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  • Hivesql common (Part 2: usage skills and Optimization)


    Nice to meet you~   Using skills and optimization of hivesql SQL execution order: from – > join – > where – > group by – > having – > Select – > order by – > limit  Distinct de duplication and count –During distinct de duplication, if NULL exists, the result will be abnormal. […]

  • Partition table of MySQL tuning


    Series articles: Query optimization of MySQL tuning Index optimization of MySQL tuning Partition table of MySQL tuning Show profile for MySQL tuning performance monitoring Show processlist for MySQL tuning user monitoring Performance schema for MySQL tuning performance monitoring Detailed explanation of index data structure and index optimization of MySQL tuning How to use the federated […]

  • Minimalist implementation of tidb hot and cold data tiered storage | He3 team interview


    Join Hackathon to get in touch with like-minded partners in various fields of kernel, tools and ecology, and learn very good ideas through their projects. Everyone’s ideas are wonderful and full of innovation. In the usual R & D process, they are rarely touched. Hackathon can help us open our minds and let us know […]

  • Count the number of data in each partition of Oracle partition table


    Create partition table loan and insert data create table LOAN ( name VARCHAR2(30), BILL_NO VARCHAR2(30) not null, DATE1 NUMBER(8) not null ) PARTITION BY RANGE(date1) INTERVAL(100) ( PARTITION PART1 VALUES LESS THAN (20190601) tablespace USERS pctfree 10 initrans 1 maxtrans 255 storage ( initial 20M next 1M minextents 1 maxextents unlimited ) ); insert into […]

  • Hive grammar and its advanced (1)


    1. Hive complete table creation 1 CREATE [EXTERNAL] TABLE [IF NOT EXISTS] table_name( 2 [(col_name data_type [COMMENT col_comment], …)] 3 ) 4 [COMMENT table_comment] 5 [PARTITIONED BY (col_name data_type [COMMENT col_comment], …)] 6 [CLUSTERED BY (col_name, col_name, …) 7 [SORTED BY (col_name [ASC|DESC], …)] INTO num_buckets BUCKETS] 8 [ 9 [ROW FORMAT row_format] 10 [STORED […]

  • Hive: partition table structure and data replication


    Summary:Hive,Shell Hive table copy statement Hive replication tables include two types Copy table structure: only copy the table structure to a new table. No data in the new table is empty. The partition information and partition fields can be reserved in the copied table structureLIKEkeyword CREATE TABLE copy_table_name like table_name Copy table data: copy part […]

  • Hive (VII) partition table and bucket table


    Partition table The partition table actually corresponds to an independent folder on an HDFS file system. Under this folder are all the data files of the partition., a large data set is divided into small data sets according to business needs. When querying, select the specified partition required by the query through the expression in […]

  • The postgressql partition table cannot be used for statistical troubleshooting


    In the previous sharing, we mentioned that lxdb is essentially an extension based on PgSQL, which is equivalent to replacing the underlying data structure of PG. This practice is based on troubleshooting and solving the problem that the PG partition table cannot be pushed down statistically. Now, let’s start our practice sharing: 1、 Problem background […]

  • Focus! Five key points of DWS development


    Summary:Efficient use of database is a necessary skill for a qualified development engineer. How to use DWS for efficient development and improve application efficiency is the technical dry goods~~~ Efficient use of database is a necessary skill for a qualified development engineer. How to use DWS for efficient development and improve application efficiency, the following […]

  • (Oracle 11g) batch generation of move table and rebuild index statement


    Some parameters of 12C version have changed. The move table supports online, but it has not been tried in production. –Batch generation of move table and rebuild index statement /*Replace the following attribute information, by xander.cui OWNER(SCHEMA NAME): A01_GOLDEN TABLE_NAME: ‘SFC_SN_TRAC_PART’ Tablespace: use the current tablespace (specify if you want to change) Parallel 4: enable […]

  • PostgreSQL partition table partition range


    Conclusion: when creating a partition in a partition table, the range definition is closed on the left and open on the right. Create partition table create table orders ( id bigint, create_time timestamp(0) default current_timestamp ) partition by range (id); Create default partition When no child partition matches the inserted data, it is added to […]

  • Performance tuning of gaussdb (DWS) (3): definition of good taste table


    abstractTable structure design is a key link of database modeling, and table definition directly determines the effective capacity of cluster and business query performance. This paper expounds some key factors that need to be paid attention to when defining tables in gaussdb (DWS) from the perspective of product architecture, function implementation and business characteristics. preface […]