• Springmvc+mybatis learning notes (summary)


    Springmvc+mybatis learning notes (summary) Label: springmvc mybaits [TOC] The notes are divided into two parts: mybatis and springmvc mybatis springmvc The notes mainly cover some basic concepts and usage methods of mybatis and springmvc, including concept introduction, environment construction, programming details, operation and debugging, etc. This set of notes is generally introductory and applicable, suitable […]

  • Summer is coming. Let’s use pure CSS to satisfy our craving for fruits


    Today is the Xiaoman of the 24 solar terms, the second solar term in summer. Unconsciously, another summer is coming. In the face of the scorching sun, it is essential to eat fruits in summer. Today, we will use CSS to bring you a fruit platter to relieve the summer heat in advance~ preface Can […]

  • Detailed explanation of borderless window code


    /*Code ideasThis code will open a blank window in fullscreen mode, and then use window.resize to change its size.Finally, change the URL by writing onload= “location.replace=’url’”.The open window will be a window with frame, and there will be a frame web page with a height of 22 at the top of the window.This page is […]

  • High intensity undistorted online compressed pictures (jpg and PNG)


    Online image compression, compressing pictures in JPG and PNG formats. Compressed PNG can use class library: pngcompressor Compressed JPG can use class library: tjcompressor   The following are some code snippets after encapsulation.   sourceLength) { targetLength = sourceLength; targetUrl = vm.ImageUrl; } var compressRatio = 100 – (int)(((decimal)targetLength / (decimal)sourceLength) * 100m); if (compressRatio […]

  • A beginner’s Guide to reading and implementing papers for deep learning


    Being able to use code to implement the latest papers is a highly competitive skill for data scientists. If you want to know what happened inside the black box, improve your creativity or become the first developer to bring the latest scientific research into business, this article should help you. We will discuss how to […]

  • Understand the basic history and knowledge of HTTP


    History before 1990Before the 1990s, the Internet had not been invented. At that time, the network was basically simple and practical in the form of email (invented in 1965) The world after 1990Tim Berners Lee (hereinafter referred to as Sir Li) invented WWW (World Wide Web) from 1989 to 1992It mainly includes three conceptsURI, commonly […]

  • Binary family of JS: blob and arraybuffer


    summary Blob: a binary object in the front end that is specially used to support file operationsArraybuffer: a general-purpose binary buffer in the front end, which is similar to an array, but has many differences in API and features image.png Blob Let’s first introduce blob, which is used to support file operations. To put it […]

  • Use of guava (II) current limiting algorithm


    The current limiting algorithm in guava is implemented through ratelimiter. For the understanding of its design, see: https://www.cnblogs.com/krock/p/16348037.html Let’s take a look at the use effect: public static void main(String[] args) { ExecutorService executorService = Executors.newFixedThreadPool(10); Thread task = new Thread(new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { System.out.println(Thread.currentThread().getName() + “: ” + (System.currentTimeMillis() / […]

  • Developing MySQL binlog synchronization tool demo using golang


    background This is a binlog parsing tool developed by golang, which is more demo oriented and research oriented. To put it simply, it simulates the MySQL binlog protocol and develops a service as the “slave library” of Mysql to obtain binlog, which is a bit like the canal developed by Java. practice Process and structure […]

  • How should a git commit message be written?


    Since the company hasn’t stipulated a code submission specification since I joined the company, I have been submitting code for a long timecommit messageIt is a simple sentence that explains the content of this code change. Sometimes it will be more concise. But after a long time, when I need to look back for a […]

  • Analysis Kwai__ NS_ Analysis and study of sig3 parameter algorithm learning process


    We need to do some data analysis recently, so let’s study the source of sig3 parameter of Kwai!Positioning entry of sig3 parameter1、Jni_ Onload locate the docommandnative function location Registernatives function is located in sub_ 88f4.! sub_ C060 is docommandnative Preliminary discussion sub_ C060 function At first I saw sub_ When c060 function is used, the […]

  • CSS3 flex layout justify content: space between align the last line left


    Align the last row of flex layout to the left With the popularity of flex layout, we have to use flex layout in our work. When using flex layout, you should also encounter the problem of justify content: the last line of space between left alignment, as I did. Therefore, this article is specially organized […]