• Linux \ CentOS MySQL installation and configuration


    1、 About MySQL <img width=”250″ hegiht=”150″/> MySQL is a relational database management system, which is developed by MySQL AB company, and now belongs to the product of Oracle. MySQL uses a standardized language. Small size, fast speed, low cost, open source and other characteristics make some small and medium-sized websites choose MySQL as website database. […]

  • Using Windows Linux subsystem to configure development environment


    Microsoft announced the windows subsystem Linux (hereinafter referred to as WSL) a few days ago. At that time, only the insider preview supported the installation. As an ordinary user, I didn’t try. I don’t know which update will accompany these two days. The standard professional version can also be installed. I tried to match it. […]

  • CentOS? MySQL installation script


    #!/bin/bash env echo “Download msyql5.7 rpm…” sudo yum install wget wget -i -c http://dev.mysql.com/get/mysql57-community-release-el7-10.noarch.rpm echo “Start to install mysql5.7…” sudo yum -y install mysql57-community-release-el7-10.noarch.rpm sudo yum -y install mysql-community-server Echo “start MySQL service” sudo systemctl start mysqld.service Echo “MSYQL temporary password:” grep ‘password’ /var/log/mysqld.log |head -n 1 |grep -oE “localhost:(.+)$” | awk -F ‘:’ ‘{print […]

  • SSH connection server


    1. overview SSH is a kind of network communication protocol, which is used for encrypted login between computers. Generally, there are two ways to connect servers with SSH: password authentication and key authenticationPassword authentication is to log in through the traditional way of entering password. Key authentication is to register the public key generated to […]

  • JS advanced case: strength of password verification


    Case: verify the strength of the password   1. Give me the password and I will return to the corresponding level 2. Each time the keyboard is raised, the content in the text box should be obtained. Verify what is in the text box and get a level. Then the div below will display the […]

  • M5680t SNMP configuration start


    Tools needed telnet | nc Snmpwalk for Linux or iReasoning MIB Brower Huawei OLT MT5680T A network cable to connect Linux to Connection mode The current active eth network interface of the network cable direct connection control boardLocal address configuration and OLT address are in the same network segment, such as ifconfig eth0 netmask […]

  • One key generation of PEM and Der certificates using OpenSSL


    Save the following code as a file with the suffix sh #!/bin/bash PASS= Init_Selection() { clear echo “+————————————————————————+” echo “| _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |” echo “| / / //_|/_//_//_//_//_’/ //_/ |” echo “| _/ / _/ |” echo “+————————————————————————+” Echo “| OpenSSL certificate generation script v1.0 |” echo “+————————————————————————+” echo […]

  • #”Pluggable” component design, understand the mysteries of component development


    From oneConfirmComponent start, write a pluggable component step by step. Deal with a normal payment process (such as Alipay’s purchase fund). Click the buy button If the risk level does not match: click the confirm box After the user confirms the risk: pop up the payment method selection pop-up window (dialog) After selecting the payment […]

  • Share the configuration experience of using SVN to test the automatic update of server code and manual update of online server code


    This article is not about the installation of servers, but about SVN or GIT. First of all, let’s talk about our own ideas. When each developer submits the code to the SVN server, he will trigger the post commit hook to automatically update the code to the test server, and check whether the code is […]

  • Formdata console Print empty and usage


    Before using formdata, I used to view parameters in the network. Recently, I was working on a project. I haven’t got an interface yet. I used the fake data to interact with the console.log, which was a fantasy. The result is empty. At first, I thought the append was invalid. After verification, it turns out […]

  • React + node.js cleverly realizes various tips of background management system (front and back end)


    At present, due to the heavy academic tasks, there is no good improvement. Now, only the function of item bank management, adding item bank, modifying item bank and logging in is relatively perfect. But with the use of small programs, the main function has been realized This background system is to match another project of […]

  • SSH configuration Linux password free login


    There is a Linux server. When I upload code to this Linux server through git on my local computer, I need to use SSH secret key if I want to achieve password free login, First, you need to make sure that you have the key. By default, the user’s SSH key is stored in~/.sshIn the […]