• [Yi Ben Tong 1683] barnyard field ah Qiu


    Title Description In fantasy Township, barnyard Tian Yi Nu is the family responsible for writing the origin of fantasy township. Due to the need to pass on the memory of fantasy Township from generation to generation, barnyard Tianyi adopted some special recording methods. For the same repeated text, tarda Yinv will replace it with a […]

  • 5-minute NLP series: word2vec and doc2vec


    Doc2vec is an unsupervised algorithm that can learn embedding from variable length text segments, such as sentences, paragraphs and documents. It first appeared in the article distributed representations of senses and documents. Word2Vec Let’s review word2vec first, because it provides inspiration for doc2vec algorithm. Continuous word bag architecture of word2vec. The picture is from the […]

  • Java adds different image watermarks to each page of word documents


    When setting the watermark in word, you can load the picture and set it as the watermark effect, but usually when adding the watermark effect, it will set a unified effect for all pages. If you need to set different watermark effects for each page or a page, you can refer to the methods in […]

  • HTML zero foundation, quick learning / review


    HTML zero foundation, quick learning / review I haven’t finished it yet. I will continue to update it in the follow-up. If I like it, I will pay more attention to it! First, let’s get familiar with the basic structure of HTML Code example title Here is the body of the document Here is the […]

  • SIFO markdown dialect


    Basic grammar Top level Title Usage##, and so on. Use before unordered list items-[space] Use before ordered list itemsNumber [space] Next level first empty3SpacesUse the number of spaces to control the level In bold** Italics* Thick and oblique*** linkwritten wordsWrite in[]In, the website is written in()Inside.URL links are used directly<>:https://segmentfault.com pictureThe difference between and text […]

  • Java add, read and delete word directory


    This paper briefly summarizes the method of how to operate word directory in Java program. Three code examples are used to show how to add a directory, read a directory, delete a directory, etc. Program environment reference is as follows: Word test document, version docx2013 Idea compilation environment, version 2018 JDK version 1.8.0 Word jar […]

  • Some records on Python docx operating Excel


    background Recently, I was working on improving the performance of the client performance test. I would compare the performance data of the current version with the performance data of the previous version, and then put the comparison conclusion and data on the docx document to automatically generate a performance report. I learned the relevant operations […]

  • How to access the applet rich text Java


    HTML to JSON introduce Before using rich text in small programs, rich text was used directly, but there are UI compatibility problems and low efficiency. At present, HTML JSON format recommended by the official is used for rich text rendering to improve rendering speed and better compatibility. GITHUB https://github.com/louislivi/HtmlToJson Required dependencies jsoup fastjson instructions System. […]

  • Tired of a single black background? Come and beautify your terminal!


    [introduction]: go terminal output style library based on Tui. brief introduction Lip gloss is an exquisite terminal output style library, which is built based on Tui. You can DIY your own go terminal style and define text style, background color matching, etc. Lip Gloss adopts an expressive and declarative method for terminal rendering. If you […]

  • String to HTML paragraph


    String to HTML paragraph String to HTML paragraph Convert the string of ordinary carriage return into HTML paragraph, and replace the blank line with br tag. It is not supported to convert HTML entity into string at the moment https://tooltt.com/nl2br/

  • Text line random scrambling tool


    Text line random scrambling tool Text line random scrambling tool This tool can randomly disrupt the specified text lines, and can be used in scenarios such as paragraph disruption, name list disruption, etc. https://tooltt.com/section-shuffle/

  • Insert symbol in online text tool


    Insert symbol in online text tool Insert symbol in online text tool The tool can insert specified symbols between any two characters in the text. It is very simple to complete gorgeous and personalized text paragraphs. https://tooltt.com/txt-symbol/