• This paper introduces etc directory of Linux system and passwd file under it


    Let’s take a look at the general contents of the etc directory /Etc directoryContains many files. Many network configuration files are also in / etc /etc/rc   or/etc/rc.d   or/etc/rc*.d  Start, or change the scripts or scripts directory running at runtime /etc/passwd  User database, in which domain gives user name, real name, home directory, encrypted password and […]

  • Summary of practical skills of passwd command in Linux system


    Let’s review the basic usage of the passwd commandThe Linux passwd command is used to change the user’s passwordgrammarpasswd [-k] [-l] [-u [-f]] [-d] [-S] [username]Necessary parameters:-D delete password-F enforcement-K updates can only be sent after expiration-L stop using the account-S display password information-U enable stopped accounts-X sets the expiration date of the password-G modify […]

  • Detailed explanation of user password management commands passwd and change in Linux


    passwd Change user passwordparameter – K keep unexpired authentication token– L close account password. The effect is equivalent to usermod – L, which only root can use.– U restore account password. The effect is equivalent to usermod-u, and only root is authorized to use it.– G change the group password. Equivalent command for gpasswd.– f […]