• Starting from 0, build the script of hugin to regularly monitor the gold price


    The overall process is as follows: 1. Post agent SchedulechoiceEvery 5h, stands for automatic operation every 5 hoursReceivers Choose to analyze the price of goldJavaScriptAgent { “post_url”: “https://www.g-banker.com/price/query”, “expected_receive_period_in_days”: “1”, “content_type”: “json”, “method”: “post”, “payload”: { “queryFlag”: “3” }, “headers”: {}, “emit_events”: “true”, “no_merge”: “false”, “output_mode”: “clean” } The results are as follows: Because this […]

  • Hugin monitors web page changes and pushes them


    Take the weekly special price page of Turing community as an example:https://www.ituring.com.cn/tag/36527 Grab content This page will update three half price e-books every Monday After copying and pasting, you can see that the XPath of the three books are: //*[@id=”tag-book”]/div/ul/li[1]/div[2]/h4/a //*[@id=”tag-book”]/div/ul/li[2]/div[2]/h4/a //*[@id=”tag-book”]/div/ul/li[3]/div[2]/h4/a Only the middleli[]The content is different So the options section and the XPath […]

  • One of the ways to call web service in Android Development


    Add ksoap2-android-assembly-3.6.3-jar-with- dependencies.jar package Create ksoahelper class public class KsoapHelper { public static int timeOut = 30000; public static String webServiceUrl; public static String nameSpace; public static int soapVersion = 120; private KsoapHelper() { } public static void initKsoapHelper(String _webServiceUrl, String _nameSpace) { initKsoapHelper(timeOut, _webServiceUrl, _nameSpace, soapVersion); } public static void initKsoapHelper(String _webServiceUrl, String _nameSpace, […]

  • Best practice project for Python beginners


    Author: XiaoyuThe official account of WeChat:Python Data ScienceZhihu:Python Data Analyst Many friends have asked me if there is any good project to practice after learning python. In fact, the project is mainly based on the needs. But for a beginner, many complex projects can not be completed independently, so the blogger selected a project that […]

  • Chrysanthemum printing


    Front end to achieve partial printing is to print part of the page information through the printerIt mainly relies on html2canvas, a tripartite tool, and window.print Native APIHtml2canvas: the main function of this tool is to pass in the DOM to get a screenshot of the domwindow.print : call up the printer to print the […]

  • How to use PHP JWT in Web


    Explain JWT JWT is a string, which is encrypted and verified by three parts. Token based authentication can replace the traditional cookie + session authentication method. The three parts are as follows: header.payload.signature Header part The header format is: { “typ”:”JWT”, “alg”:”HS256″ } This is a JSON string. Both fields are required,algField specifies the buildsignatureThe […]

  • Kendra, a self built enterprise search engine, is very simple


    Facing the vast amount of data on the Internet, how to quickly find the information you need? Search Engines! Enter the keywords, press enter, and mass results are waiting for you to review. But in the enterprise environment, facing a variety of IT systems, document libraries, and other kinds of different data sources, how to […]

  • Common operations of CSS


    Get element width 1. Only inline styles can be obtained var ele = document.getElementById(‘element’); console.log ( ele.style.width ); // empty string console.log(ele.style.height); // ‘100px’ 2. Real time style MDN data var ele = document.getElementById(‘element’); console.log(window.getComputedStyle(ele).width); // ‘100px’ console.log(window.getComputedStyle(ele).height); // ‘100px’ 3、Element.currentStyle.width/height The function is the same as the second point. It only exists in the […]

  • Using HTML to design mall Homepage


    Home page requirement analysis According to the product documentation, complete the mall home page, the display effect is as shown in the figure technical analysis Table label Table tagCommon attributes: Bgcolor: background color Width: width Height: height Align: alignment TR tagTD tag Merge cells: ColSpan: cross column operation Rowspan: cross row operationNote: after cross row […]

  • What is JWT — JSON web token


    What is JWT JSON web token (JWT) is an open standard based on JSON (RFC 7519) for the purpose of passing statements between network application environments. The token is designed to be compact and secure, especially suitable for single sign on (SSO) scenarios of distributed sites. JWT statement is generally used to transfer the authenticated […]

  • Profiler of react learning


    ability: measure how often to render a react application and the cost of rendering, in order to identify the slower parts of the application. Usage: can be used anywhere in the react tree to measure the overhead of rendering that part. Demo: render() { return ( <App> <Profiler id=”Navigation” onRender={callback}> <Navigation props={…props} /> </Profiler> <Main […]

  • Gplt group programming ladder competition


    Implementation language: C/C++ The solution is updated irregularly, and the level is limited. Welcome to ask questions in the comments and share better solutions. Updated on February 6, 2020: l2-029 ~ l2-030 Link to brush questions Explanation of part L1 grade link L1-001 Jump link L1-002 Jump link L1-003 Jump link L1-004 Jump link L1-005 […]