• How to use parameters in batch files


    sample1:fomat.bat @echo off if “%1″==”a” format a: :format @format a: @echo please insert another disk to driver A,then press any key. @pause @goto fomat This example is used to format several floppy disks consecutively, so you need to input them in DOS window fomat.bat a. Hehe, it seems that it’s a bit superfluous^_^sample2: When we […]

  • exp imp


    1、 Description The exp / imp command of Oracle is used to export / import database;Exp command is used to export data from remote database server to local, and generate DMP file;The imp command is used to import the local database DMP file from the local to the remote Oracle database. 2、 Grammar The syntax […]

  • Solve the problem of IBus Chinese input in Telecom desktop and other QT software under Gnome Wayland


    I just updated my desktop and found thatTelegram DesktopChinese cannot be entered on. Of course, you can use patience to type and paste in other places slowly, but the speed is too slow. How can normal people be reconciled to the simple typing problem? After thinking about it, I decided to goReporting problems。 And then […]

  • On the strong parameters mechanism in rails 4


    To understand the strong parameters mechanism in rails 4, first let’s look at the parameters in rails 3 When you create or update an active record object in rails 3, there are security issues with mass assignment. Therefore, a white list is required in the model to declare which attributes can be updated by parameter […]