• Common layout schemes of mobile terminal


    Scenario 1: automatic molecular page cutting requirement The dialog content is automatically filled according to the size of the page container. When only one conversation can be displayed on the screen and it is too large, reduce the font size to fit the container size. Implementation principle Use a hidden content area element as a […]

  • Online matrix text effect generation tool


    Online matrix text effect generation tool Online matrix text effect generation tool Provide a batch of paragraph text separated by carriage return. The tool will randomly extract some paragraph text to show the text waterfall effect of the matrix. The paragraph length can be adjusted according to the actual situation. https://tooltt.com/txt-matrix/

  • Knowledge of web standards — enriching tags in paragraphs


    If you have started to use web standards step by step in your work with how difficult can Web standards be? This content will let you further understand the details of the paragraphs. If you’re just ready to start, it doesn’t matter. You can read “start with P, step by step”, and then read this […]

  • Pseudo class selector and negative pseudo class


    1.Pseudo class selector A pseudo class specifically represents a special state of an element. For example: visited hyperlinks, ordinary hyperlinks, text boxes to get focus, etc. When we need to style elements in these special states, we can use pseudo classes. Suppose Baidu’s link has been visited. The following is the default style (the difference […]

  • Pseudo element


    Pseudo element Function: use pseudo elements to represent some special positions in elements. :first-letter Indicates the position of the initial letter. <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <title>Title</title> <style type=”text/css”> p:first-letter{ background-color: greenyellow; } </style> </head> <body> <span>I’m span tag</span> <p>I am a paragraph</p> </body> </html> result:Sets the background color for the first letter […]

  • attribute selectors


    attribute selectors effect: the specified element can be selected according to the attribute or attribute value in the element.grammar: [attribute name] select the element containing the specified attribute [attribute name = “attribute value”] select the element with the specified attribute value [attribute name ^ = “attribute value”] select the element whose attribute value starts with […]

  • Sibling element selector


    Sibling element selector Syntax 1: previous element + next elementFunction: after selecting an elementNext toThe specified sibling element of the. Syntax 2: previous element ~ next elementEffect: select all the sibling elements behind Example 1: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <title>Title</title> <style type=”text/css”> /*Set the background color for the P label after span*/ […]

  • Markdonw syntax


    catalogue Introduction to markdown syntax **Bold** *Italics* title Split line 1(#_35) ++Underline++strikethrough \==Mark== Paragraph reference list task list link Code paragraph Table Footnotes Emoji $\ \ KAtex $formula layout definition abbr Introduction to markdown syntax Grammar explanation bold **Bold** __ Bold__ Italics *Italics* _ Italics_ title #Primary title# Primary title ==== ##Secondary title## Secondary title […]

  • CSS selector and three features (2)


    compound selector Why use composite selectors? It can quickly and efficiently select the target element label Composite selectors are composed of one or more basic selectors through different combinations Descendant Selectors Parent child {attribute 1: attribute value 1; Attribute 2: attribute value 2;} matters needing attention Descendant selectors, also known as include selectors, can select […]

  • Selector priority


    1. Introduce the concept of selector priority When using different selectors, selecting the same element and setting the same style. At this time, there is a conflict between styles, and the final style defined by the selector is determined by the priority (weight) of the selector. The high priority will be displayed first. 2. Priority […]

  • JQuery document processing


    1. Internal insertion A.append(B)   Insert B behind the inside of a (after series operation, operation a)        <A>               ….               <B></B>        <A> A. Prepend (b) inserts B in front of the inside of A        <A>               <B></B>               ….        <A> A. Appendto (b) inserts a behind the inside of B […]

  • Java inserts page and section breaks into word documents


    summary In word documents, when we want to force pagination at a certain position, we can insert page break to achieve this. At this time, the content after the page break will automatically jump to the next page. Insert a section break to create a new section to set different text line numbers, column numbers, […]