• In-depth understanding of JavaScript – functional programming


    foreword Before talking about functional components, it is necessary for the author to declare that I know very little about functional programming. This article is all about learning Orz because functional programming is more popular in front-end development today. Like arrow functions in ES6, compose in Redux, React.memo() after React 16.6, and Hooks after 16.8, […]

  • ajax – interface, form, template engine


    1. Continuing with a study of ajax today, first clarify a concept, interface, what is an interface, when using ajax to request data, the requested url is called a data interface, that is, an interface. Note that each interface must have a request method, here is an interface Postman claims to be the fastest testing […]

  • ajax – xhr level2 new features json and many other content


    1. Today’s content is actually quite a lot, let’s take it slowly. First of all, the first one is the basic use of xhr, what is xhr? XMLHTTPRequest is a js object provided by the browser, which can request data resources on the server, including the three methods of requesting resources in jq that we […]

  • How to use Promise.race() and Promise.any()?


    Author: Mahdhi RezviTranslator: Front-end XiaozhiSource: medium Wechat search [Great Relocation to the World], I will share with you the front-end industry trends, learning methods, etc. as soon as possible.This articleGitHubhttps://github.com/qq449245884/xiaozhiIt has been included, and there are complete test sites, materials and my series of articles for interviews with first-line manufacturers. JS has been steadily improving […]