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  • Grouping, sorting and filtering functions of Excel PivotTable


    In this issue, let’s share how to use grouping, sorting and filtering functions in Excel PivotTable. In the PivotTable report shown below, we put “state” and “order year” in the “row” area, so the data is displayed according to each region and year. 01 Grouping of PivotTables In order to better demonstrate the grouping function […]

  • Date handler tool encapsulation (under continuous update…)


    Date handler tool encapsulation Judge Runnian /** *Judge Runnian *@ param {string} year * @return {Boolean} */ export const isLeap = function (year) { if ((year % 4 === 0 && year % 100 !== 0) || (year % 400 === 0)) { return true } return false }; Get week /** *Get week *@ […]

  • Incomplete guide to Babel configuration


    Babel 7.1.0 upgrade instructions Year of abandonment preset There is no need to install it manuallybabel-preset-es2015Or other years, [email protected]/preset-envIt is equivalent to using the latest version ofjavascript Discard stage preset No longer usestage-0Equal stage configuration @and-Differences between This is actuallynpmRelevant knowledge, not limited tobabel, there are two ways to install some presets of Babel. One […]

  • R language stock return distribution consistency test KS TEST Kolmogorov Smirnov, permutation test visualization


    Original link:http://tecdat.cn/?p=25086  Is this year’s earnings really different from those expected in typical years? Is the difference actually different from what is expected in a typical year? These are fairly light and easy to answer questions. We can use tests with equal mean or equal variance.But the following question.   Is this year’s earnings profile […]

  • Development of adaptive calendar component


    Development of adaptive calendar component design sketch PC end Mobile terminal preview Preview address:Preview address 1. Incoming parameters 1.1 top background picture As shown in the figure above, the photo background in the red circle area is set Defined in component parameters bgSrc: { type: String, default: ‘https://images8.alphacoders.com/992/992329.jpg’ } 1.2 calendar title Circle the regional […]

  • Ctrip school recruitment – Dolphin baby of Ctrip Aquarium (c + +)


    ⭐ Article link: www.mengyingjie.com/archives/37/ ⭐ Dolphin baby in Ctrip Aquarium Title Description: There are n cute dolphins in Ctrip aquarium. They are all 0 years old at the beginning, and the life span of each dolphin is m years, And these little dolphins will give birth to a baby dolphin (1 < = birthyear [i] […]

  • Front end date operations


    preface Although there are mature and easy-to-use libraries for date processing, such as (momentum JS and date FNS), sometimes we don’t need the whole library in actual development.So I sort out the various operations of date and time in front-end development, which is relatively complete. Some of them come from ourselves, and some from our […]

  • Prints the calendar for the specified year


    Enter the year and print out the calendar of the year: #include void PrintEnter(int mod); void PrintSkip(int lastday); void PrintTitle(int year,int month); int JudgeDays(int year, int month); void PrintMonth(int year, int mod, int lastday); int main() { int year; //The last day of every month int lastday = 1; Printf (“please enter year”); scanf(“%d”,&year); //What […]

  • JS conditional statement


    1. If structure Grammar: If (condition){ Satisfies the statement block to be executed } Implementation process: 1. Judgment conditions2. If the condition is true, the contents in the statement block are executed3. If the condition is false, skip the statement block to execute other contents be careful: (1) the condition in if should be a […]

  • Date query in SQL statement


    Date query in SQL statement —-YYYY –The day before the first day of the current year Select TRUNC (sysdate, ‘yyyy’) – 1 + 8 / 24 from dual — 08:00 am on December 31, 2019 –The first day of the current year Select TRUNC (sysdate, ‘yyyy’) + 8 / 24 from dual — 2020 / […]

  • JavaScript judge leap year


    requirement: Enter a year to judge whether it is a leap year (leap year: divisible by 4)alsoNot divisible by 100orYear divisible by 400 Code implementation: //Using function to judge leap year function isRunYear(year) { //Return true for leap year, otherwise return false var flag = false; if (year % 4 == 0 && year % […]

  • JavaScript prints the leap year of a given interval year


    requirement: The user inputs the year interval, start year and end year to be judged, and outputs all leap years in the interval. Code implementation: function isRunYear(year) { //Return true for leap year, otherwise return false var flag = false; if (year % 4 == 0 && year % 100 != 0 || year % […]