• Meterpreter use


    0x01 system command Basic system commands Background – places the current session in the background Sessions – view help Sessions – I ා enter session – K kill session Bgrun / run ා execute the existing module, enter run and press tab twice to list the existing scripts Info – view existing module information Getuid […]

  • Python crawler – fangtianxia – login


    Fangtianxia – login The website of this crawling is:https://passport.fang.com I. analysis request Enter the user name and password, and click the login button The requested parameters are: uid: 123456789 pwd: 64ccd4212d87e6cc149d0545ad1d46263ef70eb7cd66543419dc639ff4842c4a8cd1f84a519933040ba2c2aa9045934d4c33c72c006fe98ef51a3bd643aa40cb28a2fce9c5b40c49881db90c0bf372188a98747308071a995d19caf3ef63ab402ff81865159717b495b2f393b079fda964c8872297b7360f5c58e951e59f42d1 Service: soufun-passport-web AutoLogin: 1 uidIs the user name entered,pwdIs the encrypted data. We just need to find out the encryption method of the password […]

  • Token based authentication of Vue & nodejs JWT


    Now the more popular way of verification is to takeLogin verification of token principle 1. When logging in, the client sends the user name and password 2. The server verifies whether the user name and password are correct. After verification, a valid token string will be generated and sent to the client 3. The token […]

  • Logic vulnerability mining


    Logic loophole refers to that some logic branches are unable to handle or handle errors due to the lax or too complex logic of the program, which generally occurs in any password modification (without old password verification), unauthorized access, password retrieval, transaction payment amount, etc.  

  • Yii2 method of password encryption and verification


    In yii2, we provide a series of methods for password encryption and verification, which is convenient for us to use. It uses bcrypt algorithm. Looking at the source code, we can see that it uses the PHP functions password_hash() and crypt() to generate. Encryption: /** *$password password to encrypt *$hash encrypted hash string */ $hash […]

  • Oracle notes Basics


    1 login start Sqlplus / as SYSDBA login as Administrator Sqlplus user name / password – local login Sqlplus user name / password @ // host IP / instance name (default orcl) ා remote login SQL > startup / shutdown – start / shut down the database instance Lsnrctl start / stop – start / […]

  • Functional reactive programming


    Let’s skip the concept and see directly what problems functional responsive programming solves. The story starts with the following example: Two password input boxes, one submit button. Password and confirm password are filled in and consistent, and can be submitted; inconsistent prompt error. The html is as follows: Submission Routine practice Initial version const validate […]

  • Oracle imports DMP file with imp


    Oracle command line login Sqlplus user name / password Create user Create user user identified by password; Create tablespace Create tablespace tablespace name datafile ‘d: \ oracle11 \ oradata \ database name \ XXX. PDF’ size 200m AUTOEXTEND on next 50m maxsize 1000m; User authorization Grant connect, resource to user name; Log in to Oracle […]

  • MySQL forgets password resolution


    1. Set the administrator root password to 123 After opening MySQL service PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> mysqladmin -uroot -p password “123” Enter password: mysqladmin: [Warning] Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure. Warning: Since password will be sent to server in plain text, use ssl connection to ensure password safety. #Enter directly, ignore […]

  • Obtaining and cracking windows password


    Windows password obtaining and cracking This article is just a simple description of password acquisition and cracking Specific operation details are avoided in the way of fuzzy or specific code confusion If you are interested, please study by yourself, this article will not elaborate~~~ Get ideas: Windows password is usually encrypted and saved with “hash […]

  • Solve the problem of mysql5.7 forgetting password under Linux


    I. Problems Mysql5.7 under Linux forgets password Two, solve Step 1: open mysql5.7’s configuration file my.cnf, and add a line in it: skip grant tables to save and exit (: WQ) [[email protected] ~]# vi /etc/my.cnf • step 2: restart MySQL [[email protected] ~]# service mysqld restart Step 3: log in to MySQL and change the password […]

  • Python crawler – simulated micro blog login


    Weibo simulated Login This is the website:https://weibo.com/ I. request analysis Find the login location, fill in the user name and password to log in. See what the data of this request response is This is the response data. Save it. exectime: 8 nonce: “HW9VSX” pcid: “gz-4ede4c6269a09f5b7a6490f790b4aa944eec” pubkey: “EB2A38568661887FA180BDDB5CABD5F21C7BFD59C090CB2D245A87AC253062882729293E5506350508E7F9AA3BB77F4333231490F915F6D63C55FE2F08A49B353F444AD3993CACC02DB784ABBB8E42A9B1BBFFFB38BE18D78E87A0E41B9B8F73A928EE0CCEE1F6739884B9777E4FE9E88A1BBE495927AC4A799B3181D6442443” retcode: 0 rsakv: “1330428213” servertime: 1568257059 Continue […]