• Companies prefer young programmers, and more experienced programmers are not more fragrant than them?


    With the rapid development of the Internet, more and more Internet companies appear in front of the public. In terms of recruiting employees, there is a common phenomenon that many companies prefer young programmers to more experienced programmers. Why? In view of the fact that most programmers who have just graduated from the company prefer […]

  • Can’t escape the big factory’s “open ape and reduce expenditure”, programmers change into universal types of work and rush to the manufacturing industry


    Recently, the topic of “programmers leave big factories to enter factories” has aroused heated discussion on the Internet. Under this topic, the most eye-catching event is the recruitment of the subsidiary of new energy giant Ningde times in Yibin.If you look at the news carefully, you will find that the topic is still different from […]

  • Online text intersection calculation tool


    Online text intersection calculation tool Online text intersection calculation tool Extract the same part of the text in the two text line lists, extract the same part of the text in the two text line lists, and extract the same part of the text in the two text line lists https://tooltt.com/txt-intersection/

  • Online text difference calculation tool


    Online text difference calculation tool Online text difference calculation tool Compare and extract different parts of two text line lists, compare and extract different parts of two text line lists, and compare and extract different parts of two text line lists https://tooltt.com/txt-subtracation/

  • angularjs directive semantic-ui pagination


    ui.semantic.pagination.js (function (angular) { angular.module(‘ui.semantic.pagination’, []) .controller(‘PaginationController’, [‘$scope’, ‘$attrs’, ‘$parse’, function ($scope, $attrs, $parse) { var self = this, ngModelCtrl = { $setViewValue: angular.noop }, // nullModelCtrl setNumPages = $attrs.numPages ? $parse($attrs.numPages).assign : angular.noop; this.init = function (ngModelCtrl_, config) { ngModelCtrl = ngModelCtrl_; this.config = config; ngModelCtrl.$render = function () { self.render(); }; if ($attrs.itemsPerPage) […]

  • R language simulates and dynamically visualizes the Bufeng injection (Pufeng injection) experiment to generate GIF animation


    Original link:http://tecdat.cn/?p=13033 – introduce Buffon injection is one of the oldest problems in the field of geometric probability. It was first proposed in 1777. It throws the needle onto the paper with parallel lines and determines the possibility that the needle intersects one of the parallel lines. The surprising result is that the probability is […]

  • CSS realizes the three column layout in the middle of the bottom of the head


    realization 1. Flex layout Flex flexible layout is more flexible to realize various forms of layout. At present, it is widely used in mobile terminal and PC terminal, which is not supported by ie+ 1.1 html <div class=”content”> <div class=”header”>Header</div> <div class=”main”> <div class=”left”>Left</div> <div class=”center”>Center</div> <div class=”right”>Right</div> </div> <div class=”footer”>Footer</div> </div> 1.2 css .content […]

  • An example of grep using regular expressions


    cat bookmarks_2017_8_9.html | grep -o ‘\http[^\”]*\>”‘ \HTTP [^ \ “] * \ >” is divided into three parts: \Http: starts with HTTP [^ \ “] *: exclude” in string \>”: ends with” -O display only matching strings bookmarks_ 2017_ 8_ 9. HTML content > <DT><A HREF=”https://gobyexample.com/” ADD_DATE=”1485143885″ > ICON=””>Go by Example</A> Output: > https://gobyexample.com/

  • [turn to] implement OAuth custom exception


    OAuth implements custom exception preface When I was looking for the relevant problems, I found that all the reprints did not even look at the code. I really vomited. Here are some incorrect codes and some businesses I modified according to the GIT source code, which are partially different from the source code. It is […]

  • Detailed explanation of Flink taskmanager memory model


    Apache Flink provides an efficient workload on top of the JVM by strictly controlling the memory usage of its components. Although the community strives to provide reasonable default values for all configurations, it cannot be applied to all applications deployed by users on Flink. In order to provide maximum production value to our users, Flink […]

  • An online triangle generator is implemented from scratch


    Online triangle generator Through this article, you will learn the following knowledge: Core API knowledge for quick start Vue 3.2 Master the copy and paste clipboard API implemented by the latest browser Introducing element plus on demand Some getting started configurations of vite Regular expressions and typescript types Less syntax Element plus internationalization Quickly create […]

  • Some experience of EZ share


    brief introductionWhat EZ share is: EZ share is an app privately made by four fresh students of Ali. It provides services for some sultry wechat users (I asked my colleagues in our department, but they didn’t provide an external interface, so they can’t do it). It matches some forced pictures according to the user’s mood, […]