• Class loader


    Class loading The java file becomes a file through the compiler Class file, and then the class loader will these The class file is loaded into the JVM. Class loading refers to the loading of a class The binary data in the class file is read into memory, put it in the method area of […]

  • [PHP data structure] tree and binary tree


    The concept of tree is actually very broad and common. Don’t be alarmed when you see this word, because you can see the application of tree structure in our life every day. For example, the organizational structure of the company: In addition, our family tree, or our family structure, is also a typical tree structure. […]

  • An article helps you understand the things of binary pile


    [recommended reading of series articles] [sequence table of data structure] use diagrams and codes to make you understand the linear table of sequence structure [linked list of data structure] after reading this article, I finally understand the linked list [stack of data structure] understand the “stack” with detailed graphics and text (principle chapter) [queue of […]

  • Understanding SPI in Java


    What is SPI The full name of SPI is service provider interface, which literally means the interface to provide servicesJava provides a set of interfaces to be implemented or extended by the third party, which realizes the dynamic extension of the interface and enables the implementation class of the third party to be embedded into […]

  • Java foundation — deep understanding of class loading


    1. What is class loading? Java virtual machine loads the data describing the class from the. Class file into the memory of the virtual machine, verifies, prepares, parses and initializes the data, and finally forms the Java type that can be directly used by Java virtual machine, which is the loading process of the class […]

  • The art of JVM class loader (2)


    Sharing is the transmission of value. Like it introduction Today we continue to analyze the content of class loader in depth. Last class we talked about the basic content of class loader. Please pay more attention to those who haven’t seen it. Today we continue. What are defining class loaders and initializing class loaders? Define […]

  • Parent delegation model and Flink’s class loading strategy


    As we know, in the JVM, the loading process of a class can be roughly divided into five stages: loading, linking (validation, preparation, parsing), and initialization. We usually refer to the loading of classes, that is to use the class loader to obtain the binary byte code stream defining this class through the fully qualified […]

  • Java Architect interview website – JVM interview topic (8 questions with answers)


    Java Architect interview website summarizes some classic interview questions of JVM and shares the general solution ideas. I hope it will be helpful to you. If there is anything wrong, please point out that it will be updated later.All the interview questions are collected and sorted out by the editor from various channels. It’s not […]

  • Classloader & parent delegation & class initialization process


    1.class sycle The life cycle of class loading: loading > verification > preparation > resolution > initialization > using > unloading.       Focus 1:Loading loads the class binary into memory Gets the binary byte stream that defines a class by its fully qualified name. The static storage structure represented by this byte stream […]

  • Data structure tree basic terms


    Data structure tree and binary tree Definition: a tree is a finite set of n (n ≥ 0) nodes. In a non empty tree, there are andOnly unique root nodeWhen n > 1, all nodes except the root node can be divided intoM (M > 0) disjoint finite setsThey are also a tree called rootSubtree […]