• Technology blog for large scale federated learning: System Design


    abstract Federated learning is a distributed machine learning method, which can train a large number of scattered data on mobile devices. However, there are many problems when it is implemented. Therefore, how to design a system will naturally arise. Based on tensorflow, this paper introduces the system design of Federated learning based on mobile devices, […]

  • Distributed transaction


    introduction For each order of our online shopping, the platform will have two core steps: one is to place an order for the order business, and the other is to reduce the inventory for the inventory business. Usually, this kind of different business will run on different machines. Assuming that these two actions occur on […]

  • UML II. Modeling elements (1)


    This chapter introduces UML modeling elements 1:Stereotype – also known as type, stereotype The function of element extension in UML is simply to add some tags on the existing types, similar to stamping, so as to generate new things. Simply add a sentence to describe this class more clearly and accurately. 2:Actor is someone or […]

  • Distributed transaction, solution


    Talk about distributed transactions and SolutionsDistributed transaction cap understanding demonstration solutionDetailed analysis of 2pc and 3pc of distributed systemGitHub TCC exampleDistributed transaction, repeated consumption, sequential consumption I. theory CAP related: Cap related to base: my blog As for the solutions to the problems in the distributed system, the cap principles appear as follows: Consistency: After […]

  • Agile community — agile and OKR


    Ctrip agile general mobilization is an offline theme salon activity (once every two months) of agile project management initiated by Ctrip Technology Management Center (PMO), aiming to share the first-line excellent agile practice of Internet industry with R & D management peers.     On May 10, Ctrip agile general mobilization OKR special event, Ctrip […]

  • Current situation and Prospect of swift parallel programming – Async / await and participant mode


    Current situation and Prospect of swift parallel programming – Async / await and participant mode This article is not about the current version of swift 3, but about some features of swift 5, which is expected to be released in 2018. If I remember this article in two years, I may come back to update […]

  • Phaser Source Parsing of Dead Java Synchronization Series


    problem (1) What is Phaser? (2) What are the characteristics of Phaser? (3) Phaser’s advantages over Cyclic Barrier and Count Down Latch? brief introduction Phaser, translated into stages, is suitable for a scenario where a large task can be accomplished in multiple stages, and tasks in each stage can be executed concurrently by multiple threads, […]