• Python realizes code scanning login of wechat third party website (Django)


    Write it at the front The third party has just logged in to the wechat website in this week. Because of the first time I wrote the related project, I encountered a lot of holes. Therefore, I hope that Xiaobai, like me before, can develop calmly, and don’t waste unnecessary time. This article is as […]

  • Let me also summarize the knowledge of nginx


    Recently, I want to deeply study the related knowledge of nginx, so I summarize the following contents. Nginx configuration parameters Nginx common commands Nginx variable Virtual host configuration Nginx’s own module Fastcgi related configuration Common functions Load balancing configuration Static and dynamic separation configuration Anti theft chain What is nginx? Nginx is a free, open […]

  • FreeSql.Generator How is the command line code generator implemented


    catalog Introduction to FreeSQL FreeSql.Generator RazorEngine.NetCore Source code analysis FreeSql.Tools FreeSql FreeSQL is a powerful object relational mapping technology (O / RM), which supports. NETCORE 2.1 + or. Net framework 4.0 + or xamarin. We also have a powerful ORM generator to develop. In general, we develop database related applications, mainly divided into three types […]

  • Promise usage in JavaScript


    Promise initial Promise is a solution of asynchronous programming. Promise can be regarded as an object from which messages of asynchronous operation can be obtained. Promise provides a unified API, and all kinds of asynchronous operations can be handled in the same way. It has two characteristics The state of the object is not affected […]

  • C ා value parameter / reference parameter / output parameter


    Value parameter 1. Allocate space for formal parameters in the stack 2. Copy arguments to formal parameters 1   public class Person 2   { 3    public int age = 10; 4    } 5 static void Main(string[] args) 6 { 7 int a2= 10; 8 Person a1= new Person(); 9 10 Console.WriteLine(a1.age + “–” + […]

  • CRE UI documentation


    Version: v-1.0.11 1、 Introduction to component library Component library address:https://www.npmjs.com/package/cre-ui The CRE UI component library is implemented based on vue2.6.11. The use of component library is divided intoTotal introductionandOn demand introductionTwo ways. Component library installation npm i cre-ui –save Total introduction import Vue from ‘vue’ import CreUi from ‘cre-ui’ //Global style sheets need to be […]

  • Using Python decorator


    Decorator pattern is one of the commonly used software design patterns. With this design pattern, we can assign new responsibilities to existing objects without modifying any underlying code. In Python, decorators can be used to implement decorator mode simply. PS note: many people will encounter a variety of vexation problems in the process of learning […]

  • Pytoch: polynomial regression


    1. Objectives Fitting function $f (x) = 2x_ {1}^{3}+3x_ 2^2+4x_ 3+0.5 $ 2. Theory The principle is similar to one-dimensional linear regression and multidimensional linear regression, but the frequency is higher. 3. Implementation 3.1 environment python == 3.6 torch == 1.4 3.2 construction data #This is the target weight and offset w = torch.FloatTensor([2.0, 3.0, […]

  • Understand! Format method of Python string format


    Format is a method embedded in a string to format a string. Braces with braces{}To indicate the replaced string to some extent%The purpose is the same. But in some ways it’s more convenient 1. Basic usage 1. Match the values in parentheses in order of {} s = “{} is a {}”.format(‘Tom’, ‘Boy’) print(s) # […]

  • Create Cordova plug-in from scratch (including four components, shelf package, life cycle)


    1 Introduction This article will explain in detail the creation, writing and implementation of Cordova plug-in plugin.xml Configuration, AAR + jar + so rack package configuration, static resource configuration, four major components 2 start to live a simple Cordova plug-in 2.1 initialize Cordova Plug-in Development Directory Make sure Cordova is installed before initialization cordova create […]

  • Intranet penetration day15 Empire


    Empire (usestager usage, authorization, persistence backdoor) Premise of this chapter: the listener has been set up successfully (please refer to Article 14 of day for how to set up the listener) 1. Several usages of usestager windows/launcher_sct: Introduction: Regsvr32 command is used to register COM components. It is a command provided by Windows system to […]

  • Oracle built-in functions


    Lpad() function: used to complete the left string.For example: lpad (‘original data ‘,’ expected length ‘,’ padding character ‘), lpad (‘123’,’5 ‘,’0′) outputs’ 00123 ‘. The code will fill in the string ‘123’ to 5 bits, and will use ‘0’ to fill in the insufficient digits on the left. When the length of the original […]