• Analysis of spring boot + mybatis interceptor failure


    1、 Environmental informationSpringBoot:2.3.6.RELEASEMybatis-plus:3.3.12、 Encounter problemsToday, due to the functional needs of the business system, the interceptor of mybatis is used to set the user’s current locale (NLS) for the Oracle database session_ Language), if the interceptor code does not take effect, it is hereby recorded for future reference.3、 The code is as follows:1. Add the […]

  • Mongodb dynamic table creation scheme (official native driver)


    Mongodb dynamic table creation scheme (official native driver) Requirement premise: table name is dynamic, table structure is static, and library is fixed 1. Import related dependencies org.mongodb mongodb-driver 3.11.2 org.mongodb bson 3.11.2 org.mongodb mongodb-driver-core 3.11.2 2. Defining entities @Data public class Person { private String name; private int sex; private String address; } 3. Set […]

  • How to use automapper advanced features in. NETCORE


    Automapper is a convention based object-oriented mapper. Its function is often used to convert an input object into a different type of output object. The properties between input and output objects may be the same or different. In this article, let’s study some advanced playing methods of automapper. Install automapper To use in a projectAutoMapper, […]

  • Customize Jackson parser to complete the parsing of complex format XML


    Like it first and then watch it. Form a good habit background A while ago, the company’s channel platform docked a new channel and used XML format message interaction. Although the XML format is a little complex and “old”, the good thing is that it is powerful, supports attributes and comments, and is more intuitive […]

  • It may be a little long introduction to spring MVC, but learning may be wealth and freedom!


    preface As we all know, java development is jokingly called spring development by the old oil subroutine apes, which shows the position of spring in java development. If there is no spring framework, the code written by most people will be a shit. Spring MVC is a very important module among the seven modules of […]

  • Linux user classification and user management


    User classification UID explain administrators 0 All permissions Program user 1-999 It is not allowed to log in to the system when running specific programs or services Ordinary users 1000-60000 Created by the administrator, you can log in to the system to manage and maintain the system The user’s attribute information includes but is not […]

  • Object to object mapping – automapper


    summary Automapper is an object to object mapper that maps one object to another. To solve a seemingly complex problem, this type of code is rather boring, Official website address: http://automapper.org/ Official document: https://docs.automapper.org/en/latest/ introduction Automapper supports the construction of “custom value parser”, “custom type converter” and “value converter” using static service location var configuration […]

  • 6 pictures let you understand the process of rendering web page by browser


    By James StarkieTranslator: XiaozhiSource: dev Recently, a Vue component is open source, which is not perfect enough. Welcome to improve it. I hope you can give a star support. Thank you. GitHub address: https://github.com/qq44924588… My idea: if I want to build a fast and reliable website, I need to really understand the mechanism of every […]

  • How to build SSM framework integration environment?


    How to build SSM framework integrated environment Jar package dependency adding Web.xml file configuration Add spring MVC configuration file servlet-context.xml Spring.xml configuration Case practice 1. Add jar package dependency (continue to add spring MVC dependent jar package and corresponding jetty plug-in) to modify pom.xml file <project xmlns=”http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0″ ​ xmlns:xsi=”http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance” ​ xsi:schemaLocation=”http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0 ​ http://maven.apache.org/maven…d”> ​ <modelVersion>4.0.0</modelVersion> […]

  • How to parse XML data? What are the methods?


    Question: how to parse XML data and what are the methods? Last time we talked about the four ways of parsing JSON, so this time we’ll take a look at the four ways of parsing XML. Four ways of analysis DOM parsing Sax analysis JDOM analysis Analysis of Dom4j Case practice DOM parsing DOM (document […]

  • What are the parsing methods of XML data?


    ====================== Last time we talked about the four ways of parsing JSON, so this time we’ll take a look at the four ways of parsing XML. Four ways of analysis DOM parsing Sax analysis JDOM analysis Analysis of Dom4j Case practice DOM parsing DOM (document object model). In the application program, the XML analyzer based […]

  • Building SSM project: using the framework spring MVC mybatis


    buildCreate a maven projectAdd dependency: you can choose to add it according to your own needs <dependencies> Spring related configuration and integration mybatis related configuration: applicationcontext.xml <? xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> Web.xml related configuration <web-app xmlns:xsi= ” http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance ” xmlns=” http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/javaee ” MVC related configuration, configuration view parser, configuration includes JSP view parser configuration, but also […]