• Spring MVC request processing. Your answer is guaranteed to pass the interview!


    The spring version used in this article is 5.2.2.release Nine components Almost all the functions of spring MVC are completed by nine components, so it is very important to understand the role of the nine components for learning spring MVC. /**File upload parser*/ private MultipartResolver multipartResolver; /**Region parser for Internationalization*/ private LocaleResolver localeResolver; /**Topic parser*/ […]

  • JavaScript on the front end


    JavaScript JavaScript is a scripting language, which is mainly composed of the following three parts: Core (ECMAScript) Document object model (DOM)   Document object model (integrating JS, CSS, HTML) Browser object model (BOM) Note: ES6 refers to ECMAScript 6. Introduction of JavaScript //First, write code in the script tag JS code //Second, introduce JS file […]

  • Technical weekly report of 20210322-20210326


    preface The main technical content of this week is to share the basic knowledge of JVM and some production accident cases JVM First ask a question: in the company, what is the number of parameters of the project JVM you are responsible for? For example, the size of the heap, maxheapsize, the size of the […]

  • New features of php8


    Detailed description and code are on GitHub, welcomestarandfork Brief description of php8.0.0 PHP 8.0.0 alpha 1 will be released on June 25, 2020, and GA 8.0.0 will be released on November 26, 2020. Click view. PHP 8.0.0 alpha 1 cannot be used in production environments. Click to view the details PHP 8.0.0 alpha 1 download […]

  • 2、 Passing functions to thread functions


    #include<thread> void fun(int i,std::string const& str) { return; } int main() { std::string s(“hellos”); std::thread t(fun,3,s); t.join(); system(“pause”); return 0; } Pass parameters to the function, and the default parameters will be changedBe copiedIn the thread’s independent memory, all accesses in the function are copied copies, even if the parameters are in the form of […]

  • The most complete basic course of mongodb


    MongoDB Create database -Format: Use Database_ NAME – use ruochen – db Creating a database requires inserting a piece of data to be displayed in the list -DB. Ruochen. Insert ({name ‘:’ruochen’}) – show dbs Delete database Format: db.dropdatabase () use ruochen db.dropDatabase() show dbs Create collection -Format: db.createcollection (name, options) -Name: the name of […]

  • Redux source code interpretation — composition source code analysis


    Composition source code analysis composeModule code is very concise, but the role of the implementation is very powerful.reduxWhy Redux? Some people say it isreduceandfluxThe combination of the tworeduceExactlycomposeThe core of the module. composeThe function of the module is powerful and simpleFrom right to left, combine parameters (functions).So, pass it on tocomposeMethod parameters must be of […]

  • The bumpy road of two fat write parameter verification


    background Recently, I haven’t got together with ER Pang in the Dragon Boat Festival for a long time, so I invited Er pang to the people’s Square to kill him. Just recently, he changed his job and got a raise< br/>IEr Pang: I heard that you’ve changed jobs recently, and you’ve still changed from a […]

  • Why does the father of Python dislike lambda anonymous functions?


    Python supports lambda anonymous functions, and its extended BNF representation islambda_expr ::= “lambda” [parameter_list] “:” expressionThat is to sayLambda parameter sequences: expressions。 This is a convenient way to define a function. If it is translated into a well-known function form, it will look like this: def <lambda>(parameter_list): return expression in other words,The lambda function in […]

  • Source code analysis of Redux — source code analysis of applymiddleware


    Source code analysis of applymiddleware Middleware mechanismstayreduxIt is powerful and convenient to usereduxWe can achieve logging, asynchronous call and many other very practical functions.reduxThe middleware is mainly through theapplyMiddlewareModule implementation. Now, let’s take a good look at the magic of this module. About the use of middleware, students who do not understand also need to […]

  • One Linux command a day (1): xargs


    Command introduction Xargs can separate the data in stdin with spaces or newline characters to form arguments separated by spaces and pass them to other userscommand. Because spaces are used as separators, xargs may misjudge when there are spaces in some file names or other meaningful strings. In short, xargs is used to pass parameters […]

  • Call, apply and bind in JS


    Call and apply call 1. Usage:foo.call(obj, arg1, arg2, …) -> It is mainly used to change the direction of this; function foo(year, place) {   console.log(this.name+” is “+year+” born from “+place); } window.name = ‘syz’; const obj = {   name: ‘syc’ } foo(1995, ‘china’); // syz is 1995 born from china foo.call(obj, 1995, ‘china’); // syc is 1995 born from china First of all, we need to know that this in each function is bound when it is called, and where this points to depends entirely on […]