• Leetcode divide and conquer


    50. Pow(x, n) Realize pow (x, n), that is, calculate the N-power function of X. Example 1: Input: 2.00000, 10Output: 1024.00000 Example 2: Input: 2.10000, 3Output: 9.26100 Example 3: Input: 2.00000, – 2Output: 0.25000Explanation: 2-2 = 1 / 22 = 1 / 4 = 0.25 explain: -100.0 < x < 100.0N is a 32-bit signed […]

  • Leetcode2. Python implementation of adding two numbers


    Title Requirements: Idea: Traverse the first and second linked lists and add those at the same position Set a flag to mark the part greater than 10 after addition. When the next bit is added again, the value of Flag shall be added Traverse to the end of a linked list If the flag is […]

  • Oracle view blocking (lock) information


    The SQL part for monitoring is sorted into a column to output the main content. I don’t like to disassemble it myself or add other column information that needs to be used. Resolution:1. Only the blocked and blocked persons are output, and the blocking time > = 60s;2. Chr (10) line feed output, the effect […]

  • Opentracing link tracking practice


    Code and Description:https://github.com/yeqown/ope… link +– process internal trace2 | +—> process internal trace1 | | +—> server-b trace(gRPC) entry(HTTP) —> server-a trace–gRPC–| +—> server-c trace(gRPC) | +—-> process internal trace3 Partial screenshot

  • Data structure of Clickhouse insert


    Clickhouse insert is roughly divided into two parts 1. SQL statement part insert into table (F1, F2) 2. Data part The data part is divided into three parts (header, data and tail) -. data header -. data block 1 -2. Data block 2 -. data block n -. data tail It can be seen that […]

  • Manually fix the table head and roll the body.


    The following is an example of using a simple and rough method to fix the head of the table and vertically scroll the excess part of the body: HTML part <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″ /> <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″ /> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”./table.css” /> <title>Document</title> </head> <body> <div class=”out-div”> <table <thead> <tr> < […]

  • Made an input box to limit the number of words


    Ant V (type elementui framework) combined with Ant Design HTML part: < a-form-item: labelcol = labelcol: wrappercol = wrappercol “label = problem description” > < a-textarea @ click. Ctrl =’countfont ‘: MaxLength =’maxlength’: autofocus =’autofocus’: rows =’4 “placeholder =’Please input the problem description ‘v-decorator = [‘retpras’, validatorrules. Retpras] / > < span class = “tips” […]

  • What happened from react native bundle to bundle generation


    This article deals withreact-nativeandmetroedition [email protected] [email protected] Let’s take a look at a wave of example code in this article: it’s very simple, oneHello, world // App.js import React from “react”; import { StyleSheet, Text, View } from “react-native”; export default class App extends React.Component { render() { return ( <React.Fragment> <View style={styles.body}> < text style […]

  • HTML tag – video playback function


    1. HTML code part:   2. JS code part $(function() {   //Video playback var video = document. Getelementbyid (“video”);   var play = document.getElementById(“play”);   play.onclick = function() {    if(video.paused) {      video.play(); // Play $(‘play ‘). Fadeout()// Play button hide} else {video. Pause()// Pause}} video. Onclick = function() {video. Pause()// Pause $(‘play ‘). Fadein()// The play button displays} // […]

  • Front end basic knowledge framework


    preface The so-called knowledge architecture can be understood as the “directory” or index of knowledge. It can help us organize scattered knowledge and remember some points that are difficult to remember. It can also help us find some blind spots in knowledge. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages in the structure of knowledge, the […]

  • Computed property “xxx” was assigned to but it has no setter


    problem V-model value problem Vuex – Computed property “xxx” was assigned to but it has no setter Error reporting <template> <div v-model=”checkStatus”> 123 </div> </template> <script> import {mapState} from “vuex” export default { computed:{ …mapState({ checkStatus:state => state.common.checkStatus }) } } </script> Solution //In your Component computed: { …mapGetters({ nameFromStore: ‘name’ }), name: { get(){ […]

  • Routing with Vue and Vue router in [JavaScript] CDN mode


    Most of the cases are in NPM mode, now this one is in CDN mode, which is more in line with the back-end development   In the HTML section, pay attention to the template tag and the ID on the definition </head> <body> <div id=”app”> <router-view></router-view> </div> <template id=”chatKfIndex”> <div>111</div> </template> <template id=”chatBox”> <div>222</div> </template> […]