• MySQL learning — managing user rights


    MySQL learning — managing user rights Absrtact: This paper mainly studies the method of using DCL statement to manage user rights. Understanding user rights What is a user Users refer to the people who operate and use MySQL database. Using MySQL database requires users to connect through user name and password before operation. Different users […]

  • Building NPM private library – installing MySQL in Linux Environment


    install In CentOS, MariaDB is installed by default, which is a branch of MySQL. However, MySQL should be installed in the system for the sake of need, and MariaDB can be directly overridden after the installation. wget -i -c http://dev.mysql.com/get/mysql57-community-release-el7-10.noarch.rpm #Download the yum repository for installation yum -y install mysql57-community-release-el7-10. noarch.rpm #Yum install MySQL RPM […]

  • Authentication mechanism of mongodb management user


    1、 Introduction of mongodb user authentication mechanism In order to authenticate the client, you must add a corresponding user to mongodb. The basic steps are as follows: User management interface: db.createUser The () method can create a user. After adding a user, the user can be assigned a role. The first user must be an […]

  • CentOS install kafkamanager


    1、 Download Download address: https://github.com/yahoo/CMAK/releases shell> wget https://codeload.github.com/yahoo/CMAK/tar.gz/ Note: previously calledKafka Manager, now renamedCMAK(Cluster Manager for Apache Kafka)The name of the compressed package after downloading the web page isCMAK- name of the compressed package after WGet download is2.0.0.2.tar.gz(if it is or older, the name of the compressed package downloaded by WGet has only the […]

  • Docker super detailed installation and mounting of mysql5.7


    1. Download MySQL 5.7 image docker pull mysql:5.7 2. Create the MySQL container and start it docker run -d -p 3306:3306 -e MYSQL_USER=”ppx” -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=”123456″ -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=”123456″ –name mysqltest1 mysql:5.7 –character-set-server=utf8 –collation-server=utf8_general_ci The above parameters are explained -e MYSQL_ User =: set user name -e MYSQL_ Password =: set the password of this user -e […]

  • Spring boot security oauth2 implementation of authorization server supporting JWT token


    Title text summary The previous two articles described the use of spring security in combination with oauth2 and JWT. In this section, you are required to have an understanding of oauth2 and JWT. If you are not clear, please move to the next two articles to understand them in advance. Spring boot security integrates oauth2 […]

  • node.js User registration, login and verification process


    1、 Preface Through this article, you can master node.js The code blocks in this article are all in one file for registering users, logging in, and validating index.js Medium. 2、 Related technical points Main tools vscode postman mysql Node related package express body-parser bcryptjs jwt 3、 Document preparation Create folder Open the vscode console, CD […]

  • Packaging h5toapp method


    Method 1 Create a new Android studio project and use WebView to specify your page Method 2 Use the tool Cordova with address: http://cordova.axuer.com/docs/zh-cn/latest/guide/platforms/android/index.html Method 3 Ionic combined with Cordova Method 4     ApiCloud        https://www.jianshu.com/p/c45148134082 Method 5 For reference( https://reactnative.cn/docs/signed-apk-android/ ) 1. Generate private key ① Open the terminal in the root directory […]

  • [ asp.net Core series] – 11 service layer implementation template


    Preface In《 asp.net In the actual combat series of core series, we had a general understanding of the project in the previous space, and also built a basic project skeleton. So let’s continue to refine the skeleton and make it fuller. In this article, I will lead my friends to realize the user management function. […]

  • Establishment of docker redis5.0 cluster cluster


    System environment: ubuntu16.04lts This paper uses six docker containers to build a single machine cluster test. If the actual environment is multiple, the container number, port number and cluster IP address can be modified accordingly. Each machine can operate according to the following steps. Get the official image of redis docker pull redis:5.0 Create configuration […]

  • How to install lamp on Ubuntu


    About lamp Lamp is a set of free software acronyms commonly used together to run dynamic web sites or servers Linux, operating system Apache, web server Mysql, database management system (or database server) PHP Here is the installation tutorial. 1. Install Apache Apache is a free open source software that runs on more than 50% […]

  • Linux remote login


      Linux is generally used as a server, and the server is generally placed in the computer room. It is too troublesome to operate the Linux server in the computer room. Generally, it is a remote login to the Linux server to operate.   There are two ways to log in to Linux remotely Through […]