• Reading CSS to uncover secrets (1)


    1. When there is a relationship between CSS, it should be described by the relationship rather than the same value 1. Currentcolor: take the color value of the current element; if not, take the color value of the parent 2. Inherit: inherit parent 2. Realize transparent border The core problem is that the background color […]

  • Did your less parent selector & play out?


    I don’t know if you feel that CSS is becoming less and less popular in the front circle.The reasons may be as follows: It’s hard to modularize and maintain. There’s nothing to study I don’t know how to ask in an interview Some companies also have CSS engineers, so the front end doesn’t need to […]

  • Implementation of accordion menu angularjs with user defined instruction


    0x00 Preface Custom instruction is a difficult point in angular. After writing for such a long time, I only know some simple single instructions. Take out the example of accordion in “developing next generation web applications with angularjs” and have a good look at it. This example is relatively simple on the whole, but we […]

  • Understanding and creation of BFC


    1、 Definition 1. BFC is short for block formatting context, which means block level formatting context. It is an independent block level rendering region, which has its own rendering rules and has nothing to do with the outside of the region;2. After rendering the interface, switch to debug mode, press Ctrl + Shift + C, […]

  • Spring boot integrates Dubbo and uses zookeeper as the registry


    Spring boot integrates Dubbo and uses zookeeper as the registry preface In this paper, the whole operation in windows, roughly the same operation with Linux, specific details please Baidu, conditional can Google! Knowledge points to understand Dubbo and zookeeper environments and understanding what they are Spring boot knowledge is limited to package structure, POM, dependency […]

  • The real experience of a post-90s farmer, I hope you can leave no regrets;


    My name is Guo Ziyang. I was born in a small town in the south of Anhui Province in 1993. My father is a workshop worker in a subordinate unit of a state-owned enterprise. My mother works odd jobs everywhere to subsidize the family. I also have a sister who is three years older than […]

  • Issue 1: sharing nine bugs on the front end


    The purpose of sharing bugs Bugs often accompany me in the development process. If I can’t fix or reproduce them, I will ignore these problems. So I plan that whenever I encounter nine valuable and thoughtful bugs, I will share them together, so as to think about the work itself in an extensible way and […]

  • Four methods of clear floating


    Four methods of clear floating Case explanation code .container { width: 500px; background-color: black; } .left { width: 200px; height: 300px; background-color: red; float: left; } .right { width: 200px; height: 200px; background-color: green; float: left; } .footer { width: 600px; height: 50px; background-color: blue; } <div class=”container”> <!– black –> < div class = […]

  • 020_CSS3


    catalog How to learn CSS What is CSS History of development quick get start Advantages of CSS Three ways to import CSS Expansion: two ways of writing external style selector Basic selector Hierarchy selector Structure pseudo class selector attribute selectors Beautify web page elements Why beautify web pages Span label: for the text that needs […]

  • Let’s talk about the difference between REM and EM and how to do mobile terminal adaptation


    What’s the difference between REM and em remIt’s based onhtmlThe font size of the element, andemIt is determined according to the size of the element using it, which is generally called relative length unit. It is calculated according to the font size of its parent element16px = 1em If the parent elementfont-size:16px, child elementmargin:0.8em. So […]

  • ordinary Vue.js How to get started


    1、 Why use it?Previously, jQuery was basically used. JQuery is based on DOM operation. MVVM development mode also liberates the front end from the original DOM operation. We no longer need to spend a lot of time on maintaining the unification of view and data. We just need to focus on the change of data, […]

  • Getting started with Redux


    install npm install –save [email protected] Before use Understand some core concepts of Redux: action reducer store use introduce import { createStore } from ‘redux’; //Or const { createStore } = require(‘redux’); Define some action creators: function increment() { return { type: ‘INCREMENT’ }; } function decrement() { return { type: ‘DECREMENT’ }; } Define a […]