• [daily] basic concepts of xiaobailai installation BIOS and hard disk partition


    In the past two days, because of testing in Linux, the system of Linux was broken first, and then the boot was broken after reinstalling the Linux system. In the process of repairing the boot, the win8 system of the machine was damaged. After repairing the boot and reinstalling Linux again, Linux can access it. […]

  • [Linux] mount device to directory using mount


    In general, the direct mount device path directory path is OK. Umount device name, you can uninstall this deviceUse lsblk – F to view the attached devices and their file systems. [email protected]:/boot# lsblk -f NAME FSTYPE LABEL UUID MOUNTPOINT sda ├─sda1 ├─sda2 vfat SYSTEM_DRV B467-E8A8 ├─sda3 ├─sda4 ntfs Windows8_OS 8A461C98461C875B /media/tao/Windows8_OS ├─sda5 ext4 e297ae56-7c17-48ea-aac5-f26c1e5cad84 / […]

  • [daily] magical guidance problems deep and win10


    After yesterday’s ups and downs, my computer can enter the boot interface of deep in as soon as it is turned on, or log in to deep in, but it will directly report an error when I visit windows. My windows has used PE to install win10. I still can’t open it. After studying the […]

  • Linux operating system


    Linux operating system —————————————————————- The main components of Linux system are as follows: 1. Hardware interaction layer: the bottom layer of the system, which provides the foundation for the kernel layer, is composed of software for managing peripheral devices (peripheral devices include terminal controller and storage device controller) 2. Kernel layer: system core, including process […]

  • Win10 preview 1803 hard disk partition can not access how to solve?


    When one of the hard disk partitions is opened in the preview version 1803 of win10, you will be prompted that access is denied and you cannot open it. What should I do? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. 1. Right click this on the windows 10 desktopComputer Icon, click in the pop-up […]

  • Linux LVM logical volume management


    UseLinuxFor a long time, I will surely realize a problem. A partition is not enough. What should I do if I want to expand it? This involvesLVMThe management of logical volume can be adjusted dynamically.LinuxPartition capacity. LVM overview Full nameLogical Volume ManagerIt can dynamically adjust the disk capacity and improve the flexibility of disk management. […]

  • Linux installs CentOS7 operating system


    1. Install the operating system The following interface appears when the virtual machine is opened Install CentOS 7 Test this media & install CentOS 7 Test the installation file and install CentOS 7 Troubleshooting Select the first item, install direct CentOS 7, enter, and enter the following screen          Choose your language […]

  • Linux Installs CentOS 7 Operating System


    1. Installing Operating System When the virtual machine is turned on, the following interface appears Install CentOS 7 Install CentOS 7 Test this media & install CentOS 7 test installation files and install CentOS 7 Troubleshooting Repair Fault Select the first option, install Direct CentOS 7, return to the following interface          […]

  • Linux disk partition (9)


    Basic knowledge of partitioning: Mode: MBR partition: 1. Supporting up to four primary partitions 2. The system can only install the main partition 3. Extended partition should occupy one main partition 4. MBR supports only 2TB at most, but has the best compatibility. GTP partition: 1, support unlimited number of main partitions (but the operating […]

  • Apple Mac installs Win7 system prompt “this disk can’t be partitioned, because it can’t move some files” two solutions


    Apple Mac installed Win7 system prompted “the disk can not be partitioned, because it can not move certain files”, the specific problem is as follows: Resolvent: Method 1: 1. Open Disk Management in Mac OSx Utility Tool; 2. Then select the MAC disk and click to verify the disk permission in about three minutes. 3. […]

  • How does Linux modify the partition id? The way to modify the partition type of Linux


    LVM partition under Linux is a must for learning linux. It involves modifying the partition ID type before LVM partition and changing 83 common partitions to 8e LVM identification. How should it be operated? Now let’s go to see the concrete operation together with Xiaobian. Method: 1、Enter fdisk/dev/dhb Insert device name after fdisk (IDE hard […]

  • SQL Server skillfully uses row_number and partition by grouping to get top data


    Grouping TOP data is a common query in T-SQL. For example, in the student information management system, the top three students in each subject are taken out. Before SQL Server 2005, this kind of query was very tedious to write and needed temporary table Association query to get. After SQL Server 2005, row_number() function was […]