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  • Debug Django


    Environment: django-1.8.2 pycharm-community-4.5.1-1 preface Finally, I’m going to write something in Python. I just take Django to do something. The ladybug was drawn the same way, but there was still a lot of confusion. They groped for debugging and gradually learned cause I sawDoubts about the liberated jiangge 02 ManorIn this Code: class Character(models.Model): staff_list […]

  • [Python 1-16] Python tutorial — inheritance, parent and child classes of class


    By VladSource Vlad (official account: fulade_me) inherit When writing classes, you don’t always start with a blank space. If the class you want to write is a special version of another ready-made class, you can use inheritance. When a class inherits from another class, it will automatically obtain all properties and methods of the other […]

  • How do Es5 and ES6 implement inheritance


    Warehouse address of complete high frequency question bank:https://github.com/hzfe/aweso… Complete high frequency question bank reading address:https://febook.hzfe.org/ Related issues On the inheritance of Es5 and ES6 Prototype chain concept Answer key points Prototype chain inheritance Constructor inheritance ES6 class inheritance Inheritance means that a subtype has the properties and behaviors of its parent type, so that the […]

  • Parent child component execution order of react


    Execution sequence 1. Componentwillmount of parent class2. Render of parent class3. Componentwillmount of subclass 14. Render of subclass 15. Componentwillmount of subclass 26. Render of subclass 27. Componentdidmount of subclass 18. Componentdidmount of subclass 29. Componentdidmount of parent class Process of component mounting: Initialize props. Through the class’s static attribute defaultprops or getdefaultprops function, the […]

  • ES6 (IV) – class


    catalogue Class Use of class [declaration, property, method, inheritance] Basic syntax — how to declare a class? ES5 ES6 What is the difference between a class and a constructor? Setters & getters — how to read and write properties? ES5 ES6 Getter / setter is a read-write property Static methods — how to operate a […]

  • Java object oriented instanceof keyword


    entrance   Java has three object-oriented features: Encapsulation: Some information of the class is hidden inside the class, and external programs are not allowed to access it directly. Instead, the operation and access of hidden information are realized through the methods provided by the class. Inheritance: Inheritance is a kind of relationship between classes, which […]

  • The content of textarea has changed, but the bound model has not been updated


    Problem Description: //app.js angular.module(‘deapp’, []) .controller(‘ParentCtrl’, [‘$scope’, ParentCtrl]) .controller(‘ChildCtrl’, [‘$scope’, ChildCtrl]); function ParentCtrl($scope) { $scope.description = ”; } function ChildCtrl($scope) { } //index.html <div data-ng-controller=”ParentCtrl”> <div data-ng-controller=”ChildCtrl”> <textarea class=”description” data-ng-model=”description”></textarea> </div> </div> When I modify the content of textarea, the bound description is not updated at all. I can only use the chrome plug-in ng […]

  • The latest Java modifiers are detailed and easy to understand


    This article is transferred from: Le byteThis article mainly explains: Java modifierFor more Java related knowledge, you can pay attention to the official account number: 999In Java, modifiers can be divided into access modifiers and non access modifiers1、 Access modifierThrough the access modifier, we can restrict the permissions of different classes or method properties. In […]

  • Java super keyword calling parent class procedure parsing


    This article mainly introduces the Java super keyword calling parent class process parsing. It is introduced in great detail through the example code, which has a certain reference value for everyone’s study or work. Friends in need can refer to it Don’t say much, just go to the code: package com.my.pac14; /** * @auther Summerday […]

  • Class class


    Class class Previously created constructor function Person(name){ this.name = name } Person.prototype.say = function(){ console.log( `hi, my name is ${this.name}`); } The class of ES6 can be regarded as another writing method of constructor class Point { // … } typeof Point // “function” Point === Point.prototype.constructor // true class Point { constructor() { // […]

  • Talk about the consumer timeout property of kafka0.8


    order This paper mainly studies the consumer. Timeout. MS attribute of Kafka. Property value of consumer kafka_2.10-!/kafka/consumer/ConsumerConfig.scala /** a string that uniquely identifies a set of consumers within the same consumer group */ val groupId = props.getString(“group.id”) /** consumer id: generated automatically if not set. * Set this explicitly for only testing purpose. */ val […]

  • Do you know the startup principle of springboot Java -jar?


    In the telephone interview, the interviewer asked a question: do you know java -jarStarting the spring boot project is different from the traditional jar? The question was probably like this. I didn’t know how to answer it at that time. After the interview, I knew that the interview was expected to hang up. I asked […]