• Selector priority


    1. Introduce the concept of selector priority When using different selectors, selecting the same element and setting the same style. At this time, there is a conflict between styles, and the final style defined by the selector is determined by the priority (weight) of the selector. The high priority will be displayed first. 2. Priority […]

  • JQuery document processing


    1. Internal insertion A.append(B)   Insert B behind the inside of a (after series operation, operation a)        <A>               ….               <B></B>        <A> A. Prepend (b) inserts B in front of the inside of A        <A>               <B></B>               ….        <A> A. Appendto (b) inserts a behind the inside of B […]

  • Java inserts page and section breaks into word documents


    summary In word documents, when we want to force pagination at a certain position, we can insert page break to achieve this. At this time, the content after the page break will automatically jump to the next page. Insert a section break to create a new section to set different text line numbers, column numbers, […]

  • Java inserts HTML into PowerPoint documents


    preface This article will use theFree Spire.Presentation for JavaControl to demonstrate how to insert HTML into a PowerPoint document in a java program. The code example mainly demonstrates from the following two aspects. Insert HTML onlytextIn PowerPoint Insert containsPictures and textHTML into PowerPoint slides Free Spire.Presentation for JavaIt allows developers to create, write, read, convert […]

  • Java adds page numbers to word documents


    preface When operating word documents, you can add page numbers to make them clear, so that they can be viewed and organized later. Generally speaking, a word document contains multiple sections. We can ignore these sections, add consecutive page numbers to the whole document, and set discontinuous page numbers according to different sections. This article […]

  • CSS selectors (~ and +)


    (1) , ~ ‘selector <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″ /> < title > ~ selector < / Title > </head> <body> <style> .h3 ~ p { color: red; } </style> <p>This is the paragraph label</p> <p>This is the paragraph label</p> <p>This is the paragraph label</p> < H3 class = “H3” > this is […]

  • Java adds background color to word document


    preface When we make a word document, we can add background color to the whole document or a specific text / paragraph if we want to make the boring text appear lively or highlight the specified paragraph or text in the document. This article will use theFree Spire.Doc for JavaControl to demonstrate how to add […]

  • Using word to teach you how to operate Python project


    In recent work, it is necessary to visualize the query data for a period of time and export it to word format. Since I am not familiar with word operation, I have consulted the relevant documents. Here I briefly record how to use Python to operate word. In addition, I would like to recommend a […]

  • How to write markdown file—— xxx.md


    title #The number of the corresponding h1-h6 eg H1 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha H2 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha H6 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha paragraph There is no special format for markdown paragraph. It is good to write text […]

  • Markdown basic grammar


    [TOC] 1. MarkdownWhat is it?? MarkdownIt’s lightweightMarkup LanguageIn plain text(Easy to read, write and change)Write the document and publish it in HTML format.MarkdownIt can also be understood as a tool to convert a language written in markdown syntax into HTML content. 2. Why?Do you want to use it? It is easy to read (look comfortable), […]

  • Markdown tutorial


    Makedown title Secondary title Secondary title Three level title Four level title Makedown paragraph format Markdown add more than two spaces back (line feed of paragraph) A blank line indicates the beginning of a new paragraph typeface Italics Italicsbold boldBold italics Bold italics Dividing line Strikethrough There’s a trough Underline <u> Underline < U > […]

  • Leetcode Weekly – 173 – 4


    1335. Minimum difficulty of work plan Hi, everyone. I’m a pig. Welcome to the weekly leetcode quiz of the “baby can understand” series. This is question 4 of issue 173 and 1335 of the list of topics – “minimum difficulty of work plan” Title Description You need to make onedDays of work schedule. If you […]