• Auth module of Django (user authentication)


    Auth module of Django (user authentication) 1、 Introduction to auth module The auth module is a function module of Django framework, which encapsulates the login authentication method. Before we get the user name and password, we need to query whether there is an object whose user name and password match from the user table. With […]

  • Installing MySQL on Linux cloud server


    MySQL is one of the mainstream databases, and it is free to use, so it is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises or developers. This paper briefly introduces the installation methods under different Linux distributions.   Debian 9.0 (MariaDB is installed by default) Apt (advanced packaging tool) is included in both Ubuntu and Debian systems, […]

  • Secure audit violence landing


    File path cd /var/log -rw——- 1 root root 1200063 Aug 10 20:04 secure When doing emergency response or script monitoring, you can refer to the following features … Aug 10 09:45:48 Xx-01 sshd[3835443]: Invalid user test from x.x.x.x port 38648 Aug 10 09:45:48 Xx-01 sshd[3835443]: input_userauth_request: invalid user test [preauth] Aug 10 09:45:48 Xx-01 sshd[3835443]: […]

  • What is the state in HTTP stateless?


    preface Recently, when I was learning about HTTP, I found that I couldn’t understand the first sentence [HTTP protocol is stateless, connectionless] about http: what does stateless [state] mean?! Looking for a lot of information, not only did they not find anyone who answered this question directly, but also some explanations were full of all […]

  • Apple releases Chrome browser extension for icloud Keychain on Windows


    According to foreign media, the Chrome extension developed by apple for icloud password has been released. Now users can download it from Google’s Chrome online app store. Its main function is to let you use the password stored in icloud. “Icloud passwords allows you to use the same powerful Safari password that you created on […]

  • 13-1-3 password management


    Password management in Django Password management is not reinvented when it is not necessary. Django is committed to providing a set of secure and flexible tools to manage user passwords. This document describes how Django stores passwords and hash storage method configurations, as well as some examples of using hash passwords. See also Even if […]

  • CSS: the fun of focus within


    I believe some people have seen this picture of station B entering the password to cover their eyesHere we play with: focus within The layout is like thisThere is a CTN outside that can be ignored, just a fixed position in the middleThe image of “Suo” in xpassword is hidden before clickingThe “R6m” after xpassword […]

  • Redis personal guide


    Connecting redis through command line 1. First, install the redis client yum install redis 2. Connection redis-cli -h -p 6379 -a password #Host: remote redis server host #Port: remote redis service port $password: remote redis service password (if there is no password, the – a parameter is not required)

  • Mysql database


    Command: To view the installation path of MySQL: 1. select @@basedir as basePath from dual; 2. show variables like “%char%”; – character_ sets_ This is the installation path. View the data path of MySQL: 1. select @@datadir as dataPath from dual; 2. show variables Like ‘%datadir%’; Command line connection to database: MySQL – H localhost […]

  • Realizing remote connection and setting account and password in mongodb on Linux


    Local system: Fedora 28Server system: CentOS 7 install Install client locally sudo dnf install mondodb Install the server on the server sudo dnf install mongodb-server There are many basic operations on the Internet (such as specifying the database path — dbpath, specifying the port — port). I don’t want to describe them here. I think […]

  • 13-1-2 using Django authentication system


    Using Django authentication system This document explains the use of Django authentication system in default configuration. These configurations can gradually meet the needs of most common project pairs, can handle a wide range of tasks, and have a detailed set of passwords and permissions. Django supports projects that require different requirements from the default configuration_ […]