• Basic syntax and variables of shell programming


    I. basic format of shell script writing Take the simplesthello wordGive an example .#!/bin/bash echo ‘hello world’ . / bin / bash: tell the computer to use the bash interpreter to execute the code Echo: printing II. Running shell script Method 1(recommended) chmod 777 myshell.sh #Give file permission ./myshell.sh #Running files Method 2 sh myshell.sh […]

  • Centos7 simplest puppeter installation notes


    Reference resources QQ group – Javascript advanced crawler – author self built group, welcome to join! Awesome Java crawler – Crawler related tools and data collected by the author A script to help you automatically create an Alibaba cloud preemptive instance and enable network acceleration – automatically create an Alibaba cloud overseas preemptive node Squid […]

  • Zepto operates on element attributes like this


    Preface When using zepto, we often need to operate some DOM attributes, or the inherent attributes or custom attributes of the element itself. For example, common onesattr(),removeAttr(),prop(),removeProp(),data()And so on. Next, we will figure out how they are implemented one by one… Click the zepto module source code annotation to see the corresponding parsing of this […]

  • Url.cn short URL generation API interface (Tencent short link URL generation)


    Share several latest url.cn short URL generation API interfaces, quickly generate url.cn ultra short links, the interfaces can be called normally, I think it’s good to collect. Url.cn short URL API interface: ① http://lnurl.cn/weixin/short?url_long=http://www.baidu.com ② http://kndwz.com/api-urlcn.php?link=http://www.baidu.com ③ http://qturl.cn/urldwz/api.html?data=http://www.baidu.com instructions: In the API interface address“http://www.baidu.com”Change to the URL that needs to be shortened, and then copy it directly to […]

  • C ා entrusted supplement 01


    In the last article, we wrote some basic things about entrustment. In this article, we talked about other things about entrustment. Example 1 plug in programming According to the understanding of delegates, delegates can pass a method as a parameter. With this feature, we can use delegates to implement plug-in programming. public delegate int Transformer(int […]

  • Go development guide for novices


    It has been more than three months since I joined the ant. During this period, I mainly maintain a server written by go. Although it didn’t take long, I still accumulated some experience. Here is a summary for the students who want to try go.This article will introduce the design concept, development environment and language […]

  • The latest Tencent wechat short link URL generation (API) interface


    Share the latest Tencent wechat short link URL generation (API) interface, which can generate a short URL in the format of http://url.cn/xxxx. The interface is stable and easy to use, and it can be stored for fear of loss. Tencent short website API interface: http://lnurl.cn/weixin/short?url_long=http://www.baidu.com instructions: Replace the “http://www.baidu.com” in the API interface address with […]

  • Windows Server 2016 – three ways to backup and restore a DHCP server


    Method 1: restore DHCP by graphical backup: Backup operation: 1. DHCP console, select “backup” option for properties: 2. Specify the backup path. The default is C: \ windows \ system32 \ DHCP\ 3. After the backup is completed, check the backup information: Restore DHCP information: A. DHCP console, select “restore” option for properties: B. specify […]

  • Learn knowledge about operating systems of different versions during internship (1)


    Generally, Linux based operating systems, such as CentOS, service management commands under Ubuntu: service and systemctl. In my current practice, the two commands are consistent in usage. Commands in Solaris based on UNIX: SVCS and svcadm According to the following description of the blog: https://blog.csdn.net/u013379717/article/details/22607585, I personally feel that the usage of SVCS may be […]

  • Covariant and contravariant


    Forward: https://www.cnblogs.com/ninputer/archive/2008/11/22/generic_covariant.html Background: covariance and contraversion   Suppose there are two types: Tsub is a subclass of tParent. Obviously, Tsub type references can be safely converted to tParent type references. If a generic interface ifoo,IFooCan be converted to ifooIn other words, we call this process covariant, and say that this generic interface supports covariance for t. […]

  • [notes] learning record of special video of Yuan learning (Taiwan University · Li Hongyi)


    Catalog I. overview Meta Learning = Learn to learn Let the machine learn how to learn: use a series of tasks to train the model. The model becomes a powerful learner based on the experience learned from these tasks, and can learn new tasks faster. Meta Learning VS Lifelong Learning Lifelong learning: focus on learning […]

  • Numpy constructs a deep neural network to identify whether there is a cat in the picture


    Catalog 1 build data 2 random initialization data 3 forward propagation 4 Calculation of loss 5 back propagation 6 update parameters 7 build model 8 forecast 9 start training 10 forecast 11 show the predicted results in the form of pictures Building a simple neural network to identify whether there is a cat in the […]