• Kafka comprehensive understanding


    Kafka comprehensive understanding What is message queuing and what are its benefits? decouple When the message is written to the message queue, the system that needs the message subscribes from the message queue, so that the upstream system does not need to make any modification For example, there is an upstream system a, which has […]

  • Distributed storage principle of sequoiadb


    Distributed architecture is imperative In traditional database technology, in order to ensure data security and high performance, high-end external storage is usually selected as the main storage source of database, while local disk is regarded as an unreliable device with low performance. This concept is mainly due to the bottleneck of local disk production technology […]

  • Detailed introduction of MySQL advanced theoretical knowledge


    List of articles 1、 Database partition, table, database and partition Hello, everyone. I’m Xiao Liu. I haven’t seen you for a long time. I miss you very much. Xiao Liu is here to take you to learn the basic knowledge of sub database and sub table 1.1 bottleneck of single database The larger the amount […]

  • [operation tutorial] sequoiadb distributed storage tutorial


    1. Introduction to applicable scenarios of each mode becauseSequoiaDBCompared with other NoSQL, there are more ways to distribute data to multiple servers, so the author will introduce to readers which scenarios each distributed mode is suitable for. 1.1 hash distribution dataIn the hash distribution mode, because the hash value of a field in the collection […]

  • Engineering practice of map search system


    Engineering practice of map search system I wrote an overview before: an overview of image search system. The main problems to be solved in the system are as follows Extracting image feature vector (using eigenvector to represent an image) Similarity calculation of feature vectors (searching for images with similar contents) The corresponding engineering practices are […]

  • On cap theorem


    In a single machine, the database is easy to meet the acid characteristics of transactions, but in the distributed database, acid distribution is difficult to meet. So distributed theories like cap and base are born.Cap Theory: C: consistency, a: availability and P: partition tolerance can only satisfy at most two of them. Consistency: in a […]

  • Kafka learning materials


    Kafka 1、 Benefits of message middleware 1. Decoupling It allows you to extend or modify processes on both sides independently, as long as you make sure they comply with the same interface constraints. It would be a great waste to put resources on standby to handle such peak visits. The use of message queue can […]

  • Elasticsearh docker single machine cluster from scratch


    preparation VirtualBox virtual machine add New virtual machine Memory size Virtual hard disk Virtual hard disk file type Stored on physical hard disk File location and size Load image file Network card configuration CentOS 7.8 installation Select language Partition Manual partitioning network configuration Set root password Docker installation & elasticsearch image Docker installation Docker view […]

  • Configuration check of Cassandra data model and schema


    Disclaimers This documentProvides information about datastax enterprise (DSE) and Apache Cassandra Gamma General data modeling and architecture configuration recommendations. This document requires basic knowledge of DSE / Cassandra. It cannot replace official documents.   Data modeling is one of the main factors that determine the success of most projects seen by the datastax customer consulting […]

  • Interview | Kafka summary of common interview questions


    Nowadays, Kafka is no longer a simple message queuing system. Kafka is a distributed stream processing platform, which is used by more and more companies. Kafka can be used in high-performance data pipeline, flow processing analysis, data integration and other scenarios. This article summarizes several common interview questions of Kafka, hoping to help you. It […]

  • ASM disk binding based on udev – zero to none


    –August 24, 2020 –Author: Flying piggy To configure ASM disks, you need to associate the disk configuration of the previous partition as ASM disk support. On oel7, it is recommended to use Oracle’s own software to format disk ASM. This paper uses the traditional udev method to format the disk, which is also applicable to […]

  • This is a little strong, MySQL commonly used optimization guide and large table optimization ideas (worth collecting)


    When the number of records in MySQL single table is too large, the performance of adding, deleting, modifying and querying will decrease sharply Single table optimization Unless the data of a single table will continue to rise in the future, do not consider splitting at the beginning. Splitting will bring all kinds of complexity in […]