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  • Hands-on derivation of Back Propagation


    Written by | Moon Tread BP (Back Propagation) is the theoretical core of deep learning neural network. This article shows the process of manually deriving BP through two examples. 1 chain rule The chain rule is the core of BP and can be divided into two situations: (1) Unary equation In the case of a […]

  • Vuex basic finishing


    a foundation 1. Basic concepts of vuex state management modeResponsive data stateData sharing among multiple groupsDifferent views change the same state 2. Vuex composition state data warehouse (essentially a json object)getter gets data (equivalent to the difference between data and computed)Mutation Modify data (commit a mutation to modify data, you can record the history of […]

  • Quickly integrate Huawei AGConnect remote configuration service – Android


    Huawei AppGallery Connect provides a remote configuration service. Through remote configuration, the application can be flexibly modified in the cloud without upgrading, and the behavior and appearance of the application can be flexibly modified to quickly respond to user needs. Today I will teach you how to access the remote configuration service of AppGallery Connect. […]

  • Rapid integration of Huawei agcconnect remote configuration service – Android


    Huawei appgallery connec t provides a remote configuration service. Through remote configuration, the application does not need to be upgraded, and the behavior and appearance of the application can be flexibly modified in the cloud, so as to quickly respond to the needs of users. Today, I will teach you how to access the remote […]

  • Three minutes to sort out the logic of tdengine installation and deployment


    Small t guide:Tdengine is an innovative big data processing product launched by Taosi data in the face of the fast-growing big data market and technical challenges of the Internet of things. In addition to its strong read-write performance and storage compression capacity, it also has the advantages of simple installation and low operation difficulty. Today, […]

  • HTTP header field


    1. Upgrade: general header field (http/1.1) The header field upgrade is used forCheck whether HTTP protocol and other protocols can use a higher version for communication, whose parameter value can be used to specifyA completely different communication protocol。 Use upgrade to convert the current HTTP protocol to TLS protocol The value specified by the header […]

  • Bash common script snippets


    Get some common variables: #Get the directory where the current script is located SCRIPT_DIR=$( cd “$( dirname “${BASH_SOURCE[0]}” )” && pwd ) #Get the file name of the current script SCRIPT_NAME=$( basename “$0” ) #Search $dir for the name of the first jar file JAR_FILE=$(find $DIR -maxdepth 1 -type f -name “*.jar” | head -1) […]

  • Asp Net core and its source code analysis


    In asp Net core introduces the use configuration method of options, which is mainly to solve the problem that the specified data needs to be passed during dependency injection (it is not obtained by itself, but can be centrally configured). Generally speaking, we will configure the required configuration into a common class through iconfiguration object, […]

  • [shutter 2-7] shutter handle tutorial UI layout and widget – vertical layout control column


    By VladSource | Vlad (official account: fulade_me) Column ColumnIt is a common layout control in fluent. It is responsible for vertical layout. Row is responsible for horizontal layout, both of which are inherited fromFlex, similar toiOSInsideUIScrollViewBut there are many differences.Let’s take a lookColumnConstructor for Column({ /// key Key key, ///The default method for column is […]

  • [flutter 2-8] flutter handle tutorial UI layout and widget – horizontal layout control row


    By VladSource | Vlad (official account: fulade_me) Row RowIs a common layout control in fluent, which is responsible for horizontal layout. Column is responsible for vertical layout, both of which are inherited fromFlex, similar toiOSInsideUIScrollView, but there are many differences. RowConstructor andColumnThe constructor of is basically the same Row({ /// key Key key, ///The default […]

  • Talk about claudb’s set command


    order This paper mainly studies the set command of claudib SetAddCommand claudb-1.7.1/src/main/java/com/github/tonivade/claudb/command/set/SetAddCommand.java @Command(“sadd”) @ParamLength(2) @ParamType(DataType.SET) public class SetAddCommand implements DBCommand { @Override public RedisToken execute(Database db, Request request) { List<SafeString> values = request.getParams().stream().skip(1).collect(toList()); DatabaseValue value = db.merge(safeKey(request.getParam(0)), set(values), (oldValue, newValue) -> set(oldValue.getSet().appendAll(newValue.getSet()))); return integer(value.size()); } } Setaddcommand implements the dbcommand interface. Its execute method first […]

  • Blazor life cycle


    Execution cycle 1. SetParametersAsync 2. Oninitializedasync (called twice) and oninitialized; 3. Onparameterssetasync or onparametersset; 4. Onafterrenderasync and onafterrender; 5. Shouldrender will be called for each component rendering;     Analysis of each cycle SetParametersAsync Each time setparametersasync is called, the parameterview contains the entire parameter value set. The default implementation of setparametersasync sets the value […]