• Step by step Vue + element front end application development (33) — mail parameter configuration and template mail sending processing


    In system processing, it is sometimes necessary to send e-mail to notify users, such as e-mail confirmation of new users, password retrieval, and routine subscription messages, notifications and other content processing, which can be processed by e-mail. This essay introduces how to realize the mail parameter configuration management of the system and send mail based […]

  • Docker compose one click deployment mall system


    Hello, I’m big zongzi I feel bad Why? Because many of my friends can’t run my open source projects. Basically, 80% or 90% of them are due to environmental factors. Either MySQL or redis cannot be connected, or there is a problem with the nginx path. Wait! The result was that it didn’t work. Instead, […]

  • RAC first acquaintance


    (this article was originally published on CSDN, but now the blog is migrated and rearranged and modified with markdown) The original English text of this article comes from this articlearticleBut I only translated selectively. RAC emphasizes atomic operation and assembly. Rac is basically based on signals, that is, racsignal. All operations can be converted into […]

  • Docker starts mysql, mongodb, redis, elasticsearch, and grafana databases


    preface: When using the database temporarily, you can use docker to run, which can prevent the environment from being damaged by installation on the system. At the same time, using docker to start is faster than installing and configuring in the system. It can be said that it is the fastest way to install, deploy […]

  • How to install openlitespeed web server in CentOS 8


    Openlitespeed is an open source version of Litespeed. It is a powerful and lightweight open source HTTP web server. It is developed by Lightspeed technology under the license of gplv3.0.System environmentCentOS 8 Configure openlitespeed software sourceFirst, add the openlitespeed software source to CentOS 8: [[email protected] ~]# rpm -ivh http://rpms.litespeedtech.com…How to install openlitespeed web server in […]

  • Install jupyter and set anti substitution


    install python -m pip install jupyter to configure 2.1 generate configuration file jupyter notebook –generate-config 2.2 generate login password python3 -c ‘from notebook.auth import passwd; print(passwd(“usepassword”));’ 2.3 modifying configuration files vim ~/.jupyter/jupyter_notebook_config.py 2.4 contents of configuration file c.NotebookApp.allow_origin = ‘*’ c.NotebookApp.allow_remote_access = True c.NotebookApp.base_url = ‘/’ #Set IP access to allow any IP access c.NotebookApp.ip […]

  • Installing redis on alicloud ECS


    Installing redis on alicloud ECS Environment: select CentOS 7.8 for Alibaba cloud server ECs Redis Download Download address:http://redis.io/download , download the latest stable version. wget http://download.redis.io/releases/redis-6.0.8.tar.gz tar xzf redis-6.0.8.tar.gz cd redis-6.0.8 Yum – y install GCC # if it is not installed, it will compile and report an error make Modify redis configuration file vi […]

  • Getting started with spring security


    #1. Introduction to spring security: Spring Security is a powerful and highly customizable authentication and access-control framework. It is the de-facto standard for securing Spring-based applications. Spring Security is a framework that focuses on providing both authentication and authorization to Java applications. Like all Spring projects, the real power of Spring Security is found in […]

  • Jenkins install + modify initial password Mac version


    Note: the following are Mac version operations, the same as windows Start docker docker Pull Jenkins jenkins pull jenkins/jenkins Run Jenkins docker run -p 8080:8080 -p 50000:50000 jenkins/jenkins After installation, you will be prompted where your password is (af58a753ccff46518a557a1d2dd012e6) Then enter the password prompted above to log in, and select the recommended plug-in to continue; […]

  • MySQL logical architecture – what steps have been taken to execute SQL statements


    MySQL logical architecture – what steps have been taken to execute SQL statements From the perspective of MySQL architecture, we can disassemble MySQL into several parts, as shown in the figure below In general, MySQL can be divided intoServer layerandStorage engine tierTwo parts. The server layer includesConnector, query cache, analyzer, optimizer, executor, covering most core […]

  • C#mysql database backup and restore


    1: Reference DLL MySql.Data.dll, MySqlbackup.dll 2: Create a data connection static class public static class mysql { Public static string constr = “database = test; password = password; user id = root; server = IP address”; public static MySqlConnection conn = new MySqlConnection(constr); } 3: Create WinForm form Backup code DialogResult = MessageBox. Show (“the […]