not support the real debugging of higher version system IOS (IOS 14.0 is supported in continuous update)


    Problems encountered As an IOS developer, it’s a bit of a tragedy because the official version of Xcode 14.0 hasn’t been released yet / even though Xcode 12.0 has been updated, because we need to keep the Xcode version consistent with the team members, we can’t debug and report errors with our own real phone […]

  • A simple way to realize terminal text paster


    Code directlysclipboard.sh #!/usr/bin/env bash CONFIG_FOLDER=~/.config/scopy-paste CONFIG_FILE=”$CONFIG_FOLDER/value” if [ ! -d “$CONFIG_FOLDER” ]; then mkdir -p “$CONFIG_FOLDER”; fi function scopy() { echo -n ${*:-`cat`} > “$CONFIG_FILE”; } function spaste() { if [ -f “$CONFIG_FILE” ]; then echo -n $(cat “$CONFIG_FILE”); fi } Usage beforesource sclipboard.sh。 #Copy path pwd | scopy #Paste path ls -l $(spaste)

  • [get screenshot data from web page] practical experience in chrome and Firefox


    Recently, we are implementing a function with the following requirements: Premise: there is no pop-up window on the current page Paste anywhere on the page Read the screen capture data in the clipboard Upload screenshot First of all, I’d like to find relevant examples from the Internet. Found the column on SF《JS get the content […]

  • Linux operation Chapter VI and VIM editor


    introduce All Linux systems come with VI text editor.VIM has the ability of program editing, which can be seen as an enhanced version of VI. it can actively distinguish the correctness of syntax by font color, which is convenient for program design. Code completion, compilation and error jump and other convenient programming functions are particularly […]

  • How to add program to auto start manually in Windows


    Some software does not have the option of login and self startup, we can simply operate by ourselves. 1. Press Win + R to open the running dialog box 2. Input shell:startup This opens the startup folder: 3. Paste shortcut Paste the program shortcut you want to start automatically into this folder.