• 5 minutes per day – builder mode


    Builder pattern What is the builder model? As the name suggests, to create something, to be precise, to build various parts into a product in the way required. Builder pattern It needs four classes: Abstract builder, concrete builder, product class and director class。 Product category: public class Phone { //Parts of mobile phone private String […]

  • Todo react Redux immutable case


    Todo-react-redux-immutable Use react, Redux, react Redux, immutable.js, styled components and other tool libraries to complete a todos case. Project address https://github.com/sayll/Todos-react-redux-immutable.js Project explanation The correct posture of react minimizes the re rendering of widgets.The author has been busy recently and will make up for it in the future. Project start $ git clone https://github.com/sayll/Todos-react-redux-immutable.js.git $ […]

  • Android USB communication


    1: Introduction: Since Android 3.1 (API level 12), the Android system directly supports two modes: USB accessory mode and USB host mode, and supports various USB peripherals and Android USB accessories (hardware implementing Android accessory protocol). Note: the above support methods for Android devices to support USB host mode and slave mode are only software […]

  • Octobercms-5-component


    Partials Partials, hereinafter referred to as [parts], are twig marker blocks that can be reused. Can be used anywhere on the site. Such as headers, footers, or other Ajax content. Partials template files are stored in the partials subdirectory of the template directory. The extension is HTM. The simplest example: <p>This is a partial</p> The […]

  • Octobercms-8-component


    Components Components here we call them components. Components are configurable building elements. Can be attached to pages, layouts, partials. Component is the core feature of October. Each component can extend the functions of the website. The component can output HTML code on the page, but this is not the main function. An important function of […]

  • How to make widgets on iPhone


    Learn how to make customizable widgets and widgets from third-party applications. You can do this on any iPhone with IOS 14 or later. How to make widgets on iPhone To make a widget, first download a third-party application, such as widget Smith, from the app store. On the home screen, click and hold until you […]

  • Java Web implementation file upload and download source code


    1. Introduce enctype The enctype attribute specifies how the form data should be encoded before being sent to the server. Enctype is used to inform the server of the MIME type of the request body (the same as content type in the request header) 1. 1. There are three values for enctype | value | […]

  • Why do I think flutter is the future of mobile application development


    Lao Meng‘s Guide: This is an excellent article translated by Lao Meng. This article has a total of 3.6k praise. Join Lao Meng’s fluent exchange group (Wx: laomengit) and make no mistakes in wonderful articles. Original address:https://medium.com/free-code-… A few years ago, I used java and Objective-C to get involved in Android and IOS development. After […]

  • Fluent – ide shortcut for rapid development


    Lao Meng Guide: This is a fine article translated by Lao Meng. The ownership of the article belongs to the original author. Welcome to Lao Meng’s flutter exchange group and translate 2-3 paid articles every week. You can’t miss it. Original address:https://medium.com/flutter-co… If you are a beginner in fluent, you must hate nested structures. How […]

  • Go efficient concurrency 11 | concurrency mode: the efficient concurrency mode of learning and using in go language


    To track a user’s request, you must have a unique ID to identify which functions are called and which codes are executed in this request, and then connect the log information through this unique ID. In this way, a log track is formed, and the user tracking is realized, so the idea is. Generate traceid […]

  • Pit and summary in the development of Android widget


    @ catalogue summary Official reference design sketch AndroidManifest.xml Receiver Service Options res/xml/ widget_desktop_options.xml Common parameters Size updatePeriodMillis initialLayout Using App Widgets with Collections Official reference AppWidgetProvider RemoteViewsService RemoteViewsFactory DesktopActivity summary Official reference Build an App Widget design sketch Put a rendering. This is the desktop app folder I play AndroidManifest.xml Receiver Remember not to make […]

  • Linux_《 Chapter 18 learning summary of Linux command line and shell script programming


    Time: Monday, December 04, 2017Note: part of the content of this article is extracted from the book “complete collection of Linux command line and shell script programming”, and the copyright belongs to the original author《 Linux command line and shell script programming Encyclopedia (Third Edition) Chapter 18 learning summary Chapter 18: script programming in graphical […]