• Theoretical knowledge of JWT


    JWT learning article: Chapter 1: JWT principle Chapter 2: JWT principle implementation code brief introduction JWT Quanpin is a JSON web token, which is the most popular cross domain authentication solution at present. It is especially suitable for distributed systems, reducing user trouble, ensuring account security, and reducing server load. Some people often confuse OAuth […]

  • The job seeking process of a graduate student


    Just experienced the summer internship interview, will soon usher in the autumn recruitment, so I want to write about the questions often asked in the interview, review the old and learn the new. The following article is mainly divided into these parts1、JAVA Collection2、J.U.C.3、JVM4、MySQL5. NetworkPart 1 and Part 2, I will try to use the way […]

  • How to launch a new function for your k8s PAAS in 20 minutes?


    By sun Jianbo (Tian Yuan)Source|Alibaba cloud official account last month,Kubevela officially releasedAs an easy-to-use and highly scalable application management platform and core engine, it can be said that it is a magic weapon for platform engineers to build their own cloud native PAAS. Then, this article will take a practical example to explain how to […]

  • R language is used to simulate and visualize the experiment of Buffon throwing needle, and GIF animation is generated


    Link to the original text:http://tecdat.cn/?p=13033 – introduce Buffon casting is one of the oldest problems in the field of geometric probability. It was first proposed in 1777. It throws the needle on the paper with parallel lines and determines the possibility of the needle intersecting one of the parallel lines. The surprising result is that […]

  • location.search


    location.search Returns the query part of the URL. Suppose the current URL is http://www.runoob.com/[email protected] example.com:   document.write(location.search); The output results of the above examples are as follows: [email protected]  

  • [leetcode] – maximal suborder sum (leetcode 53)


    Maximal suborder sum Given an integer array nums, find a continuous subarray with maximum sum (subarray contains at least one element), and return its maximum sum. Example: Input: [- 2,1, – 3,4, – 1,2,1, – 5,4], Output: 6 Explanation: the sum of continuous subarrays [4, – 1,2,1] is 6. Divide and conquer Thinking: If the […]

  • sql injection violation, syntax error:token LPAREN


    Using druid to query MySQL with as, the following error is reported:Error querying database. Cause: java.sql.SQLException: sql injection violation, syntax error: TODO. pos 782, line 25, column 5, token LPAREN : with g as ( 。。。uncategorized SQLException; SQL state [null]; error code [0]; sql injection violation, syntax error: TODO. pos 782, line 25, column 5, […]

  • PTA C language 7-6 cm converted to FT in


    7-6 cm to FT in If the values of foot and inch are known, the corresponding meter is (foot + inch / 12) × 0.3048. Now, if the user enters centimeters, what are the feet and inches corresponding to the English length? Don’t forget that one foot is 12 inches. analysis The first time I […]

  • Google, Internet Explorer, edge, etc


    Development needs — JS to identify part of the browser type and version number, the encapsulation code is as follows function getBrowserInfo(){ let browserInfo = {}; let str = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase(); let isIE = navigator.userAgent.indexOf (“compatible”) > -1 && navigator.userAgent.indexOf (“MSIE”) > – 1; // judge if ie < 11 browser let isIE11 = navigator.userAgent.indexOf(‘Trident’) > […]

  • Front end interview Dachang handwritten source code series (Part one)


    Nowadays, the requirement of front-end siege lion is higher and higher, and the common API can not meet the rapid development of front-end. At present, most companies require interviewers to write down the principles of common front-end APIs, so as to prove your understanding of this knowledge point. Next, I will list the common handwritten […]

  • Hacking with angular: playing with ngoptions


    First of all, let’s talk about why we need to have a detailed understanding of this instruction, because we always encounter some operations on the drop-down options in our work, but there are often some problems; we will basically encounter the following problems: About using dropdown boxng-repeatperhapsng-optionsThe difference between instructions About dropdown boxDefault optionsHow to […]

  • Several methods of taking integer in Python


    1. Round down: int () >>> a = 14.38 >>> int(a) 14 2. Round up: ceil () When using the ceil () method, you need to import the math module, such as >>> import math >>> math.ceil(3.33) 4 >>> math.ceil(3.88) 4 3. Round () #Python learning exchange group: 778463939 >>> round(4.4) 4 >>> round(4.6) 5 […]