• Open source server exposed 7 major vulnerabilities! Hackers can launch DNS cache poisoning attacks and remotely execute malicious code


    Network security researchers found seven vulnerabilities in dnsmasq, a popular open source software server used to cache domain name system (DNS) responses. These seven vulnerabilities are collectively referred to as “dnspooq” by the Israeli research company jsof, which echoes the weaknesses of the DNS architecture previously disclosed, making the dnsmasq server unable to resist a […]

  • Open source! A powerful high-performance binary serializer bssom. Net


    I haven’t updated my blog for a long time. I open source a high-performance binary serializer bssom. Net and a novel binary protocol bssom. Welcome to star and participate in the project! Net open source technology exchange group 976304396, no water, only technology can be discussed. Welcome to discuss technical topics related to performance with […]

  • These node open source tools are worth having (Part 1)


    The inspiration of this article is that a big man in the community shares a GitHub project that takes months to maintainawesome-nodejs。 Maybe you will have a doubt like me. There is actually a similar awesome nodejs library on GitHub, and it is up to 41K ⭐, What is the significance of re maintaining a […]

  • from 20 seconds to 0.5 seconds: a case of using rust language to optimize Python performance


    Note: from the official account of WeChat public to “high availability architecture”:From 20 seconds to 0.5 seconds: a case of using the rust language to optimize Python performance Introduction: Python is widely used by many Internet systems, but on the other hand, it also has some performance problems. However, it is rare to use another […]

  • Get to know spring MVC


    Series articles: Get to know spring MVC Getting started with spring MVC Restful and controller Data processing and jump What is MVC First, let’s find out what MVC is, MVC refers to model, view and controller. It is a software design specification. It is a method to organize code by separating business logic, data and […]

  • Dart: generate code from annotations


    introduction Refuse to repeat work and pursue efficiency and performance. Dart based annotation processing librarysource_gen, let’s take a look at how to generate code using custom annotations. Add reference source_gen: used to parse annotations build_runner: used to generate code dependencies: flutter: sdk: flutter source_gen: build_runner: Step 1: Customize annotation New test_ Anotaion.dart file, the class […]

  • Data processing and jump


    Series articles: Get to know spring MVC Getting started with spring MVC Restful and controller Data processing and jump Result jump mode ModelAndView Set the modelandview object, and jump to the specified page according to the name of the view and the view parser.Page: {view parser prefix} + VIEWNAME + {view parser suffix} <!– View […]

  • Spring MVC – file upload and download


    1、 Preliminary preparation development environment JDK:1.8 Tomcat:9.0.3 Compiler: IntelliJ idea 2019 maven:3.6.3 spring:5.2.8 Note: the Commons fileUpload and Commons IO packages must be configured in Maven. If you do not use maven, you can download them from the Maven repository Pom.xml configuration <properties> <project.build.sourceEncoding>UTF-8</project.build.sourceEncoding> <maven.compiler.source>1.7</maven.compiler.source> <maven.compiler.target>1.7</maven.compiler.target> <spring.version>5.2.8.RELEASE</spring.version> <slf4j.version>1.6.6</slf4j.version> <log4j.version>2.13.3</log4j.version> </properties> <dependencies> <!– spring –> <!– […]

  • Ask me about the rendering principle of Chrome browser (6000 words long)


    preface Do you know how HTML, CSS and JavaScript become pages? What exactly does the browser do behind it? Let’s understand the rendering principle of the browser, which is essential to deeper development. It can let us consider performance optimization and other issues from a deeper level and multiple angles. HTML, CSS and JavaScript data […]

  • Static compilation of PHP and dependent extensions


    One day, when I was writing a framework using swoole, I realized such a problem. Although like the swoole extension, many PHP extensions can provide some features to facilitate developers’ development and use, they also caused some difficulties in deployment and distribution: not every Linux host and distribution version has a PHP environment, even if […]

  • Analysis of spring boot + mybatis interceptor failure


    1、 Environmental informationSpringBoot:2.3.6.RELEASEMybatis-plus:3.3.12、 Encounter problemsToday, due to the functional needs of the business system, the interceptor of mybatis is used to set the user’s current locale (NLS) for the Oracle database session_ Language), if the interceptor code does not take effect, it is hereby recorded for future reference.3、 The code is as follows:1. Add the […]

  • Mongodb dynamic table creation scheme (official native driver)


    Mongodb dynamic table creation scheme (official native driver) Requirement premise: table name is dynamic, table structure is static, and library is fixed 1. Import related dependencies org.mongodb mongodb-driver 3.11.2 org.mongodb bson 3.11.2 org.mongodb mongodb-driver-core 3.11.2 2. Defining entities @Data public class Person { private String name; private int sex; private String address; } 3. Set […]